{2013} A Kansas City Christmas


We spent our holiday Christmas time in Kansas City, Missouri from December 19th to December 30th, 2013. We had a blast! Some highlights include:

// Well, Ryder got his OWN seat for FREE on our flight to KC! Kevin has status on a few airlines since he travels so much & he used it to our advantage. He couldn’t upgrade Ryder & I to a better seat so he sat back with me & upgraded the 3rd passenger in our little section to a better seat. The stewardess let the extra seat in the plane be for us & Ryder got to sit in it. It was pretty awesome!

// A lovely dinner at the Reese’s (& with Anna too) once we arrived to Kansas City on the 19th. Laura made some really yummy fried chicken which someday maybe I will be able to replicate…probably not haha. Also, we had rice Krispy treats for dessert & it has been years since I’ve had those? I forgot they were so good! Ryder loved seeing his cousins, CJ, Marquise, & Simeon!

// Kevin, Ryder, & I spent a fun morning shopping at The Plaza in downtown Kansas City. Kathy went to work for a few hours & her office is down there so we browsed some stores in the meantime (H&M, Gap, Banana Republic (probably the nicest one I’ve been in, etc.). We then ate a brunch at First Watch which was so delicious!

// Kevin & I called insurance brokers & got the balls moving on the whole dang health insurance thing for our little family. Fun conversations! Not. Stressful & no fun at all.

// We browsed computers, since for Christmas all I was asking for was money to put towards a computer. We got a good idea at Best Buy what I was looking for. PC for life! Afterwards, we all (Greg, Kathy, Kevin, & I) ate Sheridan’s ice-cream! LOVE IT!

// Kevin & I finished up Christmas shopping for our KC family & then went to visit Christen & Wes Guenther at their new home. They had picked up takeout from an amazing BBQ restaurant & we all ate. We saw their new place which they have been renovating & it is looking awesome! Christen is also pregnant so it was fun to see her & her bump :) Can’t wait to meet their little lady! [ Kevin played BYU Baseball with Wes. They go way back! ] Oh & Wes is going to dental school so he had a kid Playdoh dentist toy & practiced being a dentist with Ryder (photo above.)

// Sunday, the 22nd, there was a big ice storm so church was cancelled. That was the 1st time I had been in an area where church was cancelled from ice! Crazy! We played shuffleboard, hung out, watched Breaking Bad…& that may have been it ha. It was a relaxing day.

// We went to lunch with Anna, LT, CJ, & Kathy at 5 Guys out at The Legends. You can’t go wrong with 5 Guys. I remember Ryder LOVED sitting by his cousin CJ & poor CJ was hit many times that lunch ha.

// Anyone seen the movie, A Little Bit of Heaven? Well, I watched it while on the elliptical. Oh, and it is on Netflix. I was surprised but it was actually pretty good! I feel like most chick flicks are pretty pathetic these days. Anyone have any other recommendations?

// Kevin, Greg, & Kyle went out to Sport Clips for a man “date” haha & got their hair cut. Then later Kevin & Kyle played ping pong & pool & other games all night.

// Christmas EVE! Kevin & I finalized our decision on the laptop I was getting after doing much research online as well as in stores. We got it Christmas Eve! I was pretty excited! It is a Samsung & I’ve completely forgotten what all the specs mean but it is a pretty good one. Oh, & I am still trying to figure out this Windows 8 thing, hehe. We then ate lunch with Kevin’s friend he grew up with, Ryan Herndon. He actually had just proposed to his girlfriend the night before so he was an engaged man! We ate at some Mexican restaurant. Kevin made his famous tiramisu for Christmas (it has to set in the fridge over night). We then decided to do an Express exchange at Zona Rosa real quick but it was a disaster. We have this store credit thing but it isn’t store credit…we have $80 there basically. You can’t get it put on a gift card or order anything online. You have to get something from the store with that & not less money. If your size is not there, you can’t have them get it from another store. Like, if I find a shirt for $30, you can’t just buy that & put the rest on a gift card, you have to use the whole amount or you don’t get the shirt haha. Long story short, it is really weird, so we found stuff for Kevin, but he wasn’t sure he liked it since it isn’t his favorite store or his style, but we ended up just getting stuff & leaving. We took like 5 visits to Express to figure it out HAHA. What we got this night we went back & exchanged again, lol. I could expound upon this greatly but I will withhold. It is probably only hilarious for Kevin & I. Then it was definitely dinner time & we were out & about & there weren’t many places to eat that were open so we met Greg & Kathy at Applebee’s. Then they took Ryder to their home & put him to bed & Kevin & I drove to the Painters. Kevin helped David Painter get some big toys set up (bball hoops, etc.) & brought in after the kids went to bed. I helped Tara wrap some of the kiddo’s presents. It makes me very excited to set up stuff & play Santa for when Ryder is older & we have more kids!!!

