Our Pre Kansas City Christmas, Story Time, & More


December 16-19, 2013 was all about finishing up Christmas shopping, packing, & celebrating Christmas early as a family before heading off to Kansas City for Christmas time. // I took Ryder to story time after the gym & met Gwen Valles & her little lady, Valencia. I also ran into 2 of my other friends, Lara Osmond & Ashley Bean & their kiddos there as well. We had a fun little story time & the kids played afterwards on the play structures (for lack of better word?). But really what the boys like to do is look out the windows at the dog park nearby & watch dogs (2 photos above haha- 1 with Ryder & Harley & the other with Ryder & Teddy). Good times! // Ryder & I watched his new Christmas DVD called Mumfie’s White Christmas from my parents. They bought it because there was an elephant in the movie, my favorite! It was good but there was an eel part that I thought was a little creepy lol. Ryder definitely liked the DVD case (photo above). // I picked up the Jeep (thanks to my mom for helping me out to drive the other car back) & totally brought in cash to see if the mechanic would take cash for less than what he was going to charge me with credit card…& he did. Oh, he replaced the battery with a really good one. But, I am always trying to get a good deal haha!!! You should try it! I don’t think dealerships or those types of places would do this as much as small business owners, but you can ask for discounts! // I really did a lot of laundry, packing, & cleaning so we would be good to go & not stressed out last minute. I always like to do all the laundry so we don’t have dirty clothes with stains sitting for a week or so & same with the dishes. // Kevin, Ryder, & I also celebrated Ryder’s 2nd Christmas as a family on December 18th! Ryder opened up his presents & I learned something seasoned parents would obviously know that we dropped the ball on. I wrapped his presents which is great but we didn’t set up/build the toys! Ryder opened a golf set (in a box) & same with a basketball hoop (in a box) HAHA from us (both sweet deals!). Poor kid was just like “Cool” & ran off to another toy…obviously he has no clue what is going on so it would be better if the toys were set up before he got to see them! I had wrapped up a few presents from Grammy & Papa (Kevin’s parents) that were shipped here since we wouldn’t be able to take them all home from KC. They got him a Cozy Coupe car (photo above) which he LOVES to sit in & get pushed around in all day long! Kevin set that up after Ryder went to bed but he got to play with it all day before leaving to KC! He also opened a cute Melissa & Doug Sea Creature Wooden Puzzle set & a Skip Hop Owl book. We had a fun little Christmas. I do think it is funner around the holidays with kids. Kevin & I were just excited to see Ryder play with the stuff & play with him too, like playing basketball together :) Then we did the last minute things & headed off to KC, MO!

Next up: a Kansas City Christmas!

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