Doctor Appointments, Play Dates, & Emily in Town


{ March 10 – 16 , 2014 }

This week we were on the upswing of our sickly weekend HERE! Yay! You never realize how blessed you are when you are totally healthy (I guess that my healthy is not a ‘normal’ healthy but whatever)…so we are happy that the week was a little funner minus the colds! :)

Some of what went down >>>

+ Ryder & I were still skipping the gym for the most part so my ribs/muscle strain could heal so we did some errands when we would otherwise hit the gym. We had a good time at Super Target thanks to a full box of the cereal, Oh’s! I think that is my new thing…when we go shopping, I just buy food there & he eats it there haha. He always pounds through the grapes, craisins, blueberries, whatever snacks I pack! Better safe than sorry haha. I need to keep him seated so yeah, it worked out great!

+ My very belated Valentine’s Day present came in the mail…little necklaces from Made By Marys’ Etsy shop! My sister met her at BYU since they lived next to each other & so that is how I know her & why I chose her shop to order from. I love my little necklaces!

+ Oh, Kevin came home from his business trip to Dallas for the CAMEX Tradeshow on Wednesday, March 12th. He was gone from March 6-12th so almost a week.

+ Hello my favorite TV shows: Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, & BREAKING BAD. GUYS…BREAKING BAD. SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read if you haven’t watched all of Breaking Bad. Kevin & I finished it later this week & I am not going to lie, I’m not ready for it to be done!!! I was not ready! I need to know more about what happened with Jesse Pinkman but I am sure glad he got away. What bout Saul? What about Joule? Haha. What about Beneke (the guy who got paralyzed…Skyler's boss!) & Skyler & their kiddos…what about Hank’s wife (I forget her name ahh!) I have a lot of unanswered questions haha. But I can’t wait for the prequel TV show Better Call Saul to start up! You better believe we will be tuning in for that! But I am glad that Walt died at the end because I was starting to hate him for obvious reasons…wow…Poor Hank! Yeah, I could go on but I’ll stop. But WOW! It’s over. So sad.

+ Ryder & I joined my mom, Hunter, & Zach (when Kevin & dad were out of town) at Café Rio & met up with my aunt NaNet, cousins Paige & Wyatt for dinner. We had a good time & Ryder did great, since with the time change his new bed time is 8 pm…so we stayed up basically till then. My cousin Paige was reading Clockwork Prince & I started asking her about books she has been reading since I just finished Divergent. I was dying to get my hands on Insurgent & Allegiant since the library has like month long waiting lists & I kind of stopped buying books because I never really re-read them. She had read them & had all of them so I drove to their house after Café Rio & pick up the 2nd & 3rd books to borrow. I will also borrow some other books from them soon when I finish the ones I’ve got from the library. It worked out great!

+ I finished Divergent this week! Loved it! I highly recommend that book to anyone! I started Insurgent & about finished it this week as well. ;)

+ As soon as Kevin got home on Wednesday, he watched Ryder so I could go to my rib follow up appointment from bruising them & straining the chest muscle or whatever muscle that is. It was kind of an annoying appointment because my chest/ribs were still hurting & the doctor didn’t have anything new really to say. She just said when my Meloxicam runs out to take Advil…& I could try physical therapy. Heck no. I am not trying physical therapy. It has never worked for me & I tried it gosh a few times in the past few years & wasted way too much time & money doing it. I felt like it was sort of getting a little better before getting a cold so apparently even coughing can agitate it & make it worse again so I am hoping that is what happened. I made it worse when I got a cold & was coughing, that’s her thoughts, etc.. Then afterwards, I ran to Babies ‘r’ Us to get Ryder a plate & look at their utensils. I realized he probably should start learning how to use them since he is basically a legit toddler so I got him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set haha. It is cute & he loves it.

+ Kevin & I had FHE.

+ We ordered some cookie dough from the Young Women in our ward for a fundraiser for Girl’s Camp this summer. I basically ate all the cookie dough raw…it was so worth it…I think haha. I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH!

