Cloud 9, Evita Broadway Play, Germany, & Ryder – Mom Time


January 20-26th was full of fun! Some highlights include:

>>>  Ryder & I dropped Katinka off at Banfield Pet Hospital for her comprehensive exam. Ryder bawled like a big baby as they took her away. He was so upset! (Photo above). Then we walked around Petsmart looking at everyone’s dogs to cheer his sad soul up.

>>> We hosted a Bachelor Party: Kevin & I used to host Bachelor parties back when we were at BYU & about 15-ish people would come over. We would have food to eat & really, we all had a good time. Since moving here, Kevin hasn’t wanted to watch every season. Also, we don’t know an insane number of people who watch the show & are into like us…but honestly, I am sure we could get things started. BUT…in the meantime, Kevin got to talking with people at Zephyr & a big group of Zephyr employees all want to do parties so now Kevin has these planned. This was the 1st time we watched it at our house & it was a lot of fun! I am glad Kevin decided to do these with some friends from work. There were supposed to be 6-ish people coming for this episode at our house but there were some changes last minute & only 3 people showed up to eat 5 pizzas, soda, & candy haha. Kevin said his typical crossing the line comments & overall, we had a good time!

>>> Ryder & I watched Cloud 9 after he woke up from a nap. Cloud 9 is Disney’s newest snowboarding movie. It premiered like a week & a half ago & I definitely made sure to watch it…why??? Well, Kelsi my sister was an extra in it! She was actually seen in the  movie maybe mid-way snowboarding in the background. You have to know her outfit otherwise you would have no clue who she was. So funny. But yeah, it was actually pretty good, if you’re into the whole Disney original movies. I remember being obsessed with Johnny Tsunami (remember that one?!), Zenon the Girl from the 21st Century (SO GOOD!), Brink, The Luck of the Irish, Halloweentown (weird one), & I am sure there are more. But man, Disney sure is good at making them movies! Those were the classic, good old day ones, haha.

>>> I started decorating for Valentine’s Day! Okay my 1 decoration ha…well, I updated our chalkboard (photo above with Ryder in the highchair) & I put up a $1 Target heart garland above the fireplace (you can see it in a photo of us watching Cloud 9). You can’t get better than a $1 garland! Cheaper to buy!!! Love that. Anyways, I know we have some heart shaped baskets in the basement…I need to bring those up…my birthday is very close to Valentine’s Day so I need to start getting in the Valentine’s Day mood beforehand so they are more separated haha & not clumped together if you know what I mean.

>>> I tried a new crockpot recipe (photo above). It was basically Hawaiian BBQ chicken with pineapple. It was pretty good! It made the house smell amazing the whole day. I love that part about crockpots :)

>>> I checked out Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (& other concerns too) at the library. I love Mindy Kaling. She was in The Office & is in The Mindy Project. She is so hilarious. Her book was pretty funny too. I would say though, it would help if you knew more (than me) about movies, actors, actresses, & that whole industry. But it is still funny. I already finished it. If all of this was earth shattering news to you, I am sorry, you are living under a rock.

>>> Evita – The Broadway Play: My mom & I went to see Evita, the Broadway musical play in Denver on Wednesday, the 22nd. I always remember my mom being obsessed with Evita since when I was young. I remember one time we all watched it…my mom & maybe just my sister… I especially remember the music, “Don’t Cry for me Argentina!” When I saw a commercial for the Broadway show I told my mom about it & she wanted to go. On the way to the show, she told me she wasn’t obsessed with it haha. She also said Kelsi & I thought the movie, Evita, was SO weird which yes, I am sure we did think that. Well, anyways, we ate dinner at the Limelight Supper Club & Lounge beforehand which is literally 10 feet away from the theatre. My mom thinks the only thing going for that restaurant is the location but I beg to differ. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t amazing. I had a main dish of sweet potatoes & pork chops & I think some other things too… Then we hurried over to the show, Evita! It was really good. The actors & actresses were really talented. Evita, the actress, was phenomenal. I am not really a musical type person but it was good. You can tell they are all so talented. It was a fun evening! Oh, & my dad & Kevin watched Ryder that evening.

