A Good Read, Cool Beans, the Super Bowl, & More


Since we all know the Denver Broncos lost the Super Bowl (like a couple of hours ago) I will think about the positives of the week…the week being this past week…January 27th through February 2nd, 2014. And here we go!

+  Besides the Denver Broncos losing, Kevin & my dad were in Munich, Germany for the ISPO tradeshow for Zephyr. I LOVE GERMANY!!! I was jealous. They were in Germany from January 24-28th, 2014. So I guess this wasn’t bad, well I didn’t get to see Kevin & Ryder didn’t get to either, but I wasn’t there with them! Ich liebe Deutschland! Kevin brought me some cool stuff back. The little baby cuckoo clock in the photo above was a souvenir. I told Kevin I want a cuckoo clock one day from there as they are handmade & awesome. BUT…the cheapest cuckoo clocks are a few thousand dollars so…maybe when we win the lottery haha. He found a little magnet one, not hand made, but mass produced, for thankfully cheaper haha. I love it though! It’s on our fridge & holding up Ryder’s amazing art work ;) Oh, & there is another photo of some amazing goodies he brought back home.

+ My mom reminded me that the stamp prices were going up & we stocked up on some Harry Potter stamps. Best decision ever. Gosh, I love Harry Potter & all those books (& movies!). Good times! (Photo above.)

+ I read the Elizabeth Smart: My Story book in like .2 days. WOW. Wow, guys, wow. She is incredible. I remember seeing her at BYU Freshman year in the dorms since she lived in David John Hall like me the same year. She was in an upper level so she was in a different ward. I think she had one of the suites. Any who, I ran across her here & there at BYU & one time I told her I liked her hair in the hallway haha. It was in a pretty sweet updo. She also took my deposit at the BYU Bookstore since apparently she was working at the Wells Fargo inside. I didn’t want to be like “Oh my gosh, I know who you are!” so I just acted like she wasn’t famous. I couldn’t put this book down. I mean I had to, to take care of Ryder when he woke up for a nap & to make food & whatnot but when he was asleep…that was all that I was doing, reading her book! Gosh. It makes me so sad to hear all of the horrible things her captors did to her. She is such an amazing person. She is so positive & inspirational. I highly recommend reading her book! Now, I really want to hear her speak somewhere!

+ I had lunch with Tiffany Whitsitt at Spoons after a morning workout. Ryder was getting tired but we still had a good time!

+  Ryder & I joined my mom, Zach, & Hunter for dinner at Wahoo’s. Ryder ate a bowl of beans & turned into a bearded baby. He loved the beans & part of a cookie he stole of mine & we all had a good time.

+ I won’t talk about taxes because that took hours & hours to compile all of our documents mainly because of an insane amount of health documents for me…but that day I did a fitness assessment at Miramont Sports Center. I apparently have a good heart rate when I work out & am in the “elite” category which is funny to me. I don’t feel like I am anything amazing but I guess compared to the HUGE amount of people in the US who don’t do anything active I guess I am elite!

+ Pretty Little Liars. Um yeah, those 3 words should do it for ya.

+ Ryder HAD to go to sleep with his tooth brush. The positive of this: he has a minor extreme passion for brushing his teeth ;) Maybe he will become a dentist or orthodontist like his Aunt Anna someday in the VERY far off future!

+ Ryder & I met up with RaQuelle Willey & her son Cason at Cool Beans. She is my mom’s visiting teaching companion & our kids are very close in age. Our boys had a good time together :) We will definitely be going back or doing more play dates!

+ Kevin & I had an amazing breakfast for dinner night & then watched The Bachelor. I waited to watch it with him once he came back from Germany. Yeah, Clare is annoying…um…I can’t stand the opera girl…ok…the Kansas City girl is getting out of hand. I like the attorney girl…the dog girl is weird but funny some times…

+ If you don’t love barf, don’t read on: This isn’t a positive but Ryder cried so hard he made himself throw up this past weekend…ya…poor guy! I hope he doesn’t do it again or have it become a thing he does lol. That was the first time he threw up since being born. It was also my first time cleaning it…lol. I definitely googled that. I just had to write this because it better be a one time thing.

+ I organized our “clutter/Katinka’s/guest room” & that is always very satisfying for me. I LOVE for things to be organized & in their place! It gradually got out of hand when I stopped filing things here & there. We are good now.

+ I watched the Mitt Romney documentary, Mitt on Netflix with my dad & Zach. ( Kevin stayed home with Ryder & went to bed early since he was getting a cold & whenever he gets sick he sleeps…all the time to knock it out…) It made me annoyed that America voted Obama in again. I can’t understand why they chose him. Well, I voted for Mitt Romney. Yeah, go watch it! It’s pretty good but may make you annoyed/mad…gosh, he was THE ONE! He was the best choice for sure. If you don’t have Netflix, do a free trial!

+ I painted my nails Bronco colors & my dad bought me Bronco earrings (photo above). Might as well get in the spirit…before the game went down…with that said, yes they lost & that is all I will say here. But Ryder & I did have fun anticipating the game! (Photos above). He puts his arm up when we say “Touchdown!” Oh, & I went grocery shopping the day before today, so I guess yesterday…but wow, I’ve never seen a grocery store SO busy! I also was very impressed with King Soopers’ grocery store & all of their Bronco/Super Bowl displays. They even had people over the loudspeaker giving customers killer deals if they named players in past Super Bowls, whatever, etc. I clearly didn’t win any of that but it got me excited! I also saw the TALLEST display of chips & salsa/queso I had ever seen. So impressive.

+ Zach taught me about my DSLR that I acquired. I didn’t know what aperture, ISO, or shutter speed really was all about. I don’t LOVE my iPhone photos but it is so convenient so that is mainly all that I take. The downside is with the DSLR, when you want to shoot in manuel or semi-manuel (whatever you call those functions) the ISO is not big enough so it is too dark. So I just shoot in automatic which is probably fine but yeah…so…I need to practice. I need to have a quick shutter speed since Ryder is always on the move! Or something with the aperture…let me think…yeah I can’t remember but, Zach will be helping me more haha! I took a Photo class in junior high AND even worked in a dark room but that was forever ago. I remember/know some stuff about composition but the actual cameras not so much. I hope to get into this more! Then we hung out with Hunter & my mom & ate QDoba for dinner. Then we went home, Ryder went to bed, & Kevin & I watched Shark Tank since he was feeling up to it.

+ Today was the Super Bowl but other than that, I went to Ward Council & church by myself. Kevin is getting over a cold & I hate when people come to church sick & infect everyone else. It is just not that considerate. Ryder stayed home with him & slept since it was his nap time. I needed to be doing lots of things for my calling today so it was better for him to stay home. BUT Ryder will be going in nursery in 1 month!!! WOW! So bitter sweet.

That looks like that is about it. What a solid week. Minus Kevin being sick & the Bronco’s losing. Next week will be better!!!


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