Story Time, a Colorado Eagles Hockey game, + More


What shenanigans went down between Monday, November 4th until Sunday, November 10th, 2013:

+ Ryder & I joined Gwen & her little girl Valencia & cousin (& son Harley) for story time at the Council Tree Library. Ryder LOVES story time! He really loves the songs in between the stories & dances to them. It is so cute. Ryder also loves to run around waving his arms & trying to be the center of attention ha. I saw my friend Lori Croft & her kids there & one of my friends’ who I grew up with, Kyle House’s older sister & kids. That was neat.

+ FHE: This week I planned the lesson & the lesson was to read my Relief Society lesson haha annnd ask Kevin for tips on teaching it! He is the best at teaching in church. I am jealous. He is also super smart when it comes to church stuff. He rocks. He was definitely SUPER helpful. I got a good start on my lesson :)

+ Ryder got his 2nd flu shot at the pediatrician! He is all immunized against the flu this season! Yes! Then afterwards, we went to Babies ‘r’ Us & Target quickly for a few things.

+ Ryder & I joined the Relief Society Presidency for lunch at Panera (I’m the Secretary). Basically, I had a church meeting if you are not LDS :) It was a good lunch & Ryder did pretty well considering we stayed kind of a long time. Can never get enough of their Chicken Napa Salad Sandwich & Broccoli Cheddar soup!

+ We went on a last minute double date with Paul & Jocelyne Heinzen to a Colorado Eagles hockey game. Kevin texted me one afternoon, “Hey do you want to go to an Eagles game tonight?” He got the tickets free from work. I quickly checked to see if I could put Ryder to sleep at my parents before we left & they were going to be home so it worked out. I put Ryder to sleep at 6:30 & we left their house & got to the game a few minutes past 7 pm. The gamed started at 7 & we even saw the very beginning. So it worked out perfectly. It was the Heinzen’s first time to an Eagles game so that was fun. I got Dipp’n Dots which is something I cannot refuse whenever I go to their games haha. Jocelyne got pineapple ice-cream I think. I guess that is something you crave when pregnant, since she is lol. It was a fun last minute date night!

+ After my workout on Thursday, Ryder & I ran to King Soopers to grab a few groceries for dinner that evening. We ended up seeing my old 3rd grade teacher at Werner Elementary! I had just put the groceries in the car & buckled Ryder up, & was about to run off & ditch the cart somewhere/where they are supposed to go when my old teacher was like “Where do you put the carts?” & was kind of looking around. I was like “Oh I guess all the way over there” so we put our carts back & I was like “Is your last name Burkhart?” & she was like “Yes” & I was like “you taught me at Werner” haha. So that was cool. She taught Kelsi, Patrick, Zach, but not Hunter. So she taught 4/5 Gormley kids! She then came over to meet Ryder which was cool. OH another cool thing about getting groceries this day, which is usually pretty mundane, was that an employee gave Ryder a balloon for free. Ryder was babbling, pointing, & very excited about the balloon he saw & so the guy offered it. He was SO PUMPED. It is funny how something so simple like a balloon can bring so much joy to a little boy!

+ I made stuffed peppers that were delicious. They included: brown rice, avocado, diced tomatoes, black beans, & shredded cheddar cheese on top. SO good.

+ We had the Sister Missionaries over for dinner. I made the best sweet pork ever! I put Dr. Pepper, brown sugar, & a can of salsa in the crockpot (with like 2/3 lb. crock pot pork). I had tortillas, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, Mexican rice, corn, black beans, sour cream, & cornbread muffins. I made mine into a salad but some made theirs into burritos. Also, we had chips & salsa. It was SO GOOD. We also ate that sweet pork for like the next 5 days lol. The Sister Missionaries in our ward are fun & cool so we had a good night.

+ One afternoon, Ryder & I went to visit dad & Kevin at work – Zephyr. We checked out the knits & got a few for the cold weather. Kevin kept an eye on Ryder for a few minutes while my dad & I put stickers on the sticker wall there. There is a whole stairway that we are covering in stickers. We have been working on it for YEARS. I remember doing it in high school. It has made big progress but we still have space to cover with stickers haha. I cannot wait to reveal it someday. I need to go back & put more stickers up!

+ Our Friday night consisted of leftover sweet pork & watching a movie Kevin rented, After Earth. It was…interesting haha.

+ I took Kevin to the gym with me, on Saturday, & he loved it. I wish we could workout together more often. I have a bunch of free passes so I will be taking him on Saturdays when he is in town. After, he returned a bunch of random equipment (electric saw things, etc.) he used for our home/kitchen renovation project. We borrowed a trailer from my dad so that took a bit of time. It cleared up some space in the garage which I am always a fan of! We watched the BYU vs. Wisconsin football game…and I worked on my Relief Society lesson. It was an interesting Saturday!

+ We went to church & Ryder became obsessed with the water fountains. I wonder how much water the church wastes because kids love to push & watch the water come out! Don’t worry, I don’t let him do that for very long at all. But he loves it & is always running towards it. After Ryder took a nap, we all snuggled together. Usually Ryder isn’t a big snuggler, but sometimes after a nap he will :) I got out the Christmas d├ęcor…and I can’t remember what else went down.

It was another busy, fun week. Nothing too crazy happened! And with that said…I am now officially caught up until last week…which is amazing. I cannot remember the last time I’ve been this close to being caught up :) Have a good Tuesday!

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