With my hands, I give you my heart - Our Saint Patrick’s Day


Saint Patrick’s Day was on the lovely 17th of March, 2014. Kevin was in town, our house was decorated green, & all was well. Ryder & I hit the gym. What I’ve been doing while recovering from my rib/chest muscle strain is watching an episode of 24 while I bike…it is a little better than the random soap operas or whatever news channels are on at the gym! I realized Ryder didn’t have a green shirt or anything really, so it was a day for his hunter green suspender pants. After the gym, we hung out in the backyard since Ryder begs every day & I gave in haha. He threw rocks in our little water fountain pond which in the end…I think Kevin will be retrieving…haha oh man. Then we had lunch, he took a nap, & I finished Insurgent (the 2nd Divergent book). Then Ryder had his 1st day of swim lessons! We are doing swim lessons with Anna Yancey (her husband, Drew, & daughter, Emery), Katie Darby (son Everett), & Gwen Valles (husband Danny, & daughter Valencia). Basically that is about everyone who we did swim lessons with last year. Ryder hadn’t gone swimming for a long time since it was winter & we didn’t go to any tropical beaches (I wish!) nor did I take him to an indoor pool…oops! He cried the minute we took him in the family bathroom to get him dressed. I think he thought we were at the doctor. He also wasn’t very sure of the water. He was basically kind of a scaredy cat but it got better at the end of the lesson. We had fun. Then we rushed home to change quickly so we could go to our friends, Derk & Sloan Masters, home for a corned beef cabbage dinner. We had a fun time with them & stayed pretty late past Ryder’s bed time because we were talking & I guess just having a good time. They have a golden retriever & Ryder fed their dog the little pegs in the triangular game at Cracker Barrel! Not good. BUT, it was a very fun day.

OH, & I will explain my pictures and the title to this post. If you see my chalkboard decoration, you will notice the phrase, “With my hands I give you my heart, crowned with love.” Well, there is a such thing as a ‘Claddagh’ ring that is a part of the Irish culture. If you wear it one way, it means you are single & if you wear it the other way, you are taken. I honestly do forget which way is which (you can google it if you want to know, sorry haha). That is the picture above the phrase on the chalkboard wall. I’ve had a Claddagh ring since I was…probably in elementary school and it is the one in the photo above! Google incorporated it into their home page and Kevin noticed it. Good catch Kevin! I got my ring at an Irish-Scottish festival in Estes Park a long time ago while I was at a clogging competition with Kelsi. My dad got one as well. There is a little Irish heritage lesson for ya! Oh, and by the way, I am Irish! So that was our day! Very fun.

With my hands I give you my heart, crowned with love!


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