Surprise Visitors in Town + Mom’s Birthday!


{ March 28 – March 30, 2014 }

Friday, March 28th, we had surprise visitors show up at our door…remember HERE? Well, Kelsi & her friend Arielle Harrison (friend from BYU) showed up, along with my mom, to our house! They had surprised everyone & just drove out to Colorado to surprise my mom for her birthday, since it was the following day. They stopped by for a quick visit & then had to hurry home in order to surprise dad and whoever else was coming home… Such a fun surprise!

Then on Saturday, March 29th, it was my mom’s birthday! Kevin watched Ryder so I could go to Hunter’s taekwondo…testing thing… Basically he got his first degree black belt & apparently had to work hard studying Korean (I think Korean haha), memorizing test questions/answers, & of course, the physical part of it with routines, breaking wood things, etc. It was cool! He did great! We decided Ryder wouldn’t be able to be quiet for a couple hours straight of taekwondo testing and after attending, I’m glad we didn’t try to bring him. He would have been crazy wanting to join the kids lol. Kevin & Ryder ate lunch & Ry went down for a nap.

Then my mom, dad, Kelsi, Arielle, Zach, Hunter, & I went to Silver Grill Café downtown. We had delicious…cinnamon roll French Toast! SO LEGIT. Go there and get some, for real! It was great.

Then during Ry-man’s nap, I read some of Reached (in the Matched trilogy). Score.

Then when Ryder woke up, Kevin & Ryder played baseball out in the front with a nasty old tennis ball Ryder found in our neighbor’s yard haha. It was ca-ute. Can’t wait to see them play catch every day, all day! I should probably work on my skills.

The Sloan family decided to all wear Tom’s. Tom’s for all!

For dinner, we met up with my family (dad, mom, Kelsi & Arielle, Zach, & Hunter) & the Puccetti’s & Cluff’s for dinner at Biaggi’s down at Centerra. They had delicious appetizer bread…wow…still thinking about it! Ryder probably ate some crayons and threw a ton of stuff on the ground…yeah…it was something like that. Oh, and we walked around a sculpture park that was nearby too.

Afterwards, we all met up at my parents so my mom could open her presents & do cake. We got her a shirt from Loft that she loves…I picked it out for her, since I wanted it. That’s how I pick presents haha. What do I want?

Then Sunday, the 30th, rolled around and Kelsi, Arielle, mom, & Zach joined us for Sacrament. Kevin had also invited a friend from work, Nick Gendill to church with us, so he was there as well. Then I had a presidency meeting, we got home taught, & we headed over to my parents for my mom’s home-cooked birthday din din with PATRICK! He snuck down from Boulder so he could join us for the night. Ryder loved hanging out with him and playing mini hockey & hanging out with all of the uncles and watching them play video games haha. It was a fun day!

Overall, a very good weekend!


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