My 26th - Actual - Birthday!


This post will actually be for my actual birthday & the day before…so that would be February 18 & 19th, 2014. Also, I realize these photos aren’t the greatest but hey, I guess that was all I got. I need to work on taking better ones. I already take enough. I guess there isn’t much you can do when your kid is ALWAYS moving & most pictures turn out blurry. #momproblems

February 18th, 2014 – Birthday Eve! – So Kevin always out of town over my birthday because of the Las Vegas MAGIC Tradeshow. It’s fine. We celebrate early or late or whatever. One year, I went with him to the trade show (HERE). So yeah, he was in Vegas already. Kelsi left to fly back to Provo. Ryder & I went to the gym…& apparently we just hung out for the rest of the day & took it easy. One funny thing Ryder did, that I caught on camera in a photo above, was he drank some of Katinka’s water out of her water bowl. It was sooo funny! I look over & he is slurping away. Yes, he was making slurping sounds. Then he sat up & water was dripping down his face. It was the funniest thing ever. Then he let out a satisfied, 'Ah!’ He makes that noise often after drinking water, or any drink for that matter. It is adorable. Oh, I ate a S’Mores Mary’s Mountain Cookie that Greg & Kathy got me for Valentine’s Day (photo above). SO good. Go get one. Then, Hunter came over at night to hangout after Ryder was in bed. We watched some Olympics & had a good time. He came over because my mom & Zach were playing tennis late at night since that was the only court time available at Miramont. My dad was also out of town (with Kevin).

February 19th, 2014 – My Birthday! Guys, T W E N T Y – S I X. I feel SOOO old! I don’t like to think about my age so I am going to move on. But yeah, I turned 26 years old this day. Zach doesn’t have school at the normal time on Wednesday mornings due to late start so he joined my mom, Ryder, & I for a little brunch at The Egg & I. I hadn’t eaten there in forever so I chose it. Ryder was hilarious at brunch. If you look closely you will see him smacking Zach in the face in a photo above. It was an accident & I got it on camera so we were all laughing hard about it. Then Zach went to school & my mom & I headed over to story time at the Council Tree Library. I figured I might as well do something fun for Ryder after brunch and so I chose story time. Well, apparently I hadn’t been in awhile, which is true, so they changed the times on me! I was so annoyed. We walked in & then they finished in like 2 minutes. They moved the time earlier…it was SO annoying! There are some shops nearby the library so we just wandered around for a bit instead. It was kind of a bummer.  Then it was time for Ryder to take a nap & we headed home. I watched 24 during his nap time & did some random things that needed to be done. OH, & I got a special present delivered to my door…an Edible Arrangement! I have always wanted an Edible Arrangement! It is a bouquet but instead of flowers, it is made of fruit! So the guy delivered it to my door, he left, I looked at the tag, & read it was for a different Ashley. So funny. The guy read on the tag “Ashley …” & must have thought it was me. So I actually got someone else's bouquet! Kevin paid extra to get a big ‘26’ on it, yes, my age, but he didn’t pay extra for the chocolate dipped fruit. I am kind of glad they messed up because the chocolate dipped fruit was AMAZING! { Kevin later called & they apologized & sent a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries. We lucked out haha! } Afterwards, my visiting teacher Emily McDonald came over & surprised me with a cute little Valentine’s Day chalkboard jar that you can put candy in, or some kind of treat. It was a fun surprise. She is the best visiting teacher! (You are ;) Emily) Then Ryder & I went on a walk since the weather wasn’t as cold as it had been. I talked to my friend from BYU, Shayla Forsey, who I hadn’t talked to super recently… Basically Kevin gave me his old Bluetooth ear piece because he stopped using it. It is AWESOME for a mom. I now call people all the time when I am cleaning the kitchen, organizing, or going on a walk with Ryder. So I talked to her for about an hour or so. Then we picked up Zach at home & met my mom & Hunter at PF Changs out at Centerra in Loveland for dinner. Hunter was just getting out of taekwondo. Funny thing, we saw some people from Zephyr meeting accounts there. Kevin would have been with them for dinner if he had not been in Vegas. We also saw my friend Lauren Moore & her husband & littlest baby boy, Harrison. I had no clue until my birthday, but her birthday was on the 19th as well! We were both out for our birthday dinners. It was pretty funny actually. We both had no clue we shared a birthday. You can actually see her in the last photo to the left heh. We all had a good dinner & we mostly all got Mongolian Beef? Gosh, I totally forget what it is. But we all got some good meal. Then Ryder got crazy & we ate desserts. I got fried bananas & ice-cream for free since it was my special day. Then we called it a night & Ryder screamed a lot of the car ride home. He was so tired…but we were partying it up since it was my day, okay, so yeah, it happens! He couldn’t even stay awake to get his pj’s on (photo above). He passed out right on the changing table. He looks so little there!!! Kevin & I talked later at night when he had time. It was a good day!

So yeah, that was my birthday on my actual birthday ;) Happy Belated Birthday to myself, I guess!

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