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January 6-12, 2014: Here is the low down.

// I went to my friend Mindy’s yoga class. She trained at Core Power Yoga (favorite teaching style so far) but also teaches at Miramont, where I work out. I went to her class, the kind with yoga & weights (not sure if you’ve tried those!). It was a great way to start my Monday! If anyone wants to do a free 5 day trial, let me know! We can workout together for almost a week. :)

// I took Ryder to story time & we met up with our friends Gwen (& Valencia) & Anna (& Emery). The kids had a blast! Ryder also loved trying to eat everyone’s snacks but his own. He even got Emery to feed him snacks haha (photo above).

// Ryder learned 2 big things this week…he learned how to climb on top of the kitchen table! He knocked over a glass of orange all over the table & hardwood floors…agh. He also learned how to open the pantry door. He learned which level the cereal is on, realized we had a box of Lucky Charm’s, & helps himself to them whenever he wants (photos above)! He puts his hand in the box (that he ripped to get to easier), pulls out a handful, opens his hand & all the cereal falls on the floor. Then he picks the marshmallows out & eats them & Katinka eats whatever is left! He also grabs handfuls of Katinka’s dog food & drops it all over the floor! Oh the life with a toddler ;)

// The Jeep got worked on by the Jeep dealership here. They figured out & fixed the problem & we said goodbye an insane amount of money. Unfortunately, it was totally necessary so that was a fun way to spend a lot of money! I hate big expensive problems that just pop up!

// I ran errands/shopped at: Ulta (got some Bare Minerals lipstick with my Ulta gift card which I LOVE! Thanks Greg & Kathy!), Babies ‘r’ Us, Wal-Mart (groceries), & probably more.

// Kevin left on Monday, January 6th, to LA for the Agenda (fashion) Tradeshow. He came back on Wednesday, January, the 8th.

// My mom, dad, Ryder, & I went to Noodles for a dinner on Monday. I think my brothers were at a yo-yo club or something. Then after I put Ryder to sleep, my mom came over & we watched the Countdown to Juan Pablo Bachelor show or whatever it was called! It just made us really want to watch the first The Bachelor episode but I was waiting for Kevin to come back from LA to watch it together.

// My mom, Zach, & I played tennis at Miramont on Tuesday, the 7th. I grew up playing tennis & played for my high school. I played Varsity 2 years & went to state both those years. I wasn’t amazing or anything but I was okay! The summer before I got pregnant (2011), Kevin & I played a lot. We even entered a doubles tournament together ha! Then I got pregnant & my arthritis flared up (I didn’t know it was that at the time) & I couldn’t really do anything too active because my back would hurt so bad and I was pregnant so it makes it worse. It was so annoying. Then I had Ryder, had a c-section really, & then my arthritis (Ankylosing Spondylitis) flared up so bad that I couldn’t walk, sleep through the night, or take care of Ryder (he was SO easy then). I couldn’t even walk without a ton of pain so tennis was the last thing I would attempt to try. I was no where near being able to be that active. Now, I am on Remicade & feeling great but I still have a mysterious back problem. My back hurts when I arch over (like cat in yoga) so I was worried how I would do playing tennis. I had kind of been avoiding it because I knew when I played, I wouldn’t be normal & it would piss me off. I also had kind of given up trying to figure out what my mysterious back problem was. My rheumatologist doesn’t know exactly what it is & the spine specialist I saw in the fall didn’t even look at it & said he couldn’t operate on me…he was the worst! So, long story short, I played & it wasn’t too bad. It definitely aggravated my back though & I paid for it the next day but I tried playing tennis & it was fun. It brought back so many memories & it really makes me want to figure out my back problem, fix it, & get to playing tennis again. Overall, it was good but left me motivated to figure out what is really wrong with my spine, and that not being my spinal arthritis. I sound like an old person with all of my health problems. It sucks!

// Pretty Little Liars started back up! I had forgotten completely when it was starting back up so it was a great surprise to see on the DVR! Ahhh, who watches it?! It is crazy & still so good haha.

// I got my hair cut by Amy Beth at Europa. My bangs were CA-RAZY long. I need to get them trimmed more frequently, like every 4 weeks. It was like 7 weeks I think because I went on the Kansas City trip (HERE) & couldn’t get in to see her for a couple weeks when I returned. My mom watched Ryder while he slept so I could get my hair trimmed.

// My dad brought over some Johnny Carino’s (amazing Italian food) over on Wednesday, the 8th, so I didn’t have to cook. It was SO good! Then Kevin got home really late that night.

// I took Ryder to GK Gymnastics with Gwen (& little Valencia) for his first toddler gymnastics class. It was hilarious! They offer your first class for free so we tried that. I think it would be better if he were a little older. They stretched & played with balloons. Then they rolled down a wedge thing, walked on a balance beam, climbed over a v-shaped latter, & jumped onto a big tall mat thing. They took turns riding a car down a ramp. They got to play on little kid uneven bars, rings, & other little equipment. Then they walked on different levels of the balance beam, jumped on the trampoline, played in the foam pit, & played with big balls on the tumbling floor. It was so funny. Ryder loved to run around at the end with the balls on the big floor. He would! Such a boy! He was also so distracted that he couldn’t look at the balance beam & focus on getting 1 foot in front of another. He just wanted to watch everyone else lol. It was a good time!

// I went to a Relief Society Mid-Week Activity. They had mini classes. I went to a class on sewing & a little bit of a photography class before I had to quickly run home, change, & meet my mom & Patrick at Miramont for an 8:30 pm tennis court time! My back was still hurting but I wanted to play anyway! It was so much fun. I really miss it a lot. We finished playing at 10 pm & were some of the last people to leave the gym!

// On Saturday, the 11th, we cleaned our house very thoroughly = so fun. Then Kevin figured out our TV/internet stuff again. We are still staying with Comcast. It is still the best deal for us. They are just annoying with their bill payment, customer service, & when you get out of your 2 year contract you pay like almost $300 a month so you got to jump on that & get another deal. At least it is over with!

// We went to Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Cherry Creek/Denver on Saturday the 11th. I had bought 2 types of curtains around Thanksgiving. I ordered some from West Elm & some from Crate & Barrel. We kept the ones from Crate & Barrel. We returned the curtains at West Elm & then shopped around in the Cherry Creek mall. We did our last exchange at Express, hallelujah! Then we had a quick & fun dinner at Panda Express. Ryder LOVED the rice which was funny since usually he doesn’t care for it (photo above). I browsed Madewell & Nordstrom. I love spending time in Denver! So fun.

// On Sunday, the 12th, Kevin said the prayer in sacrament. I conducted in Relief Society which I did very horribly. I did everything out of order & wrong haha. Both counselors were gone so I got to do it (I’m the secretary) & I winged it.

That is basically it!!!

Have a great Tuesday!

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