Valentine’s Day 2014


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day all! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day :)

Ryder started our day extra early by waking up a too early for our liking. Kevin got up with him & even did a bunch of dishes so I could sleep in a little bit longer. Then I came downstairs & saw some goodies from Kevin (1st photo above). He had a little display of a HUGE dog card (I’ve always wanted an insanely large card haha), candy (Milky Way, Rolos, & Milk Duds – yes, I love caramel!!!), and a mustache cup with a mustache bear haha! I was so shocked. We talked about Valentine’s Day gifts before & decided I would get a little necklace from Etsy, a simple circle pendent/charm? with an ‘a’ on it, but I hadn’t ordered it, so I wasn’t expecting Kevin to do anything else for me. It was so cute! I then made chocolate chip pancakes before Kevin went to work. We all enjoyed them, including Ryder. Then Kevin went to work & Ryder & I hit the gym for some Body Define Yoga (w/weights).  When I was leaving the gym, I got a flower! They gave a flower to all the girls at the gym that day! Ryder was LOVING it. I am obsessed with the photos of him smelling the flower above. Ah, what a little heart throb! Love him so much. Then Ryder ran to the couch & noticed “dada” in the photos (photo above) on the wall. It was ca-ute. Then he played with Legos (photo above). We ate some lunch & Ryder took a nap. I got ready for our date night and also cleaned up the house a little before our babysitter would be over. Ryder made a huge mess of milk (a part wasn’t put back on in the sippy cup) so the milk poured out ALL OVER. It also went ALL OVER him & soaked his clothes. He cried so hard about it! (Photos above). No use in crying over spilt milk, little Ry! Then, Kevin came home a little early so I could get the babysitter. Oh, and Kevin opened his present before we left on our date. I got him a Kindle case (much needed) & I wrote in a little card I already had. I used to buy cards & then Kevin said, “Don’t buy them. Just write on a piece of paper.” Haha. So that is what I do now…lol. Then away we went! We had dinner at BJ’s which was yummy. Kevin got pizza & I got a pasta dish. We even ran into our friends Paul & Jocelyne Heinzen there. Then we browsed World Market, just for fun. Kevin loves the food & I love the fun décor, furniture, & gadgets. Afterwards, we headed over to Mary’s Mountain Cookies to grab a little dessert, thanks to Greg & Kathy!!! Kevin got an ice-cream cookie sandwich & a frosting cookie sandwich & I got a chocolate chip one & a S’mores cookie. Mary’s Mountain Cookies are the BEST cookies!!! Then we swung by a Redbox to get a movie to watch & I picked out the literal worst one in the world. I don’t even remember the title. It was SO dumb. It was a chick flick and a horrible one. I definitely need to do my research & not pick anyone in Redbox. Poor Kevin! I was nodding off & on falling asleep so I don’t even remember it that well. Oh, & Ryder did pretty well for our babysitter, Caitlin, but cried a little when he went to bed. Someday he will become a pro at going to bed for everyone, not just me :) But he did great. Oh, it was his first time with a babysitter, that we hired haha. A few people, besides family, have watched him, so this was a big deal, to actually get one lol. I think that is about it. So yeah, it was a great day! I still need to order that necklace. I am just waiting for a sale or discount to come along & then I will put in my order :) Might as well!

How was your Valentine’s Day?!


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