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It has ben forever since I blogged! Long story short: I was caught up completely before going on a trip over Thanksgiving to Kansas City. Whenever I go on trips, I can’t keep up. Then after I got home, I only had a couple of weeks before Christmas & it was chaotic! So much going on & getting last minute gifts & whatnot. We then went on another trip over Christmas (to Kansas City). My computer never works at their place – something weird with their wifi – so I stopped bringing it there. BUT…I got a new computer for Christmas! My old one – a Toshiba Black Friday deal – had been going downhill for a long time. It was so slow & it would take me forever to do anything. Blogging & anything would take 10x as long haha. That is just not okay. SO, I finally got my stuff backed up, downloaded a bunch of programs I use on here, put all my new iPhone pictures on this computer, & feel like I can get back into the blogging grind! I am still figuring out how to do stuff on this computer. It has Windows 8 so that is why haha. If you have any tips on Windows 8, I could still use them!


So, this post includes November 18-26, 2013, basically up until our Kansas City trip over Thanksgiving! Hopefully I can crank these recap posts out & then I can be caught up & ready for anything ;)

+ I gave my 1st Relief Society lesson. BOOM. The 1st photo is my materials (for my lesson) minus handouts…that went out…

+ A Date night to Macaroni Grill with my men. Kevin won a gift card to the Macaroni Grill in a work contest (Best Halloween costume HERE). We enjoyed using it :) Ryder colored & made a huge mess, lets be real. He also ripped the paper tablecloth a part…

+ My friend Lauren Moore & I went to the Advanced Step class & ab class. Good times at the gym with friends!

+ We had FHE & topped the night off with Breaking Bad.

+ I got my bangs trimmed downtown at Europa & then my mom, Mindy, Zach, & Ryder & I had a brunch at Snooze. Can’t go wrong there!

+ Kevin went on a business trip Wednesday, the 20th through Sunday the 24th to Atlanta.

+ Ryder & I had dinner at my parents house on Wednesday & she helped some sew some things for me haha.

+ I organized our main level closet. You don’t know how weird I am but when I get something organized completely it is just awesome.

+ It snowed A LOT!

+ Some friends & I had a Girls night (Sarah Hererra, Bekah Wilkey, Elissa Wery) at Café Rio. Then whoever wanted to come over after could & some people worked on crafts. Ashley Bean, Candis Mackay, & some other people I forget came over for that part of the night. Because of the crazy snow, a lot of people couldn’t make it for our night. I worked on Kevin’s, mine, & Ryder’s silhouettes! Kevin thinks they are dumb but I like them haha. (Photo above). It was fun.

+ I went to yoga…whenever I go, Ryder comes with, obviously, but he loves to hold the yoga mat (photo above).

+ I went visiting teaching with Katie to Emily’s house.

+ Ryder & I joined my family at Café Athens Friday night. Got to love Greek gyros! I recommend that place if you haven’t tried it.

+ My dad had some one-on-one time with Ryder while my mom & I ran errands & did a little shopping.

+ Ryder & I Skyped with Kevin. We are so thankful for modern technology!

+ Sunday was an extra churchy day…church, Relief Society Presidency Meeting, get home taught, tithing settlement, & can you throw in anything else? I don’t think so haha. Kevin came home Sunday! :) Oh, & we got cute handouts at church (photo above).

+ Ryder learned how to make a new face…photos above. He kills me haha.

+ Patrick came down from Boulder Monday, the 25th, to be in Fort Collins over Thanksgiving time, so I went to dinner with him, mom, dad, Zach, & Hunter. We ate at East Moon which is an Asian restaurant. Kevin watched Ryder since he was asleep & we had a late dinner. It was good to see him before going to Kansas City! I thought I was going to miss him.

+ We also got to see Kelsi for 40-ish minutes before having to leave to the airport to Kansas City. She almost missed her flight in Salt Lake City because there was a horrible car crash & the traffic in Utah was insane. She left for the airport real early & was in traffic for hours! She barely was let through to go through to security & try to make her flight since she had about missed the check-in time! She really wanted to see Ryder since he had grown so much from the last time she saw him. She also got to see him walk for the 1st time! We got really lucky it worked out. I thought we weren’t going to see her either because of when our flights were.

More posts coming soon!

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