Productive week that ended with a Double Ear Infection…for me


This post will consist of April 21-27, 2014. Alright, let’s get down to it. I always overdo things. I can’t stop myself. I just go and go and go. If I see that something needs to be put away, cleaned, organized, whatever…I just do it and then all of a sudden it is 10 pm and I’m like “WHAT THE CRAP! I haven’t even relaxed at all!!!” This also happens most nap times. I am like “OK I really need to sit down & chill for a bit before Ryder wakes up…” and then I hear him talking in his crib.

NOW…add the fact that I am on Remicade, which is an immunosuppressant drug, so I am more apt to get sick than the normal person. I also like to stay up late being productive (I feel like that is my main goal in life) and then sleep in…but not TOO late because then I feel lazy and I hate feeling lazy. It is the worst. I can’t stand lazy people. DO something. So, I like to sleep in a little but of course, my alarm clock most often times is Ryder. So a lot of times I don’t get enough sleep. Actually, I don’t get enough sleep, period. I need to be more mature and go to bed earlier and that would solve a lot of things haha.  It is overall, the healthier thing to do. In actuality, having the disease I have, I would say I should get more sleep than the average person…definitely not happening and it is just easier to get sick when you don’t get enough sleep and over do it haha. Oh man.

So welcome to my life.

SO…this week I started feeling like I was getting some allergies or maybe a little virus or cold…but first, let me quickly say what I was able to get done (well what I remember thanks to my planner – yep still use my trusted planner!): 2 doctor appointments in 1 day (1 of which was an MRI review showing my spine was normal – YAY! But at the same time…what is wrong with my spine??? I’ll worry about that later. They gave me a referral for a pain management doctor who can do injections…kind of the last thing I want to do so I am going to not go there until it gets bad again and then I still don’t want an injection), FHE (my turn to teach ;)), Ryder had swim lessons, Miramont – biking, I took my friend Jocelyne Heinzen to Wee Steps to meet Becky – the best lactation consultant ever! at MCR. She also got to meet my friend Gwen Valles & her girls & Lindsey Tillery, went visiting teaching, met Gwen Valles & her friends for story time at Council Tree Library, went to Walgreens to get medicine since I was starting to feel sick and ask about drug interactions with my arthritis meds, went with Kevin to Best Buy to look at computers since the airlines lost his bag with his laptop in it the week prior (lucky man!), Miramont – biking/abs, UPS drop-offs, a hundred gazillion insurance calls (this is the usual), an Auxiliary Stake Leadership Meeting for my Relief Society Secretary calling, & phewf…I was done and out…

My left ear started KILLING ME and it felt like a drum was in my ear. It was pounding and it pounded all.night.long. I think the only reason I fell asleep with all the pain was because of a sleeping medicine and I was so exhausted. I was kind of surprised since usually when I take medicine (Sudafed, Claritin, Advil/Tylenol, whatever) you gradually feel better after a few crappy ones… Well, I didn’t seem to be feeling any better at all. I woke up Saturday morning and I realized I couldn’t hear out of my left ear. Kevin was like, “Well, sometimes your ears get stuffy when your sick” and I’m like, “This is NOT that. It seems much worse.” I opened the back door to let Katinka out to use the restroom and we have an alarm system, LOVE VIVINT!, and every time we open a door, we hear a ring and a voice over the system saying which door opened or whatever…so I open the door and “Woah!” the doorbell sounded like it was underwater. I HATE going to the doctor when it is a virus because basically you waste a co-pay and it is just stupid. Hope I don’t offend anyone here: I think it is dumb when people do that or they go to the ER with a flu…or bad cold. Like wait it out guys. There are no drugs you can take to cure a virus. Unless you are dying. So anyways, the reason I decided to go to Urgent Care was that 1. I wasn’t getting any better with the medications when I usually would and 2., Wow, my ear was freaking killing me AND I couldn’t hear out of it. It seemed like I was underwater or in a bubble. When your ear hurts this bad and you can’t hear…you know something is wrong. So I went.

I felt super stupid going there but knew something wasn’t right. They did a strep test which came back negative but the minute the doctor looked in my “good” and “bad” ears, he was like “Both your ears are infected and they are REALLY bad.” In my mind, I’m like “Yes! I am not crazy! I knew something was wrong!” But I was shocked it was in both because I thought one of my ears was fine. Then he told me I needed antibiotics. Another thing that hopefully no one will get offended: If your kid has an ear infection, give them antibiotics!!! They freaking KILL!!! I can now relate to all those babies who get ear infections. They are brutal. Do your kid a favor! I’ve had people tell me that “Oh, actually, you aren’t supposed to treat ear infections…” Well, yeah, better to have a ruptured ear drum than give them antibiotics because you wanted to just, oh, I don’t know…avoid medication! I can’t handle people like that. Anyways, so, this was my first time on antibiotics since starting Remicade and knew there was something I couldn’t do but basically, I can’t be ON antibiotics and receive my IV infusion dose of Remicade at the same time. BUT I can take antibiotics but need to be done with them by my next infusion. It is very important for me to take them since my body has a hard time recovering with the suppressed immune system. So more important especially. When you get your infusion, it basically slams your immune system, which has SAVED my life! So I went to Super Target and got my meds and laid low for the weekend. I read the Hush Hush series, quite a few of the books, this weekend and rested and slept. I was grateful Kevin was in town this week so he could help with Ryder while I tried to recuperate.

Which…it has been 2.5 weeks since this happened & I still have hearing loss! I’ll update on that soon.

But yeah, I guess learn from me and don’t overdo it. Well, I guess you can, because your immune system is better than mine. But basically because of the drugs (Remicade), when I got the cold, my body couldn’t handle it so I got a double ear infection…

PS. Which by the way, this is the first infection I’ve gotten since starting Remicade so don’t think I am sick all the time. But when I do get sick, I have a harder time getting better. I would say 1 infection in 1 year of my arthritis drugs, is worth it. I am able to walk and sleep without pain! I would trade this over a year of not being able to take care of myself or Ryder. Just in case you want to talk me out of them…

Positive note: The Hush Hush books are good. And cool fact: The author lives in Fort Collins close to my parents and is in their ward. Yep, she’s a Mormon! Someday I’ll meet her. READ THEM!

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