The Boys 1st Visit to the Denver Zoo


Kevin & I took Ryder to the Denver Zoo on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013. We had been wanting to take Ryder to the Zoo for awhile but wanted him to be able to enjoy it more fully thus being a little older. I never would have thought that taking him to the Zoo in November would have happened because usually it is freezing around these parts but the weather was actually amazing! I think it was in the 60’s. We had been tentatively planning on it but I wanted to make sure the weather was ok. If not, I wanted to take him to the aquarium. Ryder barks at any animal so I knew he would love it. I still want to take him to the aquarium actually :) The cool thing was that this was the first day the "Winter Pricing'” was in affect – cheaper - so that was just another bonus. OH, & it was Kevin’s 1st time at the Denver Zoo too! We left in the early afternoon after Ryder took a nap so we would be golden upon arriving at the Zoo. We strolled around looking at the cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, and monkeys. We looked at LOTS OF MONKEYS. Gosh. Then we realized we had been looking at monkeys for like 1.5 hours! We had about 3 hours at the Zoo before it would close. We made our way through birds, interesting animals I have no clue their names, oh some hogs, & ELEPHANTS! Elephants are my FAVORITE animal & they have been ever since I saw them at a circus when I was a little girl & they pooped. Don’t ask why. I thought it was hilarious. Ask my parents I suppose. But yes, I love elephants. I really wanted to get a GOOD PHOTO of Ryder & I & the elephants but the lighting wasn’t that great. The sun was very bright & Ryder just wanted to run around so he kept arching his back trying to get down when Kevin was trying to take photos. I was bummed :’( Next year! We originally had him in our Maclaren stroller but I wanted him to see the animals better so we held him. We tried the Ergo but really he wanted to run around. Story of his life these days! We ran out of time to look at some arctic & sea life animals & will have to take a look at them next time. It was a lot of fun! I was surprised how big the Denver Zoo was. Seriously, the last time I have probably been there was like in junior high??? I don’t even know. It is so funny how you become parents & all of a sudden want to take your kid everywhere so they can experience it. It is funner taking them than just you going by yourselves :) After the Zoo, we met up with my friend Emily Vail, her friend who is in the Navy (I think) Chris, & a co-worker of hers, Stephanie, at Tommy Thai Denver. She just found out she is getting relocated for her job in California! I have been friends with Emily since junior high so I am bummed she is leaving us! The past year she has been living in Denver though so I haven’t been able to see her too much. I’ve been recently seeing her every couple of months. It worked out really well to see her for dinner though. She was going to be in our part of Denver that evening so it was perfect. We had some very yummy Thai food which I highly recommend. Ryder also loved it & did great. Then we called it a night & drove home. It was a solid day for sure! I can’t wait to take Ryder back to the Zoo though!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE you with bangs. You are soo darling--just like your boy!