Scenes from our Week: October 21-27, 2013


Some happenings from October 21-27, 2013 consist of:

+ I attended my first SPIN class at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. I was waiting FOREVER for my knees to be “OK” to try & go. I went to my friend Kim Keate’s Spin class. I got there early so she could give me pointers. I went occasionally while at Gold’s Gym in Provo but didn’t remember all the bike adjustments, etc. I am getting more & more into biking since my knee issues came up. More on that later.

+ Ryder & I went to Centerra for an hour or so until we met up with Kevin for a Sales Rep dinner for Zephyr. I got him a warm hat which he keeps taking off (so annoying) & looked for some pjs. Then we had a little time to kill so we went to Barnes & Noble & Ryder played with the trains. Well, in actuality, he threw the trains on the ground. Sometime he will learn to push them on their tracks! I also read him some stories. Good times. Then, we met up with Kevin. Every year Kevin plans & holds an Annual Rep Meeting where all of the Zephyr reps come into town. Well, the night before it happened a bunch of them ate dinner at The Boot. Ryder & I went for a bit to say hi. Every time we go out a little later when Ryder should be asleep I am like “Oh this is why I always decline things late at night where we would have to take Ryder. He gets crazy." Parent life definitely keeps us in, lol. It is probably a good thing though. But, if one of us has something the other just stays at home. It was a fun evening though until Ryder got too crazy.

+ I helped out with our ward’s “Visiting Teaching Interviews” for my calling so basically I went to church one afternoon & had little interviews. Ryder threw a ball around & made a huge mess of his snacks while I was doing them ha. It was his nap time… On a related note, I went visiting teaching also this week. And another related note, I went to a Stake Auxiliary Training for my calling as well haha. And a weekly presidency meeting on Sunday ;) Busy busy church week.

+ Kevin was with reps for a lot of the evening (out to dinner & whatnot) so Ryder & I had dinner at QDoba with my mom & Hunter. Hunter & Ryder are so cute together. I love it.

+ Ryder & I had fun playing with playdoh for the first time. I smashed some on his nose & for some reason he didn’t even notice for the whole time (like 30 minutes?) so I took it off. You can see it in the picture above. It is kind of funny but I sure hope it isn’t his vision! I got glasses at 2/3 years old because I couldn’t see well. I hope Ryder doesn’t have my bad vision. I am probably technically blind without my contacts. I have horrible health genes. I worry about him & future children! ESPECIALLY, I sure hope none of them get my arthritic disease :’( Moving on, but then afterwards, we went outside & played in the backyard with Katinka & a football. Ryder loved it.

+ Ryder & I met up with Gwen & Valencia & also Anna & Emery at the Council Tree Library. We let the kids play on the play things there & then ate lunch at Panera. It was pretty crowded & we were lucky to get a table big enough for all of us & 3 kiddos! We then were followed by a bee which was annoying because I am kind of afraid of them. We took some pictures of our kids on a bench & then went shopping at The Children’s Place. I got Ryder some super soft footed pj’s. He loves to touch them. It is cute to me that he is noticing textures & soft pjs & super soft blankets. He will rub his face in them.

+ For date night, Kevin & I had a picnic at Fossil Creek Park. I ran into some friends I know there which was cool. Then we ate, pushed Ryder on the swings, went down a few slides, & called it a night. Oh & also, we made sure Ryder got to see some dogs a the dog park. HE LOVED THAT!

+ We had the best Saturday ever in Denver. More on that HERE.

+ Our Sunday consisted of Kevin going to a presidency meeting, church, then I went to a presidency meeting, then we got home taught, & ate dinner at my parents. Another crazy day. Our Sundays are becoming much more busy now. But my dad cooked an authentic German dinner because he knows I love that, so that was great! We had dumplings & goulash & some other things too :)

Next up: Halloween, & what else has been happening as of late!

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