Birthday Parties, 2nd Cousins, BYU Folk Dance, + More


January 13-18, 2014:

This was a pretty good week but I did find out some sad news! I found out one of my old dance teachers at BYU passed away from complications from the flu. Her name is Delynne Paey. She taught many dance classes for YEARS…like 40 years I think? in BYU’s Department of Dance. She was the longest faculty member in the BYU Dance Department. She was really well known in the US but also across the world! She taught classes within the Folk/World Dance genre. I grew up clogging (& competing all over) so when I went to BYU, I thought “What am I good at?” since everyone was amazingly good at something there. So, I was like, “Ok..well, I am really good at clogging. I won Nationals way back when & I am sure I could pick it up again.” So I did. I auditioned for one of the BYU Folk Dance teams & made one. The second year I danced for Delynne’s team, 10RB. She was a spunky, fun, energetic, talented, lady. She taught our team the stick dance from the Philippine's. We performed that in Christmas Around the World that December…I think it was Christmas of 2008. A week before her passing, I had started noticing some people posting things on Facebook. They were sharing a link to a place where you can donate money for a cause. The cause was to help with her medical bills. I then found out she was in the hospital very sick.  She first got the flu, ended up in ICU with pneumonia, & then kidney failure. Her organs were shutting down. I heard she started dialysis & her body seemed to be doing ok with it but then she passed away on January 13th. She is in the 1st photo in this post. She is the top left lady, above the guys. A link to her obituary is HERE (I think it is a pretty good bio on her). She passed when she was only 62 years. It is so sad but she is in a better place, & we are all sure she is dancing!

Other than that, here are some of the better things that happened last week. It is funny for me to type that…last week! I’ve caught up :)

// Shopped >>> Super Target, Barnes & Noble (got a new planner- the ‘Keep Calm Carry On’ one above. Ryder spilled water ALL over my last one I bought a month ago, for this 2014 year, & it got warped & completely ruined), Babies ‘r’ Us (to get a bday gift for his friend, Emery, the library (picked up the book, Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? –Don’t be concerned by the title. I am not lonely. It is written by Mindy Kaling- hilarious actress if you are living under a shell.), & all the awesome stores at Centerra.

// Kevin & I both watched The Bachelor. Kevin & some people from work decided to do Bachelor parties & this week it was at my uncle, Mike’s house. Kevin went since Ryder was sleeping & I watched it at home. We used to have big parties when we were at BYU. Gosh, I don’t know how many people came but it was like 15 each week??? They were so fun!

// Kevin went on a business trip to Las Vegas from Wednesday, January 15th, to Saturday, January 18th.

// I also spent a good amount of time working on this computer…uploading photos…downloading programs…so I could use it & get caught up on blogging again…so that was fun ;)

// My mom & I went to dinner with our friend Mindy at Restaurant 415. It is a pretty good restaurant. They have vegan, vegetarian, gluten free options for all of those kind of people…if you’re into that. But I got brussel sprouts, steak skewers, & mac & cheese (their mac & cheese is BOMB). Ryder played peek-a-boo & threw his lid to his snack holder like across the entire restaurant. He threw it & it rolled under like 10 tables over. I couldn’t see where it went but people at a table near us told us the general area. It was so awkward. I had to go up to a couple enjoying a romantic dinner & ask if they saw a green lid to a kid snack bowl thing. Luckily, the guy found it under his chair HAHA. I was like “I’m so sorry to disturb your dinner. My kid threw it!” Oh being a mom ;)

// BIB QUESTION! >>> If you see the picture of Ryder’s back (above) you will see that there are red marks on the right side of his neck. Well, apparently his Bumkin bibs are scratching, cutting, & giving him scabs. I had no clue what was going on for awhile but my mom was like “OH, let me see your bib” when I asked her. Apparently she had that happen to me & my siblings when we were younger. Some bibs cut their necks when they try to rip them off. SO. With that said, do you have any recommendations on bibs? I loathe cloth. I had a few in the beginning & definitely not going back. Something with a snap or something rubber-y? I looked online. Does anyone like those Baby Bjorn bibs?

// I got a massage at Miramont.I bought a 5-pack in the fall because they had a crazy good deal going on & my rheumatologist told me to try them for my mysterious back problem. It felt good but it didn’t fix my problem. I kind of thought that, but you won’t really know until you give it a shot? It felt good though! Then Ryder & I met up with my mom & Hunter at Panera for dinner. YUM! I also got a red velvet cookie to go!

// Ryder & I met my cousin Brittany Lenski & her baby girl, Adeline at lunch at Café Rio after my workout (photo above). It was fun to catch up! She just moved to basically the Colorado Springs area so we will be meeting up more often, in Denver or wherever! Ryder tried to feed her beans. It was hilarious. She is just barely starting to try solids so, soon he will be able to feed her haha.

// Friday night, the 17th, my mom & I went shopping at Centerra. We were trying to find Ryder church shoes but gave up & decided his black Toms worked. They had gotten him some for Christmas but you couldn’t get them on his feet. Come on Baby Gap! Then Zach & Hunter met up with us at Charley’s Subs & we ate a quick dinner. Ryder LOVED seeing his uncles! Of course, since Mary’s Mountain Cookies was right next door we had to get some. I got a Salted Caramel cookie (photo above) & a Fudge Swirl one. They have the BEST cookies there! Oh, & because I love a good deal. I got Ryder striped red/blue pajamas from Baby Gap for $2.50. They were on sale & their sale was on sale. They were originally $25. I don’t get lucky this often but every once in awhile you do!

// Ryder is obsessed with taking the vents off the air vent things (I don’t know the technical terms here…bare with me). I was finishing getting ready in the bathroom when I heard Ryder saying, “Ball, ball, ball"… then I look down at him & he is looking down the air vent saying “Ball”…so he definitely put some ball down there & I have no clue how to get it back. I don’t think we can haha. Oh, there is a photo of him & the air vent above.  I wish we had locks on those things! He also put a ball down my parent’s air vent before when he was much younger. Gone forever!!!

// Ryder & I went to Emery Yancey’s 2nd Birthday Party (photos above)! It was such a cute party. It was cupcake themed. Ryder & all the kiddo shared each other’s food…all their milk, cookies, carrots, & more. I wouldn’t be surprised if their dogs ate some too. Ryder found a balloon he liked & wouldn’t let go. Luckily, Anna said he could keep it haha. He is such a balloon stealer.

// Our Sunday, the 19th, consisted of church which was Stake Conference (fun- fun to sit by my family except they gave Ryder a pony tail (photo above)), a Relief Society Presidency Meeting, getting home taught, blogging, & lots of football games for Kevin. The DENVER BRONCOS are going to the Super Bowl!!!

SO yeah, I’m basically caught up. So stoked.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Oh my god! He is such a cutie! God bless him! I am also going to have a baby next month and my sister has planned a gender reveal party for everybody next week in one of the event venues nearby. I am very much excited to know, only my sister knows about it.