Ryder’s 2nd Halloween: Veronica Corningstone, Ron Burgundy, & Baxter (& Mickey & Minnie too)


Ryder’s 2nd Halloween was SO MUCH FUN! It all started the day before…

We had our Ward Trunk-or-Treat party on Wednesday the 30th, 2013.

The day before actually, I was talking to Kevin about what we should dress up as. I say the usual ideas I have where you don’t have to buy anything because let’s be real, I don’t like to spend money on something you will only wear once. BUT…I did have a 1 piece jumpsuit that looked like it was from the 70’s…& I always said, “It is a good Veronica Corningstone outfit.” Oh, I bought it like 4 years ago at Bebe randomly for $9…lol. I always thought that there would be a perfect occasion for it. So, we were bound to be Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone sometime! We decided to go for it. We hurried our butts out to find a dog costume last minute. We found a dog costume at the first place we looked & a couple minutes before they were closing. Why did we need a dog costume? Well, because of Baxter, Ron’s dog! If you haven’t seen the movie Anchorman…well, you just won’t get what I am talking about. So, we got him his dog costume & it was 25% off so that was good. We also needed to find microphones & mustaches ASAP. I wasn’t as worried about the stache because worst case scenario you could just draw one on with some of my makeup or something ;) We scored at Party City & got a microphone for a $1 a piece (originally $7 each because they were some Hannah Montana or something Disney-ish kind.) We also got a sheet full of mustaches. AND…I got Minnie Mouse ears since Ryder already had a Mickey outfit Kelsi got him for his birthday (would wear for other parties). That night, Kevin stays up late making boxes out of cardboard to put around the microphones. He prints off Channel 4 News things on paper to tape on. He also made press badges which we are wearing with a photo ID of us ;) Kevin had the suit & just wore a turtleneck he had. Okay, he didn’t really have a turtleneck he wears…that would be weird. He actually had that from a Christmas party at BYU where him & his guy friends wore them. I told him to wear it backwards since the front had weird Christmas things on it. So we lucked out on the whole family costume situation! It was very last minute!

Back to the Ward party… We showed up & quickly realized not everyone had seen Anchorman. Go figure ;) AND for the ones who did they either 1. LOVED IT or 2. Was like ehhh, no. So not everyone fully appreciated it. Oh well. I wasn’t worried about that. But it was kind of a really good idea… SO I just started telling people if they hadn’t seen the movie that we were newscasters & a dog. We had yummy soups, bread, & dessert. We also took turns chasing Ryder around. He also refused to wear his dog head which made me sad. That is a big part of his costume! A lot of people thought he was an abominable snowman. Oh well! He was freaking cute. He chased around balloons & tried to steal kids balls…so that is the typical Ryder. It was really fun though! We then passed out candy at our cars (trunks). Well, Kevin did, & I think he secretly loved it. He loves passing out candy. He is so good with kids. Call me crazy, but I don’t care too much for it haha. It is fun…but Kevin REALLY LIKES IT.

Then Halloween happened (Thursday, October 31st, 2013). Ryder & I hit the gym & then after his nap, we made our way to Zephyr to see Kevin at his work party. Apparently they were having a costume contest at the party & since Baxter is a part of Kevin & his costume, he won the contest haha. You can’t not win a work costume party when you have the cutest little dog! Our prize was a gift card to Macaroni Grill which we need to use still. Ryder ran around chasing a ball in the warehouse which means I chased him & the ball around. We all ate yummy treats. The best was pumpkin bread.

Then I quickly took Ryder home, changed him into his Mickey outfit & me into my Minnie Mouse outfit & met Kevin at the Collinwood Center. The Collinwood Center is a nursing home & our friend was spreading the word about going trick or treating there in the afternoon. We took Ryder to cheer up the residents. It was fun! Old people are awesome yet I still want to remain youthful for awhile haha. We took him around & they gave him candy. All of the residents were so nice! Our friends Anna & Emery met us there (photo of Emery (unicorn) & Ryder above). It was a good time & I want to take Ryder again next year.

My mom had called & wanted us to bring Ryder by so we stopped by their house for a bit. They wanted to see Ryder in his costume. My parents also gave us a Halloween (touch & feel) book for Ryder & Halloween Oreos (score). Then my dad & Hunter followed us to our neighborhood where we wanted to take Ryder trick or treating for a bit before bedtime. Unfortunately it was just really early. We went to our friends, the Masters’ house, & they weren’t there haha. We were too early. So we went home, let Ryder dig through his Halloween candy, which by the way, he didn’t even eat any of it…we did :) I put him to bed, Kevin passed out candy to the kids, & I watched Breaking Bad (I was trying to catch up to where Kevin was in that TV show).

We had so much fun this Halloween season. I hope we have a really good Thanksgiving & Christmas & New Years! Hope your Halloween was great ;)

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  1. SOOO cute. Love the Anchorman costumes--your pants are so cute. I love baby Mickey too!