Early Birthday Celebration with Family


On Sunday, February 16, 2014 we celebrated my birthday early. Why? Well, Kevin & my dad would be at the MAGIC Tradeshow in Vegas over my birthday & this was the only day beforehand that worked for everyone. Kelsi was still in town. So we went to church like usual – Ryder had fun in nursery (a little early as he was still 17 months old ) – & I went to a Relief Society Presidency Meeting afterwards. Then as soon as I got back from my meeting we headed over to my parents. We had a yummy German meal (my favorite) made by my dad. We ate speatzle, snitzel, & had green beans. I love me a good German meal! I’m glad my dad likes to cook German food! So good. Then we hung out in the basement. Kelsi played with Ryder a lot – got to make up for rarely seeing him! They played foosball (photo above). But really Ryder LOVES to play with all the ping pong balls (& paddles) in the basement. I played ping pong with random family members & had a good time. We laid Ryder down to sleep in the pack n play in my old room there. Then we ate our ice-cream cake from Ben & Jerry’s. This was the ice-cream cake we got free from our realtors for owning our home for 2 years haha. We finally redeemed it! Kevin chose what was in it & he chose what I loved. The cake was a chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream cake with a cookie bottom & I think a cookie layer inside. I LOVED IT! I think I opened some presents after this but I got spoiled which was sooo generous of everyone. We probably hung out for awhile longer & then headed home, but it was a good early Birthday celebration. Everyone was in town except for Patrick who had school even though it was the holiday weekend for everyone else, so that was kind of a bummer, but understandable. Also, these photos were all taken by Kelsi, for the most part. I wasn’t very good at taking photos this day so I’m glad she took a few! It was a great day! Can’t believe I’m 26…ah!

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