Divergent Reads, Park & Library Fun, Pajama Day, & More



This post consists of: March 18-23rd, 2014. Some highlights include:

+ Our Saint Patrick’s Day, of course… HERE!

+ Ryder & I kicking it at the Jeep Dealership. We got the oil changed & a brake light replaced. Good times were had…of course. Except we have to replace a crazy expensive 3rd brake light which we still haven’t gotten around to due to the price. So annoying!

+ Ryder asking me to “wash” his hands a hundred times (photos above). It is SOOO cute! He is obsessed with soap & antibacterial hand sanitizer.

+ I finished Insurgent & Allegiant (the 2nd & 3rd Divergent books)! I highly recommend them to all. I will say, but won’t give anything away, that the 1st 2 books were my favorite so the 3rd was not my favorite ;)

+ I made breakfast cupcakes (photo above) & they were really yummy! I got the recipe from the Six Sister’s Blog.

+ We had FHE followed by an episode of Shark Tank! We love that show.

+ Pretty Little Liars had their season finale and OH MY GOSH it was crazy. I don’t want to give anything away but I LOVED IT! I actually didn’t delete it from my DVR so catch up, and we can watch it! ;) But really, I’ve never re-watched any episode of PLL but I think I will with this one. Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? #alitellsall

+ Ryder & I had a fun morning shopping at Old Navy & Bed Bath & Beyond after the gym. We got a cookie scooper per Kevin’s request & some pj’s for Ryder since he was outgrowing some older pairs. They had a killer deal on women’s military pants for $10 so I got 2 pairs…we will see if I keep both haha. I may return one or get a smaller size. I hate when you buy pants & they stretch a size or so.

+ Kevin & I had cheeseburgers, baked beans, & then watched Surf’s Up one evening. Kelsi got us that DVD for Christmas & Kevin hadn’t seen it so I wanted to watch it with everyone. Ryder & I saw most of it before. It was cute! Also, Ryder loved his cheeseburger which was awesome.

+ Kevin went out of town on a business trip from March 20th to the 21st, 2014 to Provo to meet with Mission Belts. Meanwhile, Ryder & I met up with Lesley Thalman and her son, Jackson at Fossil Creek Park since they were in town for a bit. Ryder & Jackson had fun swinging, going down slides, eating grapes, & trying to steal a basketball back and forth from each other. Good times for them! It was fun to catch up with Lesley! Can’t believe she is having another baby boy!

+ Ryder & I met up with my cousin Brittany Lenski at Corner Bakery Café for lunch. It was pajama day at Miramont Sports Center (the daycare told me) so Ryder wore his pjs…we had just left from the gym (photos of Ryder above modeling his new pjs!) It was fun to catch up with Brittany & it was cute to see our kiddos – 2nd cousins – interact & hang out in their high chairs ;) The food was delicious!

+ I made cookies & brought them over to my friend Jocelyne & her husband Paul & their few week old baby girl, Lila! It was my first time meeting her! She is such a cute baby girl. So sweet. I hung out with them for a bit on Friday night. I didn’t get the chance to meet Lila when she was born right away since Ryder & I were both sick, so lame! But we are healthy and good over here now!

+ On Satudray, Ryder & I went with Kevin to Zephyr to move his office to a different office room. Our friend Sarah was there as well but was mainly catching up on work. Then, Kevin got a hair cut and after Ryder’s nap we met up at the Council Tree Library since I had to pick up a book – Crossed. We hung out in the kid area, read Ryder some books, & had a good time.  Then Kevin made a pork German meal & we watched Shark Tank when Ryder was in bed.

+ Sunday was the usual – church. Nick Gendill, from Zephyr, came over & watched some basketball with Kevin.

That’s about it!


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