Pre Easter Shenanigans + Denver Temple Trip


This was a really fun and busy week! Let’s get to it!

>>> I guess this would be maybe the least fun activity of the week…but I got an MRI for my spine for the weird spine thing that is going on. No one knows what it is. I went to a different imaging center than the one I went last year (for my SI joints for the Ankylosing Spondylitis) & it was a little more ghetto. They didn’t give me headphones to listen to so I got to listen to sketchy loud sounds of the MRI machine. I also felt really rushed. I laid down & .2 seconds later they wheeled me in the MRI. It was like…. Wow…give me a second to take a breathe! I don’t recommend that place as much as the other one I went to haha. Anyways, got one of those.

>>> Ryder had swim lessons & wore his new Zara trunks…& I learned my lesson. I learned the lesson that you should get swim trunks smaller than you think you should otherwise if you get them “just right & maybe a teensy bit bigger for more room to grow into” they will fall off. Poor Ryder’s bum kept flashing everyone in the pool ha. Don’t worry he had a swim diaper on too BUTT… it kept sliding down! Probably the cutest plumber’s bum I’ve seen ;) (photo above – not of the crack ha)

>>> Kevin did go on 2 business trips this week. He went to Chicago from April 15-16 & went to Florida from April 17-18. We did have a yummy breakfast to send him off.

>>> Ran errands (Super Target, Kohl’s, UPS store, Old Navy, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, etc.)…will leave it at that. Went to the gym…usual stuff. But OH, I did get him some Nike sandals for a great deal at Kohl’s. Love their $10 off a $10 purchase coupons (photo above)! Kevin has some so Ryder & him are now twinners.

>>> Ryder & I hung out at the Jeep dealership while they installed an LED light that wasn’t supposed to die when it did…it was annoying because it was an expensive fix. Story of owning a car. Period. But Ryder made a friend with an old man & they were SO cute. I love when random strangers or old people are nice to your kiddo ;)

>>> We picked up Hunter & went to Fossil Creek Park. Ryder & Hunter are buds. They had a blast at the park together…swinging…going on slides…etc. (photos above)

>>> I Redboxed The Book Thief…& it was good! It was sad of course but I guess that is any book/movie/story set in WW2. I still need to read the book! Totally going to.

>>> I took Ryder on an Easter egg hunt with some friends but will blog about that later with the other Easter festivities.

>>> Denver Temple Trip: We drove down to Denver & met up with my friend from BYU, Rachel Holmes & her husband Andrew at Hapa Sushi Grill for lunch (photo above). I hadn’t seen Rachel in a couple of years nor met her husband, so it was fun to catch up a little. She was also in the Marriott School of Business with me but in the Finance program so that’s how I knew her. Oh and we both grew up in CO. Kevin hadn’t met either of them. They just moved to Denver which is exciting... The food was really good – Rachel & I both got vegetarian sushi (something with asparagus & cream cheese maybe?)… I normally would go with a totally ‘not-sushi’ entrée at a sushi restaurant but went for it & it was delicious. I am not a seafood or raw type of meaty girl ha. So yeah, it was fun, & we will need to meet up with them again soon. Then we headed over to the Denver Temple & Kevin & I took turns going in. Kevin found a park down the road & they had a little park play date when I was in & I drove around & got Ryder to take like a 30 minute nap when Kevin was in haha. Then we headed over to Park Meadows to do a little shopping & grabbed a quick bite at Chik-fil-a. After the hour and a half long ride home, we watched some more General Conference & Modern Family. It was a solid Saturday!

>>> Then Easter came along and again, I will post on that next…

Next up: EASTER!

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