Meeting Santa 2x, Remicade Infusion, Ward Christmas Party, Early Family Christmas + More


Twas the week before our Christmas trip…December 9-15, 2013:

Here are some snippets of what went down this fine week in December!

+ We dropped off the Jeep at our mechanic…to delve into the battery situation. He decided it was the battery after running tests all night…we crossed our fingers that would work… ;)

+ For FHE, we took Ryder to visit Santa at the run down Foothills Fashion Mall. Funny thing…the Santa was the same Santa as last year AND he was one of my high school art teachers! I didn’t get a chance to say hi to him last year because kids were all around him but this year, I went up to him & asked if he taught art at Rocky Mountain High School & he did & remembered me. So fun that he is the Santa! Ryder wasn’t too sure about sitting on a stranger’s lap. Santa did read him some Christmas stories though! That was cute. Then we ate at CafĂ© Rio afterwards. My family had gone to see Santa & do dinner with us as well. It was a fun FHE!

+ I took Ryder to the dentist for the 1st time! My pediatrician told me once he turned 1 to bring him in before his next 15 month appointment? I honestly forgot but I brought him in shortly after his 15 month appointment. The pediatric dentist I will be taking Ryder is actually in my parents’ ward, Dr. Van Tassell. The office is cute & Ryder met a friend while waiting to see the dentist. He played video games with him (photo above), haha. Everyone was super nice there which I liked. Ryder also seemed to be doing fine. They just gave me tips, a toothbrush, & started getting Ryder used to seeing the dentist. He REALLY didn’t like getting his teeth looked at. Good thing Ryder LOVES getting his teeth brushed! He cries when we take away the toothbrush. It is hilarious.

+ Kevin, Ryder, & I met our neighbor Marsha at the Family History Center in Fort Collins. We met her at a neighborhood party & found out she loves genealogy so we invited her to go to the Family History Center with us. We met with a lady from our ward, Julie McBride, who knows a ton about genealogy. She was a big help! We need to go again soon! I mostly chased Ryder around the church though. He was a little crazy in the Family History Center room haha.

+ I got another Remicade infusion for my Ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis of the spine autoimmune disease)! I love going now because it helps me feel the best I’ve felt since having the worst arthritis flare up of my life! I saw my rheumatologist right before the appointment & it went well. I am doing pretty good on the medicine. He wanted me to get blood work done so they can make sure my levels & everything are still good. They check your blood work often while on these types of drugs – biologics (also: Enbrel, Humira, etc.). I started reading The Wednesday Letters while at my infusion since it lasts 2.5 hours. Always a good time!!! (Until I get a severe symptom/cancer/disorder…praying & crossing my fingers & toes that never happens haha. Definitely won’t be a laughing matter then… The benefits somehow outweigh the risks.)

+ Wednesday, the 11th, I went with my parents to watch Hunter in his choir concert. Kevin stayed home to watch Ryder since he was asleep. He is at Kinard Junior High now & they require every student to be in either choir or band & he chose choir. He is actually getting into it which is something that has never happened to me haha. I literally would never sing in a choir. But yeah, he did great! It was cool to see him.

+ Kevin & my dad went on a 2-day business trip to New York.

+ I ran a ton of errands one day >>> Staples, stopped by Ryder’s pediatrician, picked up an earring I left at my rheumatologist’s office – I lost an earring in my infusion chair haha, Gap, & Barnes & Noble (got a planner!!!). Then Ryder & I joined my mom & brothers for dinner since the men were out of town.

+ My mom, Zach, & Hunter watched Ryder while I got my blood work done at the Harmony Campus lab. I picked Ryder up from Trios (hair cut salon) since my blood work took FOREVER! They drove him there & I met him there. Then we hurried home, threw a ham in the oven to heat up, & drove it over to the church for our Ward Christmas Party. Kevin was originally going to be in town but had to schedule a trip last minute & missed it. Ryder & I had fun at the Ward Christmas Party though! The dinner was AMAZING. I kind of love funeral potatoes. They had lots. The ham also was amazing. They had a wonderful program put on by the primary, youth, & other members. Ryder made a REALLY good friend that night. He was a boy from my parent’s ward actually, named Kade. Basically, he kept coming up to Ryder & giving him high fives, knuckles, & bringing him things to distract him. He brought us both dessert too from the dessert table! A lot of the youth were entertaining Ryder for me. It was so cute & awesome! I was so thankful for the ward members in helping me with him since I brought a ham & couldn’t push Ryder in the stroller & carry a big ham & vice versa back to the car. Basically, people were really helpful & it was great. I really appreciated it because I couldn’t do everything I needed to do alone. Now I know what it is like being a single mom ;) Haha. Kevin is out of town a lot so I feel like I know but normally I wouldn’t go to a big party with just me & Ryder, & close to his bed time.

