Kansas City Thanksgiving 2013


We celebrated Thanksgiving – Ryder’s SECOND!- in Kansas City this year! We were there from November 26nd to December 1st, 2013. We flew to Kansas City Tuesday, the 26th, late at night. We spent Wednesday, the 27th, chilling at home and prepping for all of the Thanksgiving festivities. I have had a little collection of books that I’ve been needing to read since…college & I am slowly finishing them off haha. I worked on some of those books this trip…forget which ones, but none of them were that amazing haha. Kevin & I also got in some Breaking Bad episodes, always a sketchy time haha.

For our Thanksgiving feast (28th), the Painter’s, Reese's, LT & Anna, Ricky & Kyle, and Grandpa Dieckmann & Donna attended. We had an amazing meal of course! Gosh, I can’t remember everything that was there but off the top of my head & a few months later ;) we had: sweet potato casserole (my fav), mashed potatoes & gravy, turkey, deviled eggs, pasta salad, rolls (which Ryder ate a ton of haha), weird spinach dish Kevin always makes, stuffing (the cornbread type – LOVE!), stuffing with oysters?, little roll up appetizer things…& probably more ;) OH & a ton of desserts! Everyone played a basketball game in the basement that Greg & Kathy recently got. Ryder REALLY wanted to join in but he was too short. Someday little man, some day! He did, however, practice on a smaller hoop. This kid loves balls! Also, Ryder & his cousin Poppy got a special ride around the block in a wagon from Grammy! Tara Painter & I then started talking about Black Friday deals & then talked for hours & I ended up ordering curtains & started finding things for Ryder for Christmas, haha. When Ryder was asleep, a bunch of people watched the Hunger Games.

On Black Friday (29th), Kathy was supposed to work at Loft (she works 1 shift a week) & so I joined her. Friends & family can help work on Black Fridays, I suppose. It was my first time working retail which is funny to me because I have been obsessed with shopping since I can EVER remember. So, it was fun to be on the other side of things! We wore ear pieces so you could hear what everyone was saying haha & worked the dressing rooms. It cracks me up how particular people are with the spelling of their names…at Loft (we worked at the Loft Outlet), we write your name on a whiteboard sign next to your dressing room, & it cracks me up when people are all telling me HOW TO SPELL IT. Like, not once, have I ever told someone exactly how to spell my name. Yes, my name is easy, but it isn’t that big of a deal. It is a dressing room sign! No one was ever rude about it but it was a funny observation I noticed. Also, there were a bunch of Indians shopping that day & I could NOT spell their names. BUT, I had to find a top in a different size & bring it back to one of them, read her name on the white board “Deepdhi” & totally guessed how to say it yelling through the door, “DEEP DEEE” & got it right. It was hilarious to me. I have no clue how to pronounce Indian names! So yeah, good times! We also had to wear obnoxious reindeer & Santa head headbands at the end, haha. It was a fun experience! After our shift, I “spent” my awesome paycheck I would receive in the near future haha. I got a lace tank, grey infinity scarf, & Fox shirt (Thanks Kathy!)! We then got pretzels from Auntie Ann’s. So delicious! We then went to a couple of places in the afternoon, Hy-Vee, Papa Murphy’s, & Gymboree. After we got home, the Painters & the Reese's’ came over for pizza & to hang out for the night. Tara & I continued our conversation about baby things which could last hours & hours as we research online & read reviews haha.

On Saturday (30th), we had a girls afternoon & got manicures & pedicures (Kathy, Laura, Tara, Anna, & me) to celebrate a great test score for Anna (she is applying to dental school now)!!! We had dinner at the Painters (take out from Bravo!) & then Tara & I (& baby Violet) went to Gap, Loft (spent my last of my “Loft money” with my “Associates discount” & got an awesome black & whited striped sweater with gold sequins on the soldiers ;)), & Target while the guys watched the kids. It was a solid day! Really, if you had shopping to any day, it can be a good one. I am not kidding around here, folks.

Sunday, December 1st, we went to church, came home & frantically packed, & hit the airport.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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