Ryder’s 18 Month Wellness Appointment + Sicky Weekend


{ March 5-9, 2014 }

Kevin was out of town almost the whole time in Dallas for the CAMEX Tradeshow, so Ryder & I had the week/end to ourselves. Unfortunately we both got sick, so it kind of was a bummer, but we got through it! Kevin actually left March 6th & came home March 12th.

Firstly, Ryder had his 18 Month Wellness Checkup: He is doing great & is a happy healthy boy! He now weighs 24 lbs. 13.5 oz. (30% percentile) & is 33 inches tall (70% percentile). Staying tall & skinny! I thought he was gaining a little weight but in reality, he wasn’t gaining that much at all…he is not turning into a chunker haha. So yeah, he got 2 shots, cried, & then got over it very quickly once we left the appointment room. A lady at the front desk gave Ryder a Batman sticker so that helped as well. We hung out outside watching cars for a bit & he loved it.

Besides, the doctor appointment, we both got colds which kind of sucked. That was the first real time when I wasn’t going to get over the cold without medicine, since starting Remicade. I had a couple of minor colds that went away quickly so I didn’t worry about it too much but this time it wasn’t going away. I didn’t really know what I could take since I am getting Remicade infusions so I had to call the pharmacist. I figure I will be always calling them since I am on weird medicine for my Ankylosing Spondylitis & with my bruised ribs/severe muscle strain.

Some of the fun stuff that went down (yes we did have some highlights of our week/end) included:

+ After Ryder’s doctor appointment, we went to Walgreen’s (to get some meds & pick up some Instagram photos I printed) & then headed over to the Council Tree Library for me to pick up a handful of books I had on HOLD. Ryder thoroughly enjoyed the water fountain there – it was the perfect height for him. It is hysterical watching him drink from a water fountain (photo above). I did pick up Divergent!!! I was waiting for months to get it…had to wait for like 70 people to read it before me ;)

+ Kevin had Stake Basketball & I am pretty sure it was his last time until next fall! Yay! After Ryder was in bed, we watched New Girl.

+ I made banana bread which was yummy but I realized, chocolate chips are kind of necessary in it…so next time, I will remember to put them in!

+ I put my Instagram prints in my Pier 1 Imports picture holder (photo above). I also ordered about 40 more prints (I couldn’t decide haha) so I can switch them out whenever I want! I definitely take a lot of photos of Ryder…

+ I watched a lot of 24 while Ryder was napping or in bed at night…haha. I also read A LOT of Divergent. I’m obsessed with that book. Can’t wait for the movie!

+ My brothers brought over some chicken pot pie for Ryder & I so we didn’t have to cook one night. It was REALLY YUMMY! I got the recipe from my mom & am going to make it soon, hopefully this weekend.

+ Ryder & I went to the park twice…whenever the weather got warmer. It was REALLY cold, I think it snowed like a little bit this week, so that really sucked since we couldn’t go outside & I didn’t feel well to go to stores. But he did love the park & he did love the slide! (lots of photos above) Also, if kids are playing soccer, or basketball at the nearby court, or anything, Ryder would rather try to join in or watch than play at the park… He throws fits if I try to get him to leave & go to the park or anywhere else. Such a sports guy! I also am learning to bring a ball to the park. It is basically funner than the park features.

+ Oh, I also started implementing time out so you will see him in a photo above, standing by a door haha. I chose in front of the door because I didn’t think there was anything entertaining there but apparently Ryder thought it was an interesting spot. He loves to try to squeeze his fingers in the door crack. Oh Ryder. He is a funny boy! He is also so cute in time out haha. Oh, & he is in timeout for 1 minute 30 sec. (1 minute per year is what they say). OH, & a few of the reasons he goes in timeout is for throwing legos (we only throw balls haha), throwing blocks, & some other things I can’t remember. He is a pretty good kid though.

+ Ryder & I skipped out on church since Ryder was still pretty sick…he would get coughing fits that could lead to…(barf lol) since he couldn’t cough anything up & would gag a lot…so I definitely didn’t want to happen in nursery. We hungout at home of course, like we did all week/end. And that evening, Revenge started up!

That sums up most of our sick-ly weekend! Looking back, it wasn’t too bad, but it kind of sucked sometimes haha. I’m glad we are healthy now. Health is something I think a lot of people take for granted. AHHH, I so wish my disease would disappear…sometimes I think about my life, pre-disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis) & wish I would have known so I could have enjoyed it more. I was really active so I think I did a good job but I just wish I could be active & do whatever I want now. I am pretty active now but not in the things I really love to do. I have to be careful now. Anyways, enough of that haha. Just a thought.

Happy hump day!

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