+ So Kevin got back from New York & kind of got a cold or something…he basically didn’t feel well & slept all day Saturday. SUPER boring for Ryder & I! So I took him to the gym & then after I got out of my workout class, there was a huge Christmas party for kids in the gym. I went & got Ryder from the day care & we joined in on the fun! They had a coloring station, cookie decorating area, Santa was reading stories to the kids, they had tumbling stuff set up (mats & equipment), a LEGIT sleigh ride with beautiful horses & a HUGE sleigh that fit a ton of people, & then Santa did pictures with kids for free. We listened to stories from Santa, Ryder ate a big sugar cookie (kept him entertained while in line to see Santa so worth it!), & saw Santa & cried on his lap (photo above). We actually had a fun little time together, just Ryder & I! I knew it was worth it to the hit the gym on Saturday! If it wasn’t so cold we would have done a sleigh ride!

+ The Sister Missionaries (Sister Diarmin & Sister Taliulu) came over for dinner at our house. I made stuffed peppers since one of them is vegetarian. I AM STILL OBSESSED with them. They are growing on Kevin but he doesn’t love them like I do…lol. We had a fun night with them & they actually got transferred out of our ward a couple days later! We now have Elders in our ward. I got a picture with them at church on their last day. I especially had to since Sister Diarmin got straight across bangs like me so we were twinning! Sister Taliulu told me she always joked around calling her “Sister Sloan?” Haha. They were fun to have in our ward!

+ Then on Sunday, the 15th, we celebrated Christmas early with my family! We were leaving in a few days to go to Kansas City & it was the only day that worked out. We had dinner there & opened presents. Ryder got a lot of awesome stuff…let me think: a drum set (with musical instruments that store inside), a Mickey Mouse Christmas stuffed animal, Mumfie’s White Christmas DVD (elephant story ;)), inflatable Baseball Target set (inflatable catcher guy so the toddler learns to pitch & aim at a hole in the catcher), Moby Dick Baby Lit book, a Color book that teaches different colors, Velcro food set (I love to play with it haha), little sock monkey ornament, white church shirt, plaid tie, maroon sweater, grey church pants, black church shoes, & a baby Jesus board book. He got spoiled! Unfortunately he was getting tired so he wasn’t in the best of moods! But he does love his Christmas gifts! Kevin & I got some awesome stuff too! Basically, my present from a lot of people was a laptop! Much needed & long overdue. I also got potato chip chocolate, an elephant notebook, Toblerone chocolate, a red velvet truffle, sock monkey pink ornament, candle, & the money for the laptop. I think my parents had fun shopping at World Market for the funky food finds! Kevin got a baseball sock monkey ornament (catching the trend?), bacon chocolate, garlic & jalapeno stuffed olives, truffle pig, Italy calendar, peach salsa, & money. My mom & dad opened their presents from us. We got my dad an oven glove mitt (basically an oven mitt that is like a glove with 5 fingers – pretty rad) & my mom 2 stylus pens (favorite kind), a mug, & nail files. My dad’s birthday is 2 days after Christmas on the 27th & we got him travel packs of Nutella (for on the go Nutella lovers haha) & a Nutella t-shirt I found while looking online. Apparently, there is a Nutella Boutique haha! He is obsessed with Nutella. My family went to Hawaii over Christmas so I wanted to make sure he had his new t-shirt so he could wear it on the beach! We trade off siblings each year & this year we had Hunter. He is obsessed with kendamas so we got him one that he had been wanting. So, that was pretty much our little Christmas celebration with them! Oh, & Kelsi had Kevin, Ryder, & I…which she gave us the goods after they got back from Hawaii. She got Ryder a chef’s hat, 3 cookie cutters (bone, dog, & elephant), Surf’s Up DVD, and an insanely cute elephant backpack. She got Kevin some Stance socks. She got me some feather earrings that look like a garland we made for Ryder’s birthday (white feather dipped in gold haha!). She also got a hilarious book that is supposed to teach you how to speak Italian in hilarious ways…hard to explain. I should take a picture!

Things were really hectic this week but I guess they always are leading up to Christmas! The holidays are such a fun (& stressful?) time!

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