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December 2-8, 2013: This week was a great one! We actually, got to see my Grandpa & Grandma the same day we arrived from our Kansas City trip (HERE). That would have been December 1st, but we didn’t have ANY groceries & the only time we could see them was for dinner so we ate at Famous Dave’s BBQ. I always plan to run out of groceries before trips haha. I hate wasting food! Anyways, my Grandpa & Grandma were originally supposed to leave on the 1st to go back home to Burlington, Wyoming but they stayed an extra day, one reason being to see us! I am so glad we got to see them. We went to dinner & had a great time! The food was delicious as usual. I hope to visit them sometime in the spring/summer when it gets warmer.

Ryder also became obsessed with his belly button. We always ask him where it is & he has a hard time finding it because his belly is so round haha! (Photo above).

Come Monday (2nd), Ryder & I picked up Katinka from our favorite kennel. Apparently she is obsessed with all of the humans & would rather sit on their laps than play with other dogs, haha…not surprised. My Jeep has been having issues for awhile & dying every so often so we decided it was the battery. We had borrowed a big car charger from my parents for the past few months which came in handy. I decided to take it in to Batteries Plus. The guy ran some tests on it & said it wasn’t the battery? So confusing. So, we would figure it out later, but it was becoming not very reliable. I ended up doing the usual catch up from returning from a trip, laundry, unpacking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. OH, & Kevin went on a business trip to Indianapolis from this day, the 2nd to the 3rd. We also got groceries & Ryder got to ride in the CAR shopping cart. He LOVED sitting in it & honking the horn as we grocery shopped. BUT man…guys…that thing is so awkward to push around! I literally got stuck too close to the aisles where he started grabbing lots of spaghetti sauces off the shelves but I couldn’t maneuver out because people were in the aisles & coming the other direction haha. It was such a joke sometimes. He did love it though. I haven’t put him back in the car…I should soon though :)

Major snow day was on the 3rd! I was the lucky person to shovel a pathway to a grassy patch in the backyard from the sliding glass doors for Katinka to use the restroom ;) I wish she didn’t hate the cold as much as she does. It is miserable waiting for her to go potty sometimes! Especially when it is in the negative degrees… Ryder got to try out his new snow boots in the snow. THEY ARE SO CUTE. I’m obsessed. He is the cutest snow kid ever. We did make our way to the gym though for some Advanced Step & abs! Other than that, this day was full of insurance crap! As in health insurance. Basically I won’t go into talking about Obama because, it just isn’t good what I will say, but basically he is the worst. And extend that into everything he does & everything about him hahaha. SO, I had to get a new insurance plan & had started looking into it EARLY. I had to find a plan and a GOOD one because I get Remicade infusions every 8 weeks for my Ankylosing Spondylitis! Each year, sadly, I meet my deductible. I also have lots and lots of copays and out of pocket costs. Basically, a lot of our money goes to my health! The disease is the biggest thing but then add in, I was the one who got pregnant & birthed Ryder, so add all of the Women’s & birthing duties…I am expensive! So, we talked to many insurance brokers & figured out a plan FINALLY…in January…that will go into affect right before my next Remicade infusion in early February. It has been so stressful! I am going to be on an HMO now so I had to check with all of my specialist doctors to see if they were covered. Also, whenever I get pregnant again, when that time comes, I wanted to make sure I could see a high risk doctor & not have that be out of pocket. I do know I will have to see one when that time comes. I will get lots of extra bloodwork, ultrasounds, and appointments, even weekly with this high risk doctor because of my disease & medication – Remicade. But enough of that, I think it is figured out. I put in the application a week ago so we are just waiting for it to get processed & our cards :) MOVING ON. Ryder & I ventured our way in the snow to meet my mom, Zach, Hunter for dinner at Maza Kabob! Maza Kabob is an Afghan restaurant & is pretty new here in Fort Collins. It was pretty good I thought. I got chicken kabobs which were delicious! Ryder laughed basically the whole dinner & we got it on video, love it. My mom gave him an awesome Christmas ‘lift the flap’ book there at the restaurant so he loved that. There are like 50 lift the flaps on it…craziness. That day had a good ending :) Oh & Kevin got home super late too!

Wednesday, the 4th, I lifted weights bright and early. We then had Ryder’s 15 Month Wellness Check-Up with his pediatrician in the afternoon. He is doing great! He also had a follow-up for an ear infection which cleared up nicely. He is still crazy skinny & tall! He eats a lot & is super active! He was 31.7 inches (70% percentile), 22 lbs. 14.4 oz. (28% percentile), & his head was normal haha. We then ran some errands after to Home Depot, Petsmart (dog food), Old Navy, & Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  Oh, Kevin then left for a business trip to Wisconsin this day & would come back the 5th, so another 2 day trip. My brother Hunter came over & hung out with Ryder & I. Hunter & Ryder colored together, played with Play Dough, & watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse amongst other things. I love to see them interact. They are so cute together. Ryder gets so excited when he sees Hunter.

Catching Fire night with my mom & Zach! That was definitely the highlight of the 5th :) Ryder & I hit the gym in the morning. I ordered Christmas cards for the 1st time. So exciting! I don’t know what else we did but we did eat dinner at Noodles with my mom, dad, Zach, & Hunter. I put Ryder to bed at my parents house so my dad could be there while my mom, Zach, & I went to Catching Fire. I was originally going to see it with Kevin around Thanksgiving time but it didn’t work out. Then he had a bunch of trips coming up & accounts in town so we weren’t sure when we could even see a movie! So I saw it with my family instead. I really liked the movie & it made me want to re-read all of those Hunger Games books again! So fun. It was a great night! Also, Kevin came home that night!

Friday, the 6th, we went to the gym & apparently watched TV? HAHA. Oh & Saint Nick came!!! ;) If you are German, you will know what I am talking about. But Saint Nick comes to German kids & adults like me haha & puts chocolates, oranges, treats, etc. in their boots. It is a mini Christmas. Thanks mom & dad for reminding me & providing us with treats for this holiday haha. It pays to have German heritage!

Saturday, the 7th, Kevin came to the gym with Ryder & I which I always like! I have free passes that I’ve saved up for Kevin :) I love to go as a family to the gym. It’s the best! I spent this day figuring out a lot of Christmas gifts & ordering some online. We ran a bunch of errands to Home Depot, Super Target, Lowes, & Babies ‘r’ Us…

Sunday, the 8th, we had church, a Relief Society Presidency Meeting, we got home taught, & made home made pizza. We watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional & hung out & relaxed at home. It was a wonderful Sabbath! Also, this day marked a month of my knees not hurting (from patella femoral syndrome/symptoms) so I celebrated by wearing high heels to church which sometimes caused them to hurt. Of course, I posted this to Instagram & spoke to soon, as my knees started hurting like within a week, oh joy!

We had a great week & was glad Kevin got to hang out & stay home from business trips for a bit over the weekend :)

Happy Thursday! xoxo

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