Zach’s 18th Birthday


Zach turned 18 on February 17, 2014. I still remember celebrating my 8th birthday at the hospital when he was born 2 days before me, 6 weeks premature. The first photo above is one that describes him perfectly hehe. When Kevin & I made our own Spring Break to Vegas while in our last semester at BYU, 2011, Zach & I were having a good time messing around with photos apps…like the new one…Instagram haha. He was showing me all the cool things you can do & we loved playing with the filters… My favorite was Nashville but not Kelvin, haha. Never Kelvin your photos friends! Anyways, he is still obsessed with photos & has gotten really good at photography as you can see from the last post HERE where he is now one of the best artists in the state, so yeah, I had to share. Follow him at @clyw_zach on IG. It was President’s Day so none of my siblings had school, except for Patrick who is at school in Boulder at CU. Weird he had school, right?! Kelsi was still in town from visiting from BYU-Provo. I picked Kelsi up & then we went & lifted at Miramont. I was having some pain (in the rib/chest area) from what I thought was just a pulled muscle but pushed through. Then Ryder napped, I showered, & got ready for the day. OH, Kevin flew out of town this day to Las Vegas for the MAGIC Trade show so he couldn’t celebrate with us. Anyways, so Zach couldn’t decide what he wanted to do for his birthday so basically we didn’t do anything really during the day but we met at Enzio’s for an early dinner. Enzio’s is an Italian restaurant in downtown Fort Collins that is pretty good. This was my first time eating there! I immediately knew what I wanted when I looked at the menu & chose Carbonara, at least that is what I think it is called. Kevin has made this a few times since we’ve been married & it has been good. Ryder got a little rowdy during dinner & wanted out of the high chair (story of our life). My dad & Hunter took turns watching him run around in a small area. Then after dinner ended, we went back to my parents house & I put Ryder to sleep there. We celebrated with a HUGE Mary’s Mountain Cookie (like a pizza size) for Zach instead of a cake. It was delicious. Then Zach opened his presents. We got him some game he picked out at Game Stop (pre-used) & some Pokemon cards, haha. Then Hunter & I played some ping pong & I played some games with other people & called it a night. I took Ry back home to his crib & watched some 24 :) That’s about it. I still can’t believe Zach is getting so old! I guess all of my siblings & I are getting OLD :(

Next Up: My Early Birthday Celebrations & More…

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