Remicade Infusion, Flat Irons with Bekah, & our General Conference Weekend



{ March 31st – April 6th, 2014 }

Each week, I look back, & I’m like, wow, I did a ton! This week was no different. First of all, March came & went & here came April, before we were even ready. Here is what went down…besides the usual (gym, errands (Old Navy, Super Target, King Soopers…), insurance crap, FHE (K’s turn!), hello Target, etc.)…

>>> I finished Reached, the last book in the Matched series…go read them!

>>> I cooked pretty dang good this week! I made orange chicken in the crockpot (along w/rice & potstickers) & made my very own first homemade chicken pot pie (recipe from my mom)! Kevin thoroughly enjoyed both which always makes me happy.

>>> Ryder enjoyed his swim lessons! Woohoo! I just love to take him swimming. He is so fun! He is getting way more into splashing…I may have to consider wearing swim goggles…HAHA.

>>> REMICADE INFUSION!!! Love my biologic Remicade drugs :) I definitely look forward to getting them every 2 months to keep my arthritis under control. I have the disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis which is arthritis of the spine + random joints too. I think I had a little flare up from February to April because randomly my big toes & thumbs would take turns hurting. The toes were more ANNOYING than anything but when my thumbs hurt (on my hands) it was very frustrating because it hurt to text, type, or do anything. Horrible! I need to talk to my rheumatologist about this when I have my next appointment. I hope I don’t have this happen again. It would be my first flare up since on Remicade…my miracle drug! Also, my SI joint got super tender & hyper sensitive that for a couple of days where it hurt to sit AND definitely even touch…like a light scratch…HOLY CRAP. Also need to talk to Dr. Levine about that!!! I started reading The Secret Keeper at this appointment. After my infusion, Ryder & my dad & I ate a quick bite at Subway. I’ve eaten there after 3 infusions so far haha. I always like to eat lunch and drink a bunch of water after because sometimes I get headaches & eating and drinking seems to help!

Ohhh…& guess what? I MET A GUY WHO HAS ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS! The only people I know who have it are relatives…well, I was at the gym checking Ryder out of daycare when one of the guys working there asked me about what I did to myself again (rib issue) so I told him “I bruised my ribs and strained my chest muscle ORRR if it doesn’t get better it may be a weird arthritis thing I have…sooo…” Then I could tell by his reaction that he had something too, like he said, “Wait, what do you have?” & I go…”What do you have?” & he said, “Ankylosing Spondylitis!” So I was freaked out. He is probably about my age so it is weird to meet someone else who has it who isn’t like…a grandparent age because honestly, when I get my Remicade infusions everyone is at least…20 years older than me, at the very least haha. I have been the youngest person in there every time…lol. So we talked about our disease & I would love to talk to him more about it but then he had to help other kids get in & break up fights…but we have talked since about it here and there! He got diagnosed when he was like 11 years old. CRAZY!!! I was like, “That is why when I first started working out I would come limping in here!!!” HAHA. He was like “OH yeah, I’ve had times when I had to limp too!” So I’m really pumped I met someone with my disease but of course, I would never wish it upon ANYONE. So yeah!

>>> Bekah Wilkey, her baby girl Carmen, & I went out to Flat Irons in Broomfield (basically Boulder) for a girl’s night of shopping. We hit up Nordstrom, H&M (got Ryder some suspender shorts & grey skinny jeans), Forever 21, & some other random fun stores. We ate a classy Japanese food court dinner & topped the night off with some Red Mango froyo! It was SO delicious! I was actually very impressed haha. I’ve had froyo many places but I thought it was very good! We had a fun evening together & hope we can do something fun again sometime soon. Good times.

>>> Kevin’s flowers he brought home to me last week had a few survivors…so I put those few flowers in a jug & left them out to beautify the kitchen. LOVE having some flowers out! (photo above) It’s the little things!

>>> My mom & I went to Ulta & stocked up on makeup since we both got our 20% off coupons in the mail. Basically, that is when I go shopping for makeup. I stock up on my Bare Minerals haha. SO I never pay full price! Yes, not a ton off but it helps! Then on the way home, we stopped by at Water’s Way park & my mom & Ryder went down a little slide together haha (photo above). Ryder threw a fit when it was time to go. He loves the park!

>>> I snacked on some Hawaiian goodies my parents brought back from their trip in Hawaii (for spring break)! They brought back some Hawaiian Host honey glazed macadamia nuts, Hawaiian Host Maui Caramacs, North Shore Goodies Coconut Peanut Butter, & it is ALL DELICIOUS! Thanks mom & dad!

>>> GENERAL CONFERENCE WEEKEND: Kevin actually left for a business trip on Saturday, April 5th & returned home on Tuesday, April 8th so he missed watching General Conference with us. He was at the Final Four tournament with an account & doing business meetings & stuff. So Ryder & I watched the first session of Saturday’s General Conference at my parents house, however my dad was out of town on a different business trip so it was just my mom, Zach, Hunter, & Ryder & I. I worked out on the elliptical for a few talks & everyone else watched Ryder. Then I showered & watched the afternoon session at my house. After it ended, we all went out to Centerra to shop at Gap & Loft (trying to find swim shirts/hats for Ryder & a shirt to match a skirt of mine for Easter…then we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ryder LOVED it & loved all the TV’s (photo above). Funny- Kevin was at the game we were watching! Then for Sunday, Ryder & I hung out at my parents house the whole day watching both sessions of General Conference. We hung out & had a good time. I looked through some things from my childhood, ordered some stuff online, actually got on Pinterest, Ryder played with his uncles, etc… It really was a great Conference though! I either listened REALLY well or was distracted by Ryder putting him in timeout haha so I guess it is a different experience with having a kid. I have re-watched a good amount of it but need to re-watch the rest so I can say I heard all of the talks really well without distractions! It was SUCH a good weekend! I love General Conference weekend!


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