Ryder’s 1st Haircut


Ryder got his first haircut a few weeks ago on October 19th, 2013. I wanted Kevin to be there for Ryder’s 1st haircut so we went on a Saturday. I mean Kodak moment! Ryder was getting a little curly mullet in the back & had some long hairs going into his face. I was sad to see his curl go (in the back lol) but it was time. We took him to Cool Cuts because it was the only haircutting place catered especially for kids & I knew Ryder would need the distractions. When we got there we put him in a race car & the hairdresser asked us what show to play for Ryder. I chose Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because every once in awhile I play that for Ryder if I need him to be a little distracted. The minute the hairdresser put the cape on Ryder he started crying. It was so cute & so sad. Basically he cried the whole time but steered the steering wheel the whole time. I don’t know why he continued to steer the wheel. It was a really quick haircut so that was good. All in all, it was the best experience it could be for Ryder. He just was upset haha. I hope the next time we go he won’t cry.


  1. Oh my gosh. That's adorable! So sad and funny! Haha. What a fun hair cutting place! I'm trying to figure out what to do with Holland's hair because she kinda has a mullet going but I'm also afraid it will never grow back! Haha. It's taken her so long to get any hair that I never want to cut it!

  2. we had to do it without the cap and he did fine!