Meeting the Easter Bunny


Ryder & some of his friends (Emery, Valencia, & Sophie) signed up for an Easter Egg Hunt at the Windsor Rec Center on Friday, April 18th, 2014. At the beginning, they all played around in the gym (with lots of balls & found some fun slides) & then they met the Easter Bunny. I had Ryder go and get an egg from the *very creepy* Easter bunny & he did. Then I asked, “Can I get a picture?” & pushed Ryder a little closer…and then the tears started flowing (photos above). Haha. It was SO sad & cute. He was traumatized for awhile after… That is why he is crying in the group photo. Still freaked out from the bunny! They had a little egg hunt afterwards outside…Ryder got 4 eggs total haha. The egg hunt was a huge range of ages so all the older kids snatched them all up basically. Ryder was lucky to grab the few around him haha. Anyways, it was a fun little party & we will see if next year he is a fan of the Easter bunny. ;)

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