Cool Beans, Play Dates, & Ryder’s 2nd Haircut


February 10-13, 2014:

+ I made beef stroganoff for FHE night. It was good, but I don’t know, it wasn’t the best. We made it in the crock pot but the meat was still a little tough. I don’t know what happened. At least we tried a new recipe though!

+ We watched The Bachelor – Kevin watched it at Mike Puccetti’s house with a bunch of Zephyr employees & I hung out & watched it at home while Ryder slept. He got a new tooth last week & wasn’t sleeping too well & his teeth/gums were hurting so we let him just sleep, instead of keeping him up. I rarely keep him up past his bed time. He is too crazy and tired!

+ Ryder & I met RaQuelle Willey & her little boy, Cason again at Cool Beans. Some other people from her ward joined in (my old ward – Fossil Creek) & we all had a good time. Ryder loves Cool Beans & has fun exploring, playing with a wide variety of toys/climbing structures, & with an insane amount of kids. You get a big rush around 10 am! But I bought a punch pass so we have to continue to go haha. I think I will try to go in the afternoon when it is less crowded next time.

+ Ryder & I went to Best Buy to get Kevin his Valentine’s Day present on our way to hangout with my friend Laura Neibaur & her kids. She had planned a big play date with some of her friends & their kids. There were 3 other moms & their kids. Basically, everyone had girls so Ryder was in heaven. He immediately fell in love with the oldest girl named Brooklyn. He followed her everywhere, grabbing onto her clothes walking wherever she walked, tackled her, hit her (in a loving way I suppose, heh), & basically was obsessed with her. She is the one in the photo in the navy shirt & lighter blue pants. I’ve never seen Ryder so obsessed with a girl. It was hilarious. Then we ordered pizza & we all ate & left before bed time. We always have a good time when we get together, & it is fun to meet new friends!

+ Ryder & I went on a walk because the temperature got up to about the upper 40’s or low 50’s. We busted out our new stroller & took Katinka. We had a good time! I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can take him to the park! This spring/summer he will enjoy the park much more than last :)

+ We took Ryder to Cool Cuts for his 2nd haircut & he did GREAT! His last hair cut he cried SO hard AND steered the wheel the whole time. It was so sad, well his 1st haircut. I was worried he was going to cry again the whole time but he didn’t. Kevin & I went straight there after he got off work & Ryder played with the train set for awhile & watched another little boy get his hair cut. I think that helped. Also, the lady who was going to cut his hair was talking to him, saying hi, & asking him about the trains, when she was cutting the other boys’ hair. Then when it was time for him to get his hair cut, she asked him to come with her, & he went! He cried for like 10 seconds when she put the cape on. She gave him a comb so he could comb his hair, & he did. He knows how to comb his hair because I tell him “Comb your hair!” when I am brushing mine & he has learned how to. It’s cute. He held on to the comb & the trains during the hair cut. He even got really into it & started to throw the comb which wasn’t very good because they have a little TV the kids can watch & he hit it. He tried to throw the trains too but we stopped him just in time ha. She had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on so he loved it. The only thing that we didn’t like was when she gave him a mohawk at the end haha. I wanted to give him a fauhawk but nothing as extreme as what she did. It was actually really funny. Kevin was like “I hate his hair.” I was like, “Don’t worry, I won’t do it like this.” Ha. (Photo above in his high chair crying lol). It is fine now. We will definitely go to her when he needs another hair cut!

+ I went to a Relief Society Activity where we made some Valentine’s crafts (basically a ton of hearts & a banner)…& I actually ended up talking with people too much that I didn’t even really help make anything haha. They had amazing treats also so of course, I had a couple. Then we drove over to a nursing home, Collinwood, & we decorated their main room (where they eat their meals & hangout other times) & 2 wings main room (memory care & I don’t know what the other wing is). It was actually really fun to decorate the nursing home. Collinwood already had a bunch of decorations so with what they had & what we brought, it was decked out! Meanwhile, Kevin went for training for a Stake activity that he will be a part of. More on that later. A Young Women, Brooklyn Fertig, came over to stay at our house while we were away at our church activities. The Young Women are so awesome to volunteer for some of our activities so we can go!

Next Up: Our Valentine’s Day, & lots of fun stuff that happened over the weekend including Kelsi coming into town, seeing the Colorado Ballets’ ‘Cinderella’, my early Birthday celebration, etc…

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