Park Days, Story Time, Cookies, & Baby Kisses


Some highlights of November 11-17th, 2013 include:

+ I went to my friend Mindy’s yoga class at Miramont. I love going to her classes. She is a great teacher! I went to the class where you use weights while doing yoga. I am always working on my chaturanga. Good stuff.

+ FHE: Lesson & BB. I call Breaking Bad, BB.  It is a crazy show! Kevin & I are in the 3rd season! I really want to watch it now…

+ I started putting up a few Christmas decorations. I decided not to put up the tree mainly because of Kevin’s negative & Grinchy influence haha. We will be going on some trips so it won’t be up & enjoyed that long. Also, I don’t really know where we will put it with our new bookshelf & rearranged furniture… AND I know Ryder would love to take off the ornaments, throw them, & shake the tree haha! Next year for that! I did get out the Elf on a Shelf book & elf :) Our elf still needs a name so we are working on that. I can’t wait to have Ryder look for the elf each morning! So fun!

+ I went to the dentist which was good. Getting a teeth cleaning is always good AND… NO CAVITIES! I haven’t had any my whole life…thus far ;) I hope I keep it up, haha.

+ I took Ryder to story time after the gym. He again, loves story time & the songs they sing every once in awhile. He is such a little attention seeker. He loves to try to run in the front of the room, wave his hands, & smile real big. It cracks me up.

+ I got a massage! They are the best. However, it hasn’t really helped my mysterious back stuff going on which is why I went to get one. It is SO ANNOYUING! I don’t really know what to do with it. My rheumatologist isn’t for sure of what it is other than the fact he thinks it is ‘soft tissue.’ The spine specialist was like “Well, I am not going to operate on you” sooo he wasn’t helpful. He didn’t try to help me out. The massage therapist said it could be a connective tissue adhesion?? No clue on that haha. I am hoping time will help it heal. Knock on wood…

+ Kevin went on a day business trip to Chicago. Meanwhile, Ryder & I went to the gym (I biked) & after nap time, I took him to the park. He had fun running around & playing on slides & whatnot. I love to take him to the park! We then went to a Relief Society Dinner (early Christmas dinner/program) & Ryder hung out in the nursery. It was A ZOO! There were so many kids in the nursery & mid-way through the program, I realized I heard Ryder crying. I quickly went to the hallway & he was crying. I am so proud I know my son’s cry lol. He kept seeing moms coming in & out checking on their kids & got sad when I didn’t come in. So I decided to take him home & ditch the last 15 minutes because it was his bedtime. I had a good time though & the food was good. They had a variety of soups & Texas Roadhouse donated their yummy rolls for the event so that was ah-mazing.

+ Kevin went out of town on a business trip to Arizona from November 15th to the 17th.

+ I went on a little visit with the Relief Society President to a new girl in our ward, Trisha. We had a good little visit. She is awesome & Ryder had fun playing with her girls.

+ I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies & they were AMAZING. I ate so many the same day I made them. Then our friends Bekah Wilkey & Carmen came over & Ryder & Carmen played. Carmen is such a sweetie. She is obsessed with kissing AND she kept kissing Ryder! It was hysterical (photo above).

+ I worked on & finished my 1st Relief Society lesson plan! I had handouts printed for each Sister. I found them on some website which was awesome. I spent so much time preparing it was getting out of control. I also survived teaching my 1st lesson!!! So, Kevin’s flight from Arizona got in like 5 minutes before church was starting so that was perfect timing. He couldn’t get a flight the evening before but needed to be there to watch Ryder while I taught Relief Society so this was the best he could get. I was hoping if he couldn’t that my parents could watch him while in sacrament (since their ward overlaps ours) but they were in Utah that weekend. Kevin made it in time for me to finish up all the lose ends, prepare, & teach my lesson. I was pretty nervous but once I started it was fine. I realized I had prepared a ton more material than I needed. I originally had finished it earlier in the week, timed it with me talking/reading what other people would read, & it ended up at 30 minutes & I had 45 minutes to fill so I added A TON more. I should have just stopped my lesson then but my biggest concern was being in the lesson & then realizing I didn’t have enough material & would have to say something awkward or end ridiculously early. It all worked out in the end though. I cut out a bunch of stuff which was a little awkward because I feel like it didn’t flow how I wanted it to, but obviously had to happen because class was ending... I felt like my lesson was a little random since I realized how little time I had & was like “Oh, ummm. yeah, just trying to figure out what to cut out” HAHA. I am just glad it is over :) I honestly feel like the hardest part about teaching Relief Society is the planning/preparing! The teaching part wasn’t too bad but the timing was a little tricky. So glad I’m done!!! (I was a sub…but we will see if I get asked again…lol…hope not!)

Hope you have a good rest of your weekend!


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