+ Amanda Johnson & I went together to our ward’s Relief Society Mid-Week Activity which was a dinner put on by the High Priests. We had a very yummy dinner of prime rib, potato's, broccoli, rolls, & a salad. We also learned more about the history of the Relief Society & played a game. It was fun!

+ On Friday morning, Gwen Valles (Valencia & baby Gabrielle) & Anna (Emery) came to our house for a play date since we hadn’t seen each other for awhile. Anna brought some homemade bread & we ate that for a snack. It was really yummy. I met Gwen’s new baby girl, Gabrielle & she is such a sweetie. I hadn’t held a newborn for awhile so at first, I always feel like it is awkward haha. I figured it out though. I can’t believe how little she was! She was littler than Ryder was when Ryder was even born & she was about a month old!

+ I had more ANNOYING insurance phone calls…my insurance was accidentally cancelled (Anthem doesn’t know why) & since then, my insurance broker has been trying to reinstate it & they keep saying they are doing it & then they don’t (Anthem that is). I am running out of time to get it fixed before my next infusion in a week otherwise I will have to push it back which is NOT OKAY with me. And since I’m writing this post a week later, yes my insurance is STILL not figured out & I have 2 days until it is too late & will have to push back my Remicade infusion. I will be so mad. It is all out of my control & everyone is doing everything can so I guess I have to be okay with whatever happens. I will just be really pissed if my arthritis pains starts coming back… All because of dumb insurance changes & I might as well just blame Obama haha ;) I’ve never been a fan of him so yeah.

+ I got my eyes checked since each year I have to in order to order a new year supply of contacts. I don’t know what was going but the guy who checks your eyes first to get an idea of your prescription said one of my eyes was doing something weird. It was giving them a huge range of what my prescription could be. He thought it would give a better answer after getting dilated but it didn’t so he kept checking it FOREVER! Then the optometrist came in & he did the same thing. When they had my prescription over my eyes it was like blurry. I was like… “Is this supposed to be clear? Because it’s not…” They were starting to worry me but in the end said they didn’t know why it was happening but that it wasn’t anything to worry about. It is also not common?…but yeah, I’m not going to worry about it but it was weird!!! Then I drove to my parents & hung out there since Ryder was napping there. I hung out in their dark basement until my eyes weren’t so bad. I hate when my eyes are dilated!!!

+ Kevin, my mom, me, Hunter, Zach, & I ate at Wahoo’s that evening. I’m glad Kevin drove since it is so awkward when your eyes are dilated. Everything is so bright! We then picked up Catching Fire on our way home since Kevin never saw it & we watched it later that night.

+ I got my bangs trimmed at Europa on Saturday & barely made my 10 minute appointment window because there was a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade downtown…I was SO lucky to get there on time! I was rushing so fast when I got downtown & realized it was way crowded for something! Then I ran a few errands & headed home. Kevin & I cleaned the house which was much needed & it felt so much better once its cleaned. We squeezed in some Breaking Bad during nap time & later that evening to finish it. We went on a double date with Jacob & Jilian Houghton to BJ’s. I grew up with Jacob actually & Kevin met him at a Stake event so that’s how he met him since they are in a different ward. It was a lot of fun even though Ryder kept throwing things at Jacob haha.

+ Sunday was packed full of church stuff…Kevin had Ward Council prior to church & after church I had a Relief Society Presidency Meeting. Then while I was there Kevin cooked a meal & we dropped it off after I got home for a sister who I visit teach. But in the morning, Emily Vail stopped by since she was in town. She & I grew up here & then when I moved back here to CO after college, she lived here for a few years, but just got moved to CA for her job, so it was good to see her. I hadn’t seen her since the fall. It was just not enough time!!! But we hung out before Ryder & I left for church.

+ Oh & Sunday evening, Kevin & I walked Ryder over to Water’s Way park. I wanted to get some fresh air & let Ryder run around. It was fun! Usually it is just me & Ryder (& whoever we meet at the park), but not Kevin, so it was fun to go as a family. Ryder sure loved watched other kids play Basketball! (Photos above.) Really, he would much rather do that than play at the park haha. Such a boy!

Good times! This week was so much better than the last! Being healthy is such a blessing!

Have a good Tuesday!


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