The last week in February…


The last week in February…

{ February 24 – 28, 2014 }

>>> Day in Denver: Kevin, Ryder, & I made our way to Denver for Ryder’s first pediatric dermatology appointment. It was at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora (basically Denver). Ryder cried basically the whole appointment which wasn’t surprising. Oh, by the way, the appointment was for his ‘bald-ish’ spot on his head from where they tried the vacuum in labor & delivery. It isn’t really common at all to have a bald spot but of course, it happens to my kid. Poor guy. Oh, he did calm down a little bit when they gave him a juice box & bag of Goldfish; this kid loves to eat! Anyways, they said there isn’t much to do right now for it. They could biopsy it to see the follicles closer & see if hair would grow back or not but that would create another trauma to the head & that would definitely make it worse. I don’t want him to have surgery or anything but I wanted to see if there was anything you could do and just know all my options (maybe a special magical cream lol?). Basically there was no options, which is fine. That is what I expected. I just didn’t want to miss out on something minor that could help. I was actually a little surprised I didn’t learn more from the dermatologists, but whatever. Then we drove to Cherry Creek to do some shoe returns at Nordstrom. We then made our way to use my ‘free birthday meal’ at Red Robin at the 16th Street Mall. I never really drive through downtown Denver that much but it is actually pretty cool! I need to get down there more often. The downside is the crazy traffic of course & parking… Kevin drove straight to the airport for a quick business trip to Indianapolis & I drove back home to Fort Collins. For dinner, Ryder & I met up with my family at Panera and he was absolutely crazy haha.

>>> Kevin went on a short business trip to Indianapolis from Monday the 24th to Tuesday the 25th.

>>> I tried some of my potato chip chocolate from my parents for Christmas finally, haha. I was waiting for the right time to eat it haha. I am not kidding. It was interesting! You can get it at World Market if you are interested.

>>> I also “worked on” my Italian with the help of my Italian Slanguage book that Kelsi got me for Christmas. It is kind of a joke if you can’t tell from the title (photo above). It is a hilarious book though. Someday Kevin & I WILL go to Italy! Someday! Whenever we save up enough money…but we hope to make it for the Rome Temple Open House! That would be amazing.

>>> My mom, Ryder, & I met up with my cousin Jen Lorch & cousin James’ wife, Melanie Seilbach at Snooze in downtown Fort Collins. We hadn’t seen them for a few years. It was also their first time meeting Ryder. It was fun to catch up!! We definitely need to get together soon & maybe somewhere where Ryder can run around & not be stuck in a high chair when he doesn’t want to be ;)

>>> We had FHE & after watched The Bachelor since Kevin missed it again, hehe. Classy FHE right?

>>> I caught up with my girl Celestine Yeung on the phone. Good memories with this girl & hopefully I will see her this summer! Miss her.

>>> I kind of toned down things at the gym because my ribs/chest were still hurting just doing SPIN or the recumbent bike…Kevin said he doesn’t feel sorry for me when I don’t take a break & give myself a chance to heal so I skipped a bunch of days…I hate doing that! Haha…it better PAY OFF!

>>> I planned a park play date at Water’s Way Park with Ashley Bean (Lizzie & Henry) & Candis MacKay (& Parker)…Ryder learned how to go up & down the slide ALL BY HIMSELF. He absolutely loved it! It is so fun to see him go down the slide. He is adorable. Parker & Lizzie liked to try to help them too. He also would whine so I would help him hang on a bar & then he would get tired & would whine for me to help him down…the funny thing was that his feet were like 1 inch away from the ground, haha. He could have just let go. He also kept trying to escape the park & would wander over into a field saying “ball!” & pointing…I didn’t see any balls & then he went & grabbed a landscaping flag out of the ground & thought well, I guess he wanted that. He kept going into the field so I decided to let him & he walked across a huge field over to a basketball court & stood under a hoop, pointed at it, & said, “ball!” Such a sporty boy. It was cute.

>>> We went to dinner at Café RIo with my family (dad, mom, Zach, Hunter), of course Kevin & Ryder, & also the Puccetti’s (NaNet – my aunt, Wyatt, Garet, & Paige)… to do a belated birthday celebration with the relatives for both Zach & my birthday (since our bdays are only 2 days apart!). It was delicious as always & Ryder literally did get crazier than Panera this week. Kevin got to witness him like this haha. To his defense, it was past his bed time…so…but he did hit a stranger lol. Poor guy was SO tired.

>>> My mom came over & hung out at my house while the maids were cleaning theirs… I would love a maid lol. Any volunteers?! ;)

>>> I made snicker doodle cookies that turned out amazing & then gave some to Emily (who I visit teach). Katie & I dropped stuff off at the houses of who we visit teach (Emily & Erin) that afternoon… By the way, Katie is big into reading & her Good Reads account is LEGIT (look her up: Katie Richards) so I was inspired to work on mine & get back into reading :)

>>> And yes, Ryder took a nap with the Jawbone Jambox…

Peace out February!

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