Katinka’s 5th Birthday, Swimming & the Park, American Girl Dolls, + More


{ April 7 – 10, 2014 }

Anna comes into town this week so this post is…the everything before Anna comes post!

Story of my life…I am NOT patient with my stupid body/health problems so. I get tired of biking so I’m like “let’s run” & ran a little 5k or so. No big deal, right? Wrong. I hadn’t run for…a year? Because of my dumb patella femoral knee crap…yeah, do you remember that? I thought it was arthritis but in the end it wasn’t…it is just knee pain and usually goes away within a year…or so…mine is still a little there and it’s been a year. SO. I didn’t want to just do a little run because I was skipping my bike workout (really for my rib issue) & so I ran for like 45 minutes which wasn’t a good idea. My foot/ankle hurt to walk…well, it actually still hurts & it has been a week and a half hahaha. So embarrassing & sad! Long story short, I guess I need to ease into things & not just start at a little higher level…like it was high to begin with… :O

Besides the usual lame health problems which let me make a public announcement…

I didn’t use to have so many health problems growing up AT ALL!

Since being diagnosed with my Ankylosing Spondylitis a few years ago…honestly that is when it all happened, I think. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis – a rare form of arthritis …then I got pregnant, had dumb arthritic flares throughout pregnancy so couldn’t workout too much…I walked & that was SO LAME!, had an emergency c-section – woohoo! my abs were sliced in half (nice visual sorry), my arthritis flared up at about 8 weeks when Ryder started sleeping through the night, I started working out & also to “fight” my arthritis, my arthritis was the WORST it had ever been – couldn’t sleep/breathe/or walk without lots of pain, I got patella femoral symptoms – knee probs, have and still have a mysterious spinal pain that I actually just got an MRI this week for…finally!, jacked up my ribs lifting, & now hurt my foot/ankle running, haha. So my body SUCKS. But hey, I have one, and I am much better off than most Ankylosing Spondylitis patients but still, I am NOT normal. So yeah, sometimes I wonder if I didn’t try to be active & workout if I wouldn’t have so many dumb injuries??? LOL.

Moving on…because no one wants to hear about that.

>>> Ryder had swim lessons! He LURVED them. We also left for swim lessons an HOUR early…because I got confused. We had a presidency meeting at my house & then Ryder woke up early & then I decided to go to swimming haha. So on our way we stopped at Hobby Lobby to browse around. We got in the water early & Ryder, of course, found a basketball. (photo above).

>>> Oh, and it is Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness Month so there, read what I just said and complained about my disease above & google it if you want haha. I shared some facts on my Insta account (@ashleysloan7) but I am too lazy to share here. Enough of that!

Oh, and on a side note, Kevin was still in Dallas for the Final Four basketball tourney…he came home on Tuesday the 8th.

>>> OOOH & it was Katinka’s 5th Birthday on Sunday, April 6th, actually. Unfortunately for her, it was General Conference & Ryder & I spent most of the day at my parents so her birthday was a little lame. We celebrated a day later with some dog treats compliments of my mom & dad! Ryder was interested in her treats… (photo above).

>>> I organized some of my childhood stuff in my basement. I love labeling containers & organizing everything into tubs in my basement haha. I spent time organizing my Beanie Babies…yes…I have a tub of of over 100 and most of my American Girl stuff. I had the Samantha doll! Man, whenever, if, I ever have a daughter she is getting HOOKED UP with all my stuff! It will be fun to play with all that stuff again! It really is fun haha. I spent a long time organizing it lol. (photo above).

>>> Girl’s Night: We went to a girl’s night at Laura Neibaur’s house. She had…4 other friends there (Alyssa, Andrea, …) with all their kiddos. Some were visiting in town and from Utah, but grew up here in Fort Collins. We had a yummy curried chicken dinner & unfortunately I had to peace out early because Kevin had a church meeting that I needed to attend…more on that later. But it was FUN to see Laura & all her friends!

>>> Laura & all her friends (Andrea & Alyssa & their kiddos) & us, of course, went to Fossil Creek Park for a little park play date (photos above). It was fun again. The kids were funny together. I can’t believe we all got them to sit on rocks for a photo! It’s funny how something like a park is something you go to ALL THE TIME when you have kids but when I was younger or an adult without Ry, I didn’t think twice about it…for the most part. The park is awesome now!

>>> FHE: Kevin & I had a little FHE and watched some General Conference since Kevin missed it from his work trip. Then we went to McDonald’s…classy right? and got 99 cent cones…to party hard before Kevin is gone EVERY Wednesday night for his new calling! He is over the Teachers (Young Mens) in our ward now. He was released from his Stake Athletic Director calling as well as his Sunday School Presidency calling in our ward. Ryder wasn’t sure of the ice-cream…

>>> My mom & I had lunch at Fossil Creek Park on Thursday the 10th…yep we went there again! We also ran into my friend Kelli Rogers & her cute girl, Sophie! It was fun even though it was windy.

>>> In the evening, I went to a Relief Society Mid-Week Activity. We heard a lesson on visiting teaching & made some crafts. I had to leave quickly after though so Kevin could use the car to go pick up Anna from the airport…(long story with the car thing- but Kevin left his Mazda car keys in the rental car in his last business trip so his car was stuck in the airport parking’s parking lot for…a long time…)

Next up: Anna’s weekend in CO!

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