Zach’s 18th Birthday


Zach turned 18 on February 17, 2014. I still remember celebrating my 8th birthday at the hospital when he was born 2 days before me, 6 weeks premature. The first photo above is one that describes him perfectly hehe. When Kevin & I made our own Spring Break to Vegas while in our last semester at BYU, 2011, Zach & I were having a good time messing around with photos apps…like the new one…Instagram haha. He was showing me all the cool things you can do & we loved playing with the filters… My favorite was Nashville but not Kelvin, haha. Never Kelvin your photos friends! Anyways, he is still obsessed with photos & has gotten really good at photography as you can see from the last post HERE where he is now one of the best artists in the state, so yeah, I had to share. Follow him at @clyw_zach on IG. It was President’s Day so none of my siblings had school, except for Patrick who is at school in Boulder at CU. Weird he had school, right?! Kelsi was still in town from visiting from BYU-Provo. I picked Kelsi up & then we went & lifted at Miramont. I was having some pain (in the rib/chest area) from what I thought was just a pulled muscle but pushed through. Then Ryder napped, I showered, & got ready for the day. OH, Kevin flew out of town this day to Las Vegas for the MAGIC Trade show so he couldn’t celebrate with us. Anyways, so Zach couldn’t decide what he wanted to do for his birthday so basically we didn’t do anything really during the day but we met at Enzio’s for an early dinner. Enzio’s is an Italian restaurant in downtown Fort Collins that is pretty good. This was my first time eating there! I immediately knew what I wanted when I looked at the menu & chose Carbonara, at least that is what I think it is called. Kevin has made this a few times since we’ve been married & it has been good. Ryder got a little rowdy during dinner & wanted out of the high chair (story of our life). My dad & Hunter took turns watching him run around in a small area. Then after dinner ended, we went back to my parents house & I put Ryder to sleep there. We celebrated with a HUGE Mary’s Mountain Cookie (like a pizza size) for Zach instead of a cake. It was delicious. Then Zach opened his presents. We got him some game he picked out at Game Stop (pre-used) & some Pokemon cards, haha. Then Hunter & I played some ping pong & I played some games with other people & called it a night. I took Ry back home to his crib & watched some 24 :) That’s about it. I still can’t believe Zach is getting so old! I guess all of my siblings & I are getting OLD :(

Next Up: My Early Birthday Celebrations & More…


Denver: Zach’s Awards, Cherry Creek, & the Cinderella Colorado Ballet


Last Saturday, February 15th, 2014, was a fun-filled day! We woke up & had breakfast & I got ready to go to Denver. A month or so ago my mom got tickets for Kelsi, her, & I to see the Colorado Ballets’ production of Cinderella! SO, this was the big day…also Kelsi came into town the day prior, so yeah. But first, we went to see Zach get some awards for his Photography & Art down in another part of Denver. He submitted a portfolio of photography & other art as well & received a Gold Key for his ENTIRE portfolio & some other Keys (awards) for other art, not in his portfolio. Basically, what this means is, he had one of the best portfolio’s of photography art in the entire state of Colorado! He is obsessed with photography & always taking photos & editing them, so I guess it wasn’t that shocking. Last year he got a Gold Key for just 1 piece of art but this year it was for his entire portfolio which is MUCH harder. Basically he’s amazing. We went to check out some of his art in a nearby gallery with some other students that won Gold Keys. Sometime soon, he will have art displayed in the Denver Museum of Art as well! Zach is amazing. If you love photography, you should follow him on Instagram because his feed is awesome. His Instagram name is: @clyw_zach …so check him out!

Meanwhile, Kevin was back home in FoCo watching Ryder. Our realtors gave us a coupon for a free cake (for our 2nd anniversary of living in our home) so Kevin redeemed that for a cookie dough ice-cream cake with cookie bottom for my early Birthday celebration the next day. The cake was from Ben & Jerry’s, but their downtown location. Kevin & Ryder had a good time downtown & Ryder ran around looking at statues (photos above). It was cute they had a little boy date! They also had a little dinner of summer sausage, cheese, & Oreos (with other things too), haha. I loved the pictures Kevin sent me!

