Welcome 2014


Welcome year 2 0 1 4!

I can’t believe it is year 2014. That is CRAZY! OH & in case you were wondering, we have YET to set goals for this year so I can’t tell you what they are haha. Sue us. But yeah, we still have to get around to it. We are planning on it this week. This post comprises December 30th, 2013 to January 5th, 2014. Let me catch up with what went down…

// We arrived home from our Kansas City Christmas Trip (more on that HERE). Later during that day, after Ryder took a very short nap, we went to Walmart to stock up on groceries since we didn’t have anything fresh since coming back from our trip. We also ate a quick dinner at Subway. We were all off from Ryder not being on his nap schedule, not eating lunch really while traveling, & an hour time change.

// We had a health insurance meeting with a broker & think we found a plan for me that sounds like the best thing I can get right now. It is still not cheap by any means & I will meet my deductible each year so thank you OBAMA!

// We dropped the Jeep off AGAIN to get looked at. It had died after we got back from our trip & obviously needed some more help than a new battery. So annoying.

// I dropped off cookies for who I visit teach on the very last day of the month haha.

// I went to Miramont Lifestyle Fitness to work out on New Years Eve (in the afternoon) & the minute I took Ryder in the childcare they said there were closing in 10 minutes. AHHH. I was annoyed. I guess the gym closed early on New Years Eve but the childcare closed even earlier. I decided I would take Ryder to Fossil Creek Park instead since the weather was pretty nice. The park was crowded! We did the swings, slides, & he ran around having a good time!

// New Year’s Eve: Instead of going to parties, which we could have, we had a nice dinner & a Breaking Bad marathon. We are now in the last season but Part 2 & we need to find out where to watch it so we can finish it!

// Kevin went to Dallas for business, the ABCA Tradeshow, from January 1-4, 2014.

// On New Year’s day, I worked out doing a yoga/Pilates class & then after Ryder took a nap, I went to my friend Laura Neibaur’s house to hangout. She made homemade spaghetti/sauce for dinner & it was delicious! We had a fun time. Ryder & 2 of her kiddos, Kyler & Audra, played together, all with a little kid power tool set. We need to get together soon again!

// Bekah Wilkey & baby Carmen came over & had a little play date with Ryder. Ryder & Carmen took turns harassing Katinka haha. Ryder & Carmen are so funny together. They also both love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

// My family came home from their Hawaii trip on Saturday the 4th, really early. Later that evening, we went over & hung out with everyone. Kelsi was leaving the next day to go back to BYU-Provo. Ryder & I opened our presents from her. She got Ryder the Surf’s Up DVD, a chef’s hat, 3 cookie cutters, & an elephant backpack (some photos above). She got Kevin some Stance socks. She got me some feather earrings & a book to help me learn Italian ha. So fun. It is fun to see Ryder with Aunt Kelsi! Then Kevin came home really late that night.

// Sunday, the 5th, we had church. Ryder was again, too cool, to stay in class 2nd hour. We found our friend, Lara Osmond & her little boy, Ben, & hung out in an old nursery room with toys, ha! We went over to have dinner at my parent’s house before Kelsi left for Denver to catch her flight back to Utah. We had really yummy Hawaiian BBQ crock-potted (is that a word ;)) pork with rice and other stuff. Kevin got to see his gifts & see Kelsi. Oh, & before church we picked up the Jeep from the mechanic (he didn’t know what was wrong) & drove it to the Jeep dealership since we had an appointment the following day. We had to jump start it at the mechanic’s place. SO annoying! But yeah, it was a solid Sunday! We were so glad we got to see Kelsi a little bit over her Christmas break.

& that is a wrap! I am getting closer to being caught up! It’ll be soon friends!

Happy New Year!

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