And March Begins…


{ March 1 – 4th, 2014 }

Well, hello there, March. The beginning of March was good to us…except for Ryder & I both got sick with colds (the latest)… March, thus far, has been both good and bad.

Some of the good:

+ (+ for positive/good guys…) – Our home teacher Jeremy Call had Ryder come over & play with his kids on Saturday (March 1st) morning so Kevin & I could go out for a breakfast date & also because he couldn’t home teach us the month prior hehe. Ryder had A LOT of fun with their kids. They said he liked looking in the fridge & helping unload the dishwasher…and probably played too. That was SO nice of them to offer. Kevin & I went & used my last ‘free birthday meal’ at IHOP. Kevin & I had a fun conversation about ‘our next house we move into.’ We are by NO MEANS looking to buy ANYTIME soon but it is just fun to talk about and then all of a sudden breakfast was over & that was basically the gist of our conversation…oh & I convinced him to make a headboard or our bed haha so that was a good move. We had a fun little date morning!

+ Kevin spent most of the day (after our IHOP breakfast) at a Stake MTC/Missionary Training thing. He was asked to “teach” the priest age youth in our whole Stake in a MTC setting. He taught out of Preach My Gospel & the doctrine of Kevin Sloan, jk, but he taught good things to know/things they can do to prepare or something like that. Then the boys would be paired up with a companion & go teach a lesson at a ‘nonmember’s’ home. That home was basically a member in a different ward they didn’t know. They also shouldn’t have known their companion. Pretty cool! Kevin had fun. Kevin is great with the youth.

+ Zach & Hunter came over & hung out with Ryder & I in the evening until Kevin came back from the MTC gig. They ordered pizza so we had a little. Then Kevin was back & we played Telestrations (a fun game the Painter’s got us for Christmas – thanks guys!). It was a hoot.

+ We had church on Sunday of course, but then in the evening, Kevin invited over the laurels & priests in the ward over for dinner. One of Kevin’s callings (not his Stake Athletic Director one) is that he is in the Sunday School Presidency. Basically, if a teacher is gone or didn’t show up, he teaches last minute…AND…let me tell you, teaches the most amazing lessons. I could NEVER be like him. I am a horrible teacher & have to know weeks ahead of time haha. So yeah, he taught their Sunday School class once (actually I’m sure quite a few times) & invited them to come over (photo above of them on our couch). We had steak, béarnaise sauce, rice, peaches, & rolls for dinner. Then we played Telestrations (yes, again!) with all of them & had a great time. That is what the kids are holding in the photo – they are holding their ‘game cards.’ Then if anyone wanted before leaving they could eat an ice-cream sandwich. Fun night! I had a good time getting to know some youth in the ward. They are all so nice and are sharp kids!

+ I had lunch at Panera (for my birthday) with the Relief Society Presidency & then afterwards we went to my house & had our Presidency meeting…after I put Ryder down for a nap. I work with some awesome ladies!

+ We had another Bachelor party except for it was the lamest episode…The Women Tell All. Sarah & Nick came over & we all laughed hysterically as usual. Good times!

+ I went to a DIFFERENT orthopedic spine surgeon to figure out my mysterious spine issue (long story) & he thought I could use an MRI to see if there was anything to see because he wasn’t seeing anything from my X-Rays & my latest MRI of my back was just of my SI joints/pelvis. I don’t know what I would want…for them to see something on my MRI or not. Because if they do, then I can be like, “I TOLD YOU. It didn’t feel right!” or then be like “Crap…now what?” I don’t want surgery. So yeah. It really isn’t how it used to be since before pregnancy but really since my Ankylosing Spondylitis flare up. That probably didn’t make sense... In a nutshell, it hurts to bend over and I have multiple tender spots along the spine…and no one can tell me what it is…including my rheumatologist & a lame orthopedic spine surgeon who I saw originally. This doctor said he didn’t really know what it could be either. Hope I get some answers!

+ Kevin went to the last two Stake Basketball nights (that is his Stake calling – Stake Athletic Director) & is done with his Stake calling until next fall when volleyball starts up! Yay! I have a little bit better chance of seeing him at night haha!

SO, that’ll be it. I don’t want to say my next post will be negative because…it will be but it will be in a good light ha. It won’t be that bad but basically Ryder & I have been laying low trying to fight off our lame colds! Ryder has it worse :’(

xoxo friends.

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