When Zach’s award ceremony was over, my mom, dad, Zach, & Hunter went to a tennis store in Cherry Creek to look for some tennis shoes/attire. Kelsi & I got dropped off at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center & we browsed Nordstrom, Anthropologie, & Urban Outfitters. Then my mom came & got us & we took a pit stop at Nordstrom Rack where I got a pair of skinny jeans for my birthday. My favorite pair of skinny jeans that I’ve been wearing for a few years now are getting so worn out & got a hole in the knee…and not a good kind of hole that looks like it is supposed to be there… Anyways, then we hurried over to the Denver Performing Arts Complex where the Colorado Ballet would be performing, at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. We didn’t have reservations for dinner, which usually everyone has because everyone eats right before the play, orchestra, ballet, or whatever show is going on & then rushes over to see it. They have a crazy number of big performing theatres so it is a really happening place. Denver’s Performing Arts Complex is actually one of the biggest in the nation right behind where all the Broadway shows are in NYC! Denver is pretty cool guys ;) We found a place to eat that would serve us right away & it was amazing. We were SO lucky!!! I ordered their Chicken Tikka Masala. Kelsi ordered a Korean dish. My mom ordered something that I totally forgot. They had a mix of eclectic foods & a lot of their menu looked really good. I wish I remembered what the restaurant was called! I would definitely eat there again if I go to another show. Then we went to our seats in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. I had no clue where we were going to sit but thought at least the 1st balcony, if not higher since Ballet tickets are so expensive, but when we got there, we were sitting in the 3rd row! My mom had surprised me since it was my birthday. Kelsi already knew our seats were pretty good. The seats were really comfortable & they had little subtitles on the seat’s headrest in front of you, so you would know what was going on in the Ballet, in case you were lost. You could turn the subtitles off, or narration, or whatever you call it. The ballet was really good! I love going to ballets and dance performances in general. I especially love going to performances where you can see the dancers really close up, see their facial expressions, and muscles. It is so cool. During the 2 intermissions, Kelsi, my mom, & I explored and checked out all of the levels and found awesome sculptures. They had sculptures of ballerinas that were INSANELY realistic, like they looked SO real. The sculptures literally looked like real people. They even had moles and you could see cellulite lol. It was crazy. Sitting in the row ahead of us was an old lady with a bear. She had an empty seat next to her. My mom especially felt bad for her. She wondered if she had lost a spouse or something but went alone to the show anyways. The lady was literally petting the bear throughout the show. My mom complimented the bear & said she liked its dress & the lady said, “It’s a she. Her name is Miss Teddy.” So yeah, who knows the story there! I tried talking to her as well. The show ended & we drove back home. It was a great day! It was especially a fun girls night!


Valentine’s Day 2014


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day all! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day :)

Ryder started our day extra early by waking up a too early for our liking. Kevin got up with him & even did a bunch of dishes so I could sleep in a little bit longer. Then I came downstairs & saw some goodies from Kevin (1st photo above). He had a little display of a HUGE dog card (I’ve always wanted an insanely large card haha), candy (Milky Way, Rolos, & Milk Duds – yes, I love caramel!!!), and a mustache cup with a mustache bear haha! I was so shocked. We talked about Valentine’s Day gifts before & decided I would get a little necklace from Etsy, a simple circle pendent/charm? with an ‘a’ on it, but I hadn’t ordered it, so I wasn’t expecting Kevin to do anything else for me. It was so cute! I then made chocolate chip pancakes before Kevin went to work. We all enjoyed them, including Ryder. Then Kevin went to work & Ryder & I hit the gym for some Body Define Yoga (w/weights).  When I was leaving the gym, I got a flower! They gave a flower to all the girls at the gym that day! Ryder was LOVING it. I am obsessed with the photos of him smelling the flower above. Ah, what a little heart throb! Love him so much. Then Ryder ran to the couch & noticed “dada” in the photos (photo above) on the wall. It was ca-ute. Then he played with Legos (photo above). We ate some lunch & Ryder took a nap. I got ready for our date night and also cleaned up the house a little before our babysitter would be over. Ryder made a huge mess of milk (a part wasn’t put back on in the sippy cup) so the milk poured out ALL OVER. It also went ALL OVER him & soaked his clothes. He cried so hard about it! (Photos above). No use in crying over spilt milk, little Ry! Then, Kevin came home a little early so I could get the babysitter. Oh, and Kevin opened his present before we left on our date. I got him a Kindle case (much needed) & I wrote in a little card I already had. I used to buy cards & then Kevin said, “Don’t buy them. Just write on a piece of paper.” Haha. So that is what I do now…lol. Then away we went! We had dinner at BJ’s which was yummy. Kevin got pizza & I got a pasta dish. We even ran into our friends Paul & Jocelyne Heinzen there. Then we browsed World Market, just for fun. Kevin loves the food & I love the fun d├ęcor, furniture, & gadgets. Afterwards, we headed over to Mary’s Mountain Cookies to grab a little dessert, thanks to Greg & Kathy!!! Kevin got an ice-cream cookie sandwich & a frosting cookie sandwich & I got a chocolate chip one & a S’mores cookie. Mary’s Mountain Cookies are the BEST cookies!!! Then we swung by a Redbox to get a movie to watch & I picked out the literal worst one in the world. I don’t even remember the title. It was SO dumb. It was a chick flick and a horrible one. I definitely need to do my research & not pick anyone in Redbox. Poor Kevin! I was nodding off & on falling asleep so I don’t even remember it that well. Oh, & Ryder did pretty well for our babysitter, Caitlin, but cried a little when he went to bed. Someday he will become a pro at going to bed for everyone, not just me :) But he did great. Oh, it was his first time with a babysitter, that we hired haha. A few people, besides family, have watched him, so this was a big deal, to actually get one lol. I think that is about it. So yeah, it was a great day! I still need to order that necklace. I am just waiting for a sale or discount to come along & then I will put in my order :) Might as well!

