Play dates, Fall Weather, Sarah’s Baby Shower, + More


Ready for another catch up post? ;) Life as lately during October 7-13th, 2013. AND HERE WE GO:

>>> FHE: Kevin & I watched a General Conference talk or two & then watched The Pitch for our activity ;) Some days you just need to lay down & relax because let’s be real Ryder is walking around and very quickly I might add, & sometimes it wears you out. Okay lots of times it does. And I workout too so I feel like that adds more lol.

>>> Ryder got his arm stuck in his mini basketball hoop trying to get the balls…(photo above which I find very hilarious) Ryder there are other ways my little man! Love that kid.

>>> Ran a ton of errands…Super Target, Old Navy, Sephora, Walmart, many Goodwill drop offs (my FAVORITE THING! Love to dehoard but need to do it more often.), King Soopers, Babies ‘r’ Us, & I think that may be it. I bought a ton of storage containers from Target & organized a lot of stuff in the basement (snowboard stuff, holidays –Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Costumes, etc., Dance stuff, Kevin’s stuff, Ryder’s littlest baby clothes, girl baby clothes –we got some from a friend & have been holding on to it, big kid clothes for Ryder – from my bros, maternity clothes, baby stuff, & more) so basically not much is in cardboard boxes. I LOVE IT. And I am reminded I need to take a photo of our basement! While I was organizing my dance stuff, I found all of my dance shoes (Irish soft shoe, Irish hard shoe, clogging, character, ballet, & jazz) & it is really making me want to dance again. I LOVED to dance! It was so fun. I miss it. I wish dance classes or whatever weren’t so expensive. I would love to take lessons for fun!

>>> Ryder & I met Bekah & baby Carmen Wilkey at Water’s Way Park. Ryder & Carmen had fun walking around (because there isn’t much cool stuff at this park lol) while Bekah & I talked & caught up.

>>> Ryder played with play-doh for the 1st time! Basically what that means is that, I played with play-doh & he watched & poked at it. He is getting there. I found the play-doh in the dollar section of Target - 4 colors for $1- score!

>>> Kevin had dinner with a rep one evening & so I went to my friend, Laura Neibaur’s in Johnstown to check out her new home & catch up. Her & her family had been living in Idaho while their home was being built. They just recently moved back here & moved in. Their home is beautiful! We took the kids to a nearby park & then Laura made BLT’s for dinner with her homemade bread (which is delicious!) & Ryder & I stayed & ate her amazing food. Laura is so sweet – she even gave me a loaf of her homemade bread. I love it. Someday, maybe someday I will make some haha.

>>> Ryder is still loving his stacking toy! He stacks away every single day!

>>> When the weather is good, well it was better then (a month ago), Ryder, Katinka, & I hangout in the backyard! We sit & throw leaves & Katinka runs around. We also play with Ryder’s Football. Good times.

>>> My mom, Ryder, & I met our friend Mindy at Snooze for brunch. It was fun to catch up as we hadn’t seen her in awhile. I used to go to her yoga classes at Miramont weekly but the class was cancelled. We have known her for years & years & rarely see her now!

>>> I went to a Relief Society Activity where you brought items to swap & got to put clothes pins on the items you wanted & then they would draw a name & whoevers name was on the pin got the item (if there were multiple people wanting the same item). I took home a Dr. Seuss book & a big package of Pledge wood cleaner haha. I chose practical items. We also ate yummy treats & wrote letters to missionaries serving from our ward. It was fun to hangout with some of the Sisters in our Ward.

>>> I went to my friend Natalie’s yoga/Pilates class at Miramont. She also goes to our church but is in a different ward. She is pretty cool!

>>> Our Friday night consisted of me going to get a massage (to hopefully work out some of my mid back pain issues when in certain movements) which totally didn’t work, but it was cool. My massage therapist works in an individual unit closer to downtown & so I didn’t know what to expect. I am actually not going to go back to her haha. I realized that I talked the whole time & that wasn’t really relaxing. ALSO- she had a huge dog, like a lab in the massage room with us & every once in awhile it would scratch a toy & she would be like “Stop, you are ruining the mood!” Also, it started off good but then I realized I started getting stuffed up & couldn’t breathe that well. She didn’t even mention she had a dog when I scheduled an appointment on the phone! I don’t mind dogs but I don’t think it should be in the same room & the tail randomly hitting you & then laying on a big dog bed. Not very professional, but whatever. Afterwards, Kevin & I watched Shark Tank which is always good. I just realized that is the 2nd business TV show I mentioned in this post, ha. I guess you could maybe tell, Kevin & I both graduated with business degrees!

>>> On Saturday, I went to Sarah Hererra’s baby shower over at Bekah Wilkey’s house! It was so much fun. The baby shower spread was amazing. Bekah did a great job! The theme was a circus theme which I LOVE. She made an amazing yummy sweet chili for everyone. I brought sour cream, shredded cheese, & chips for my contribution. We played games & all talked up a storm. It was a fun shower to celebrate Sarah’s baby boy that should be arriving shortly!

>>> After Sarah’s baby shower, Kevin & I were super productive. We ran errands which I’ll spare you the details. Kevin got a haircut at Sport Clips & Ryder & I hungout in the waiting room. He made lots of friends! Basically I like the photos of him sitting on a chair there so I had to say something about it.

>>> We went to church & afterwards there was a ‘Linger Longer’ in which every member (or most) bring something to eat & we all eat & mix & mingle. We brought pumpkin spiced cookies. It was fun! Oh & I failed to mention…Ryder is still getting crazier at church. He does not like sitting in our laps & just wants to walk & explore. We are starting to roam the halls more & more! Also his suspenders kill me.

>>> Oh & he is obsessed with balls so much he likes to hold them when he eats! (photo above).

That’ll be it!

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  1. careful with that play dough! I bought some of it too and it was the great the first or 2nd time but after that it was SUPER sticky and messy!