A Hit Head & Bruised Ribs…along with other things


This is a little post from Thursday, February 20th to Sunday, February 23rd, 2014.

A Hit Head: Ryder hit his head really hard & bled from his mouth (many photos above). Let me preface this by saying, Ryder climbs onto the kitchen chairs 100x a day. We hang out on our main level for a lot of the day since we don’t have a play room and that is where our TV is & a lot of his toys are. So I am always running over to take him off a chair…well, I was busy preparing him lunch when I turned around, saw him on the chair, & was about to head over to take him off it when I saw him fall. He was facing the kitchen table, probably trying to get the laptop (we don’t really have a study/desk area which is a bummer), & slid off. The back of his head hit the chair on the way down. It wasn’t a huge fall but it was pretty hard. He started crying & I thought, crap, I should have been quicker! So, I go over to him & try to comfort him & realize there is blood on his body & I thought, “Did he cut the back of his head open? Where is this blood coming from?” I figured out that blood was pouring out of his mouth. I tried to look but he wouldn’t really let me. I figured that most of his teeth were still there haha. He was pretty sad after so I let him watch Sheriff Callie (new show on Disney Junior). He took a nap (it was nap time – he wasn’t just tired all of a sudden – that can be a sign of a concussion) & seemed to be okay for the rest of the day. I kept a close eye on him, not like I already don’t ;) It was still sad, but I’m sure he will be getting cuts, bumped heads, scrapes, etc. all the time soon.

Bruised Ribs: I’m not sure if I mentioned it but I went to a personal trainer who showed me some new lifting things I could do at the gym. I normally did free weights so she showed me some of the machines. So, whenever I did the seated row (with the bar up to your chest), it aggravated my ribs/chest but I did it anyways. I repeated that same workout a few times & then the following day after one of the workouts, it hurt to breathe when I took deep breathes. I brushed it off & thought, “Eh, must have pulled a muscle or something” but then 2 weeks went by & it wasn’t getting better. I was doing more cardio & kind of stopped lifting & doing ab stuff since that seemed to hurt. It was actually getting worse. Well, Kevin is out of town, all the time, & would be the following week, so he was home for the weekend & I decided I better take advantage of that so he could watch Ryder so I could go to urgent care. <<< Did you love my run on sentence? I was going to wait to go in until the following week but it was getting bad. So I went in, got X-Rays, & the doctor said I had bruised my ribs & had a severe muscle strain. He said with their equipment, I *could* have fractured some ribs (like small fracture) but they couldn’t pick it up & the only way you would know is if you got a cat scan? (something like that)… BUT, that wouldn’t change the course of action so it didn’t matter. He said it could take a few weeks to a few months to heal. Apparently it is harder for your ribs/chest to heal since you can never just put a splint on it (like your arm/wrist/leg) & ignore it, but it is always moving since you are breathing, etc. I was so annoyed I had met with the personal trainer. AH! Anyways, he gave me a prescription for Meloxicam which is a prescription anti-inflammatory so I got that the next day. He said he could give me a shot & I was like “Oh, I am fine, haha” so yeah, I declined. He said no weights but I could do cardio (which by the way, I’ve decided still hurts it…lame!)… it stinks since Ryder is getting heavy and I am always lifting him which…hurts.

Other Things:

+ Kevin was still in town in Las Vegas for the MAGIC Tradeshow. He got back Friday mid-day & went to work for the rest of the day.

+ As you can tell from the first photo, he climbs everything & now loves to try to climb on our bathroom vanity. Not my favorite. And yes, it was crazy messy in that picture. It gets like that & then I put everything away but I hadn’t yet here, heh. ;)

+ My friend Lauren Moore & I went to a Step class at the gym. We were going to stay for abs but my ribs/chest was hurting & that made it hurt worse…so refer to bruised ribs above ^.

+ Kevin & I caught up on The Bachelor! I am such a nice wife to wait for him to watch it :) Juan Pablo is NOT my favorite Bachelor…thoughts?

+ I went to my friend Jocelyne Heinzen’s baby shower on Saturday. She is having a girl. The shower was so fun. There was really yummy food & everything was decorated so cute. I forgot to take photos of the décor & food before everyone ate it, so oh well. Can’t wait to meet her little lady which she just had a couple of days ago!!!

+ I also went to our Stake Relief Society Women’s Conference with Amanda Johnson & Jocelyne Heinzen. We had a yummy taco salad dinner & listened to some great speakers. It was a great night! I’m thankful Kevin could watch Ryder & hold down the fort so I could go to the baby shower & the Women’s Conference.

+ Sunday was another church filled day. We went to church & then I immediately went to a presidency meeting. Right after, I headed home & the missionaries came over to share a message & eat dinner with us. Then Kevin went off with the Elders to share the gospel & teach some lessons until 9 pm! Yes, full of church, that day was! It was good though! I also spied on Ryder in nursery & of course, the minute I look through the window, I see him stealing a ball from another kid...yep, that’s my boy!

+ Oh, & we got our 1 dozen chocolate covered strawberries delivered from Edible Arrangements. DELICIOUS! They were gone so quick.

+ We also went on a walk. Kevin test drove the Baby Jogger stroller I purchased via Amazon & he approved. I also wore my new ‘GO USA’ mittens compliments of Kelsi for my birthday. Awesome mittens!


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