Triple Divergent Date Night, Centerra x2, + More



{ March 24-28, 2014 }

A majority of this week Kevin was in NYC for business meetings, specifically Monday the 24th through Wednesday the 26th, 2014. In the meantime, Ryder & I did our ‘thang’…what we normally do when Kev is out of town. We hit the gym (biking & step – tried to work in a little step to gradually get back into my old routine // also saw my friend Lauren Moore), had a Relief Society Presidency Meeting at my house, blogged, had a gazillion insurance phone calls (FML, right), & a few of the more exciting things which included:

~ Eating some Shirley’s cinnamon/sweet rolls Kev brought us back from a quick day trip to Provo last week (THIS week) – I am OBSESSED WITH THEM! I ate way too many. If you’re in Provo, go to Shirley’s NOW!!! You will not regret it. Also, make sure you are down with eating a lot of calories at once because when you start, you can’t stop.

~ Ryder’s SWIM lessons!!! He didn’t really cry this week & did MUCH better! He is starting to get into swimming again. He also had fun playing with Emery (in the water features photo above).  After swim lessons, my dad, mom, Hunter, Zach, & the Ry man & I met up for dinner at Akropolis, a new Greek restaurant in Fort Collins. It actually moved into the same building that an older Greek restaurant just left, Taverna. WE LOVED THAT PLACE! But they got closed down for mistreating their employees or something haha…just read that in an article, so that’s interesting. But the food was good! I felt like I was at the same restaurant as before, so weird.

~ Working on the Matched, Crossed, & Reached book series…love them…recommend them!

~ I had a Girl’s Night with Ashley Bean (Lizzie & Henry), Sarah Hererra (baby Abram), & Amanda Johnson at Chik-fil-a. We chose Chik-fil-a because, hello, kiddos. Ryder loved his meal & loved my free soda so overall, we had a good time. Then he had his first play place experience & I let him touch some of the things in their play place haha. I didn’t let him go up into it though because heck no was I climbing in! I feel like he would have gotten stuck somewhere up there. (Photo of Ryder & Henry above.)

AND…Kevin then got home Wednesday, the 26th, in the evening…

Triple Date Night! So my parents watched Ryder… & Kevin & I went on a Triple Date Night with Gwen & Danny Valles (baby Gabrielle) and Anna & Drew Yancey. We ate dinner at BJ’s & of course, had pizookies (photo above) & then went to Cinemark to catch a showing of Divergent! Anna & Gwen told me about the Divergent series so I read them because of them. We definitely all had to see the movie since well, the wives read the books, all loved them, & wanted to see the movie…& it was SO good! I however, did not like the changes in the movie that weren’t in the book. I let Kevin know a lot of them during the movie…haha. He didn’t care about the changes lol. It was such a fun night!

~ Centerra Night: I picked up Kevin from work Thursday, the 27th to grab my contacts (we pay WAY too much for my contacts… :-O ) & then hit up Loft since they were having a good sale & to grab my mom a b-day gift. We got in & out & got a great shirt for my mom.

~ Centerra Day Trip:  Bekah Wilkey, Ryder, & I hit up Centerra to do a little shopping for the littles. I got Ryder a bowtie from Baby Gap because their sale was on sale & a little girl headband & little girl glitter belt, all for under $3 haha. I am not even pregnant but hey, the prices were great so I better have a girl sometime otherwise I’m out a $1 or so haha. We then ate at QDoba & caught up on each other’s lives. It was a fun day!!


For Friday night, the 28th, a few people from Zephyr came over including: Sarah Fleming, Nick Gendill, & Jon-Michael to watch some basketball. Basically, Nick, JM, & Kevin watched basketball & Sarah & I talked haha. She came to support me, so that was nice of her. We all had dinner of hot dogs, Kevin’s velveeta Rotel dip, & other random things people brought. It was a fun night.

Then… we had some surprise visitors which I will tell about in my next post!

Solid week!



  1. Your family is seriously the cutest! And where did you get your bathing suit in the photo above? I love it! :)

    1. Thanks! You're so sweet! It was from Nordstrom by Betsey Johnson...a couple of years ago so I doubt they would have it?? Good luck!