// Christmas! We hung out in the morning & around noon the Painter’s & the Reese’s came over to do stockings & presents. Ryder got some fun stuff! He got a cute elephant Gymboree sweatshirt, mustache shirt (that he can match Simeon in), “Wild” shirt, mohawk beanie, & a football from his Grammy & Papa (along with some gifts at our house in CO)! He also got a fun Elephant Ball Popper toy from the Reese’s which was so nice. HE IS OBSESSED with it! Unfortunately he put 1 ball down an air vent…hopefully he doesn’t put more stuff down there! The Painter’s got us a Telestrations game which is basically a really fun game to play with a big group. We need to plan a time to play it soon! Kevin & I got money, an Ulta gift card (used it on some Bare Minerals lipstick – love it!), cool water bottle, brownie spatula, & lots of candy! We got Greg & Kathy a popcorn machine, 2 seasonings for flavor, & something else I forget… After the kids played with their new stuff for a bit, we went to the Reese’s for dinner. They had a bunch of their side of the family over as well. It was a big fun party! The food was absolutely amazing.  Ryder just loves to be around cousins & other kids in general. We then went back home, put Ryder to bed, & watched more Breaking Bad with Greg too.

// Kevin & I went to the Kansas City temple which was so great! The grandparents watched Ryder. We then had Chinese takeout for lunch. Apparently, we watched more Breaking Bad. We were on a roll this week! I was loving it!

// December 27th was my dad’s birthday! He was in Hawaii though…jealous!

// Kevin joined Greg & Kathy at their kickboxing rotation workout place, called 9 Round. He had a good time. I worked out & did the elliptical. I have to be really careful with what motion & movements I do for workouts now that I have my dang Ankylosing Spondyltis disease! I hate it. Otherwise I would have been there, I love kickboxing!

// Kevin had a business meeting in Lenexa so he dropped me off at Oak Park Mall. Greg & Kathy watched Ryder as he was napping. I browsed Nordstrom Rack, Naartjie, H&M, & Nordstrom. I’m on the hunt for black classy riding boots & great fitting (not the kind that stretches out too much after you wear them) skinny jeans THAT are long enough for me! Most general jeans at stores are too short. I don’t feel like I am crazy tall but jeans just aren’t long enough & they’ve always been that way. I used to buy jeans at The Buckle a lot when I was younger since they had longs and extra-long lengths. An employee at Nordstrom had me try on Frye boots…of course he did. But the price, WOW! Maybe someday I will invest but definitely not the 1st day I try them on. He was like “Do you want me to put these at the register?” HAHAHA. Anyone know where you can get Frye’s for a better deal? I like the Melissa Button style! Then Kevin picked me up & we headed back to KC.

// Kevin, Ryder, & I went to CJ & Zach’s basketball game. CJ & Zach are on the same team & Charles (bro-in-law & CJ’s dad) is actually one of the coaches so that is fun for them. All of the family went to support CJ & Zach. They were in a tournament that weekend. Ryder LOVED watching basketball! He was really upset though that he couldn’t have the basketball. Someday little one, someday! I can’t wait to watch him play in little games :)  After the game, we all ate at a yummy pizza place at Zona Rosa. Ryder & Lily had a great time together. Oh, & he became a Cholo for a moment (photo above – if you know which I am talking about props to you HAHA!).

// The whole family (Painter’s, Reese’s, Anna & LT, Kyle & Sarah, Greg & Kathy, & us) went to Power Play. Power Play is like Chuck-E-Cheese mixed with Dave & Busters & WAY HUGE. They even have rides. It is all indoors. They also have a buffet & it actually feels like a casino. You lose track of how much time you are spending in there haha. It’s crazy! We all went to play Whirly Ball which is like lacrosse on bumper cars but you try to hit 2 targets (but not hoops) like in basketball (photo above). I wasn’t sure how my back was going to do bending over to get the ball off the ground but it worked out great :) It was SO fun! We played boys vs. girls & then mixed it up. We would take turns sitting out & watching the kids since only the adults played. I actually got some points this time so I feel like I’ve improved from the last time we went haha. Some kids did bumper cars also. We also did go-carts! Some kids did games, etc. We all ate at the buffet which was good too.

// Kevin went over to hangout with his friend Ammon Freestone, to watch a UFC fight. We hung out with him & his wife the last time we visited but she couldn’t do anything, so Kevin went over there & had a fun guys night.

// We went to church – no ice storm! – & ran into Scott & Lesley Thalman & their little guy, Jackson. Jackson & Ryder ran around the church interrupting class rooms & being crazy hooligans haha. (Photo above). Too bad they don’t live in CO anymore because they would have so much fun together!

// Then we flew back to CO on Monday the 30th.

Hope your Christmas was great!


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