How was your Valentine’s Day?!



Cool Beans, Play Dates, & Ryder’s 2nd Haircut


February 10-13, 2014:

+ I made beef stroganoff for FHE night. It was good, but I don’t know, it wasn’t the best. We made it in the crock pot but the meat was still a little tough. I don’t know what happened. At least we tried a new recipe though!

+ We watched The Bachelor – Kevin watched it at Mike Puccetti’s house with a bunch of Zephyr employees & I hung out & watched it at home while Ryder slept. He got a new tooth last week & wasn’t sleeping too well & his teeth/gums were hurting so we let him just sleep, instead of keeping him up. I rarely keep him up past his bed time. He is too crazy and tired!

+ Ryder & I met RaQuelle Willey & her little boy, Cason again at Cool Beans. Some other people from her ward joined in (my old ward – Fossil Creek) & we all had a good time. Ryder loves Cool Beans & has fun exploring, playing with a wide variety of toys/climbing structures, & with an insane amount of kids. You get a big rush around 10 am! But I bought a punch pass so we have to continue to go haha. I think I will try to go in the afternoon when it is less crowded next time.

+ Ryder & I went to Best Buy to get Kevin his Valentine’s Day present on our way to hangout with my friend Laura Neibaur & her kids. She had planned a big play date with some of her friends & their kids. There were 3 other moms & their kids. Basically, everyone had girls so Ryder was in heaven. He immediately fell in love with the oldest girl named Brooklyn. He followed her everywhere, grabbing onto her clothes walking wherever she walked, tackled her, hit her (in a loving way I suppose, heh), & basically was obsessed with her. She is the one in the photo in the navy shirt & lighter blue pants. I’ve never seen Ryder so obsessed with a girl. It was hilarious. Then we ordered pizza & we all ate & left before bed time. We always have a good time when we get together, & it is fun to meet new friends!

+ Ryder & I went on a walk because the temperature got up to about the upper 40’s or low 50’s. We busted out our new stroller & took Katinka. We had a good time! I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can take him to the park! This spring/summer he will enjoy the park much more than last :)

+ We took Ryder to Cool Cuts for his 2nd haircut & he did GREAT! His last hair cut he cried SO hard AND steered the wheel the whole time. It was so sad, well his 1st haircut. I was worried he was going to cry again the whole time but he didn’t. Kevin & I went straight there after he got off work & Ryder played with the train set for awhile & watched another little boy get his hair cut. I think that helped. Also, the lady who was going to cut his hair was talking to him, saying hi, & asking him about the trains, when she was cutting the other boys’ hair. Then when it was time for him to get his hair cut, she asked him to come with her, & he went! He cried for like 10 seconds when she put the cape on. She gave him a comb so he could comb his hair, & he did. He knows how to comb his hair because I tell him “Comb your hair!” when I am brushing mine & he has learned how to. It’s cute. He held on to the comb & the trains during the hair cut. He even got really into it & started to throw the comb which wasn’t very good because they have a little TV the kids can watch & he hit it. He tried to throw the trains too but we stopped him just in time ha. She had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on so he loved it. The only thing that we didn’t like was when she gave him a mohawk at the end haha. I wanted to give him a fauhawk but nothing as extreme as what she did. It was actually really funny. Kevin was like “I hate his hair.” I was like, “Don’t worry, I won’t do it like this.” Ha. (Photo above in his high chair crying lol). It is fine now. We will definitely go to her when he needs another hair cut!

+ I went to a Relief Society Activity where we made some Valentine’s crafts (basically a ton of hearts & a banner)…& I actually ended up talking with people too much that I didn’t even really help make anything haha. They had amazing treats also so of course, I had a couple. Then we drove over to a nursing home, Collinwood, & we decorated their main room (where they eat their meals & hangout other times) & 2 wings main room (memory care & I don’t know what the other wing is). It was actually really fun to decorate the nursing home. Collinwood already had a bunch of decorations so with what they had & what we brought, it was decked out! Meanwhile, Kevin went for training for a Stake activity that he will be a part of. More on that later. A Young Women, Brooklyn Fertig, came over to stay at our house while we were away at our church activities. The Young Women are so awesome to volunteer for some of our activities so we can go!

Next Up: Our Valentine’s Day, & lots of fun stuff that happened over the weekend including Kelsi coming into town, seeing the Colorado Ballets’ ‘Cinderella’, my early Birthday celebration, etc…