Mother’s Day 2014


[ Mother’s Day ~ May 11th, 2014 ]

My Mother’s Day was great! Kevin, Ryder, & I had yummy German pancakes for breakfast thanks to Kevin. I provided the recipe ;) Then we went to church. Hunter actually got the priesthood that day since he is now 12 and a Deacon! Woohoo! Then I took a little nap after church while Kevin started making some yummy Italian sauce for an Italian meal the guys were cooking a little later. The sauce takes a long time so he worked on that. Then a little later we went over to my parents. The guys finished up the Italian meal and it was time to eat! They called the moms in and we had to run through a little tunnel the guys made haha. It was SO cute! (Photos above) Even Ryder was a part of it! Kelsi played the violin for everyone while we sat down in the dining room haha. I tried to get a picture of her playing it but it didn’t work out. The dinner included: yummy pasta/meat sauce that had been cooking for hours, grissini (bread hard sticks that are a little crunchy – usually wrapped in prosciutto but only Kevin is really a big prosciutto fan so we skipped that), really soft bread and olive oil (w/stuff to dip it in), caprese salad, nectarines (not pictured), an assortment of olives, and Italian sodas! It was very good! Oh and for dessert we had cheesecake, well I had chocolate covered strawberries…I’m not a big cheesecake fan. I love chocolate covered strawberries. My mom and Omi opened some presents. Oh, I opened mine earlier in the day. Kevin got me some houndstooth patterned leggings, some button up top/bottom pjs (I had been wanting some forever haha – I’m so weird), and money. I feel like Zoey (Jess) in New Girl because she always has the cutest pjs! Kevin actually tried to get me some JCrew pjs that Zoey had but they were backordered and I wouldn’t get them in forever. So cute that he was looking! Oh, and the first photos above are of my mom when she was little. Omi and Opi and all of her siblings moved around A TON because Opi was an ER doctor in the army. I bet the photos are from when they lived in Europe…maybe Germany? She even lived in Iran! Anyways, I wanted to get some good photos on Mother’s Day but it didn’t really happen. It was pretty busy and Ryder wasn’t cooperating! But it was a great day celebrating some awesome people ;)

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