Denver: Zach’s Awards, Cherry Creek, & the Cinderella Colorado Ballet


Last Saturday, February 15th, 2014, was a fun-filled day! We woke up & had breakfast & I got ready to go to Denver. A month or so ago my mom got tickets for Kelsi, her, & I to see the Colorado Ballets’ production of Cinderella! SO, this was the big day…also Kelsi came into town the day prior, so yeah. But first, we went to see Zach get some awards for his Photography & Art down in another part of Denver. He submitted a portfolio of photography & other art as well & received a Gold Key for his ENTIRE portfolio & some other Keys (awards) for other art, not in his portfolio. Basically, what this means is, he had one of the best portfolio’s of photography art in the entire state of Colorado! He is obsessed with photography & always taking photos & editing them, so I guess it wasn’t that shocking. Last year he got a Gold Key for just 1 piece of art but this year it was for his entire portfolio which is MUCH harder. Basically he’s amazing. We went to check out some of his art in a nearby gallery with some other students that won Gold Keys. Sometime soon, he will have art displayed in the Denver Museum of Art as well! Zach is amazing. If you love photography, you should follow him on Instagram because his feed is awesome. His Instagram name is: @clyw_zach …so check him out!

Meanwhile, Kevin was back home in FoCo watching Ryder. Our realtors gave us a coupon for a free cake (for our 2nd anniversary of living in our home) so Kevin redeemed that for a cookie dough ice-cream cake with cookie bottom for my early Birthday celebration the next day. The cake was from Ben & Jerry’s, but their downtown location. Kevin & Ryder had a good time downtown & Ryder ran around looking at statues (photos above). It was cute they had a little boy date! They also had a little dinner of summer sausage, cheese, & Oreos (with other things too), haha. I loved the pictures Kevin sent me!

When Zach’s award ceremony was over, my mom, dad, Zach, & Hunter went to a tennis store in Cherry Creek to look for some tennis shoes/attire. Kelsi & I got dropped off at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center & we browsed Nordstrom, Anthropologie, & Urban Outfitters. Then my mom came & got us & we took a pit stop at Nordstrom Rack where I got a pair of skinny jeans for my birthday. My favorite pair of skinny jeans that I’ve been wearing for a few years now are getting so worn out & got a hole in the knee…and not a good kind of hole that looks like it is supposed to be there… Anyways, then we hurried over to the Denver Performing Arts Complex where the Colorado Ballet would be performing, at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. We didn’t have reservations for dinner, which usually everyone has because everyone eats right before the play, orchestra, ballet, or whatever show is going on & then rushes over to see it. They have a crazy number of big performing theatres so it is a really happening place. Denver’s Performing Arts Complex is actually one of the biggest in the nation right behind where all the Broadway shows are in NYC! Denver is pretty cool guys ;) We found a place to eat that would serve us right away & it was amazing. We were SO lucky!!! I ordered their Chicken Tikka Masala. Kelsi ordered a Korean dish. My mom ordered something that I totally forgot. They had a mix of eclectic foods & a lot of their menu looked really good. I wish I remembered what the restaurant was called! I would definitely eat there again if I go to another show. Then we went to our seats in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. I had no clue where we were going to sit but thought at least the 1st balcony, if not higher since Ballet tickets are so expensive, but when we got there, we were sitting in the 3rd row! My mom had surprised me since it was my birthday. Kelsi already knew our seats were pretty good. The seats were really comfortable & they had little subtitles on the seat’s headrest in front of you, so you would know what was going on in the Ballet, in case you were lost. You could turn the subtitles off, or narration, or whatever you call it. The ballet was really good! I love going to ballets and dance performances in general. I especially love going to performances where you can see the dancers really close up, see their facial expressions, and muscles. It is so cool. During the 2 intermissions, Kelsi, my mom, & I explored and checked out all of the levels and found awesome sculptures. They had sculptures of ballerinas that were INSANELY realistic, like they looked SO real. The sculptures literally looked like real people. They even had moles and you could see cellulite lol. It was crazy. Sitting in the row ahead of us was an old lady with a bear. She had an empty seat next to her. My mom especially felt bad for her. She wondered if she had lost a spouse or something but went alone to the show anyways. The lady was literally petting the bear throughout the show. My mom complimented the bear & said she liked its dress & the lady said, “It’s a she. Her name is Miss Teddy.” So yeah, who knows the story there! I tried talking to her as well. The show ended & we drove back home. It was a great day! It was especially a fun girls night!

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  1. It probably helps that Zach has the best art teacher ever! I love Mrs. Lemmon! Good for him :).