>>> Kevin & my dad went to Munich, Germany for the ISPO tradeshow. I was/am still jealous. Ich liebe Deustchland! They get back home real soon. They left January, 24th & get back tomorrow, January 28th.

>>> I worked on some decorations for our house. We have had a shelving/gallery wall area in progress for…months. I finally decided where all the frames would go. I guess you could say I have been procrastinating it. I ordered photos to go in them. I bought an “S” letter to spray paint (thanks Joann’s) & fill in an area in the gallery wall… I used up a gift card at Pier 1 Imports & got a fun elephant piece of art to go in our main level half bath. We will need to move some hardware in order to put it where I want it. I have been looking at Pinterest & getting feedback from friends & family here. Slowly, our house is coming along! I don’t feel like our Ikea Expedit is styled really but over time, it’ll come. I need Kevin to hang a bunch of things up & we will be onto my next things haha!

>>> OH, & I also could not pass up on a deal on a stroller that I have been eyeing since I was pregnant…it can be converted into a double when the time comes. There are like 18 ways to put the 2 kids when you get the 2nd seat. It is pretty snazzy. But basically, it is the Baby Jogger City Select. We almost bought it when I was pregnant with Ryder but decided to go the cheap way out, which I think was the right move at the time. I follow many deal sites/Insta feeds & 1 posted the stroller deal on Instagram (@MintArrow). It was the cheapest the stroller has been but only in 2 colors (red & quartz). I chose quartz because our infant car seat would look like Christmas next to the red (it is black/green). Also, when that car seat expires & we have to get another infant car seat, it’ll be easier to match. Maybe not everyone thinks about matching but I do haha. I do love the red though! It was on Amazon which is always great because of no shipping & no taxes!!! I have Prime so that helps with the shipping. We are going to sell our Chicco Cortina stroller sometime, when I get around to it. It is a perfectly good stroller but I figure if we are ever going to get a double & the double stroller I want is on sale for the cheapest it has been, I should get it when I can! Then I can just watch the adaptor (to attach the infant car seat to the stroller) & second seat & get them when they go on sale (Black Friday/Cyber Monday maybe?). The good thing is I’ve got some time since I am not pregnant. Ryder is in it (photos above) when we tested it out for the 1st time. It drives like a Cadillac. So far we love it!

>>> & church…church without Kevin is rough ha. We both watch him during sacrament, I watch him during 2nd hour (Kevin often times has to teach), & then 3rd hour, Kevin takes him so I can focus on Relief Society (& my calling). Ryder is an energetic little hooligan at church. It is really his exact nap time so the whole time he is fighting a nap & wanting to run around like a mad-toddler. So. We sat behind my friend Sage Pierce & her kiddos (Beckett & Mia) & Ryder & them all shared goldfish. It helped get through the 1st hour, lol. Then 2nd & 3rd was just crazy. It is hard when I need more hands to distribute the Relief Society binders but we made it through!!! Also, Ryder will be in nursery in basically 1 month! So bitter sweet. He is really ready to go to nursery & Kevin & I will be able to really listen in church again but I will miss having him with me. He just got too rowdy too quick as a toddler lol. Then afterwards, we had a Relief Society Presidency Meeting at my house…

The usual: Super Target, working out every day (do I need to say that?), ordering things online (needs & wants, but really just needs ;)), Pretty Little Liars (my favorite Tuesday evening activity), New Girl (Kevin & I love it – I love fat Schmidt), Ryder letting himself out of the gym’s daycare (photo above), library time, Ryder & I having our own Football game in the backyard (photos above), Kevin had 2 evenings of Stake Basketball stuff (he is the Stake Athletic Director), pay bills, it snowed & I shoveled (need Sorels, bad!), the Jeep got a flat tire & we got it fixed, made banana bread, had FHE (hello goals!), went visiting teaching, church stuff, got the Jeep washed (long overdue), got groceries at King Soopers (Ryder got a kids cookie – I remember getting those! I still feel like I am a kid & should get one…that is weird), Café Athens dinner with Hunter & my mom (Zach was being anti-social),  & that should do it.

Happy Monday! Hope it was a great start to your week!


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