Paige’s Birthday, Bachelor Parties, Denver Dates, & Cookie Making


Looking back to last week, I realized we were so busy & it was packed full of fun! February 3rd to February 9th, 2014 was a solid week!

Some highlights of our week include:

+ I started my week off right with my friend Mindy’s yoga class (Body Define Yoga- yoga w/weights & high intensity intervals). Always a good start to my week!

+ It was my cousin Paige’s birthday on Monday, February 3rd. We all met up for dinner at Red Robin (minus Kevin as he was out to dinner with an account). Paige is close to Hunter’s age so they get along great. They are good friends. Paige is obsessed with duct tape & has hundreds of rolls, I’m sure. She got like 10 new ones that night & opened them up at the restaurant & basically Ryder became obsessed with them too. We put them on his arms & then he had a good time stacking them & rolling them across the table. He behaved much better than Paige & Hunter who were goofing off.

+ We hosted another Bachelor party at our house. A few people from Zephyr came over to watch it with us including Mike, Nick, & Sarah. These parties are so fun! The commentary is what gets you…the comments from Kevin basically… I am actually not a big fan of Juan Pablo but it is still fun to watch them.

+ I met my mom at Europa to get my bangs trimmed real quick during my mom’s coloring appointment time. We decided for my mom to keep an eye on Ryder while her hair was processing & I was getting my bangs trimmed & …it was a big disaster. The minute he noticed she had foil in her hair, he cried. He was SO afraid of her like that & became hysterical. Finally, when my bangs were about to be finished, he calmed down. Poor guy hated my mom with foil in her hair haha. It was sad.

+ I used my free personal training session at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. I got a good little weight lifting workout to work in a couple of times a week. It was good to go. I already lift a couple times a week but I hadn’t been using the machines she had me do.

+ I listed some items for sell on eBay (lots of shoes, camera) & Craigslist (stroller). I LOVE to sell things haha!

+ REMICADE INFUSION: When I get my Remicade infusions for my Ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis of the spine & other joints as well), it is always a highlight of my day/week. Kevin watched Ryder while I got my magical drugs. I had NO clue what to do during my infusion as I had just finished a few good books so I scoured Netflix for something to watch. { My infusion takes about 3 hours. } I had almost started 24 a few times but didn’t so I decided, “Why not?” Well, I am glad I did. YES, I am like YEARS and YEARS behind but hey, who cares, it is still good! I am about finished with Season 1…& I guess it’s been 1 week :) It sucks you in! Oh, and after my infusion, I often have a headache (maybe I don’t drink enough) so I like to eat and drink. I met my dad at Subway for a quick lunch. My rheumatologists’ office is out basically at MCR in Loveland and Zephyr is in Loveland so it isn’t too far.

+ Kevin, Ryder, & I had a little tax appointment right after lunch after getting my infusion, out in Greeley. It feels GOOD to be done with taxes! I love getting them done early! I just hate compiling all of the crap you need to, to get it done.

+ Friday night, Kevin & I had FHE & then I played tennis from 9-10 pm at Miramont with my mom & Zach. They are always so booked so the court times they have are always late & weird. I love playing tennis! I need to take lessons and play consistently…that would be nice! ;)

+ This week & the week prior, Ryder went through a phase where he was waking up at 5 am fairly often. I then realized a new tooth is appearing (not the bottom middle 2, but the 1 next to the right one, if that makes sense) so that better be the reason why. He always has his hands in his mouth though. I think they are still hurting!

+ Ryder lost more toys/balls down the air vent (photo above). Yeah, so that was fun! He will come to me & say, “Ball!” so I follow him & realize he is crouching down looking down the air vent, repeatedly saying, “Ball, ball, ball!” Oh gosh. Life with a boy. Ryder loves to take the vent covers off & put stuff down there. Not even cool! I guess someday we will pay someone to clear our ducts/vents/whatever you call them…but not soon haha.

+ I made some bomb pancakes out of eggs, bananas, cinnamon, ginger, & almond butter. I got the recipe from the @Eating_Whole ‘s Instagram feed. They were good. They tasted different than normal pancakes, of course, so it was weird at first. They were fun & not too hard or anything. A good little breakfast to mix in here & there.

+ DENVER TEMPLE TRIP: It was time to go to the Denver Temple! Kevin & I drove down there during Ryder’s nap time (he slept in the car) & then we took turns going in while the other watched Ryder. When Kevin was in, we walked around outside the temple. The weather wasn’t warm by any means but it was warmer than it had been. No negative degrees or anything. Ryder loved to look at the fountain & then we followed a path behind the temple & of course, Ryder spotted a daddy-son basketball game going on & had to watch. He pointed & clapped & everything (photo above). It was so cute. I can’t wait to see him & Kevin play basketball! We also went in the visitor’s center & Ryder had fun playing in a curtain. He looked just like a ghost! (photo above). Afterwards, we went to Park Meadows (huge mall in Denver) for a quick visit to browse & have some fun. Basically, I had my eye on a butter dish for a couple of months now so we had to get it. Well, I had accidently broke my last butter dish so that is why I had been looking around for a new one. I was cleaning it too hard in the sink & it shattered or something. I am secretly glad I broke it haha. It was totally unintentional. The one I got is so pretty & from Anthropologie. Then we met up with some friends from BYU, Eric & Nicole Smith. I had Finance with Eric & I can’t remember if any other classes than that, but we were friends & he knew my sister too. Kevin knew his wife since they had a few classes together, also in the business school, one of which was Sales Management. We ate at a Mexican restaurant & talked for a couple of hours. We could have stayed longer but Ryder was so ready for bed. It was fun! We will definitely meet up again in Denver sometime.

+ Sunday, the usual happened, but I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I was on a pancake roll! They were so good. Then we went to church & Ryder tackled his friends in the hall (photo above). In the afternoon, I filled some holes with putty & was going to paint over it (to just fix a place in our bathroom wall where we removed some hardware) but I couldn’t find the paint. I hate little projects that need to be done but dumb things happen like you can’t find the paint literally anywhere! So that was annoying. We watched some Olympics which is always fun. We woke up Ryder a little bit early from his nap to make sugar cookies real quick since we were bringing them to my parents for dinner/dessert. I wanted Ryder to wear his baking hat that Kelsi gave him for Christmas as well as the cookie cutters. Ryder knew exactly what to do with the cookie cutters. I was impressed. He just knew he was supposed to put them in the dough haha. He wasn’t in the best mood since we woke him from his nap but we had to hurry to my parents for dinner. My dad made a curry meal which was yummy & then we had our cookies for dessert. Then we watched some more Olympics & Kevin & my dad packed up the Jeep with some of my childhood things (a box of Beanie Babies, American Girl doll stuff, prom dresses, etc.) to clear up space at my parents house. Then I hurried over for a presidency meeting late at night.

What a fun week! I can’t believe how much I do every week. I like to stay busy & I guess I do. But I am always doing something! Good times.

What is your favorite Olympic sport so far?

I like anything snowboarding, the luge, ice-skating, gosh, just about everything. But ski jumping freaks me out. I would NEVER do that. I also love the #SochiProblems on Twitter…too funny.

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