Library Fun, Remicade Infusion, & Park Play Dates


This week was pretty good even though Kevin was out of town in New York for most of it. He went with my dad to do some business stuff. They were gone October 14-18. This post concludes October 14-20, 2013. Some highlights of this week include:

+ I saw a spine specialist which was basically pointless. My friend Lauren Moore watched Ryder while I went. The spine guy said that basically there are numerous reasons that could be causing my mid-back pain & that he has no clue & can’t operate on me…I was like, “OK, I don’t want to be operated on. I want to know why my back is hurting & what I can do to fix it. That is why I came to you.” It was super frustrating! I am not going back to him ever again.

+ We finally got a toilet lid lock so Ryder can’t lift up the lid & splash in the water. It was about time! The first time he saw it I took a photo as he was clearly upset (photo above). I thought he was crying since he was upset he couldn’t get to the water but he actually had his fingers pinched. Poor guy! But playing in toilet water is never a good thing ha so I am glad we got that lock.

+ Ryder & I had a little afternoon fun together. I went to Charming Charlie & used a gift card I had & got a cute striped shirt. You can never have too many striped shirts. Then Ryder & I shopped at Learning Express & I got Ryder a sound puzzle (Melissa & Doug kind). They were having a sale & it was cheaper than getting it anywhere, plus Ryder didn’t have any puzzles, so that worked out well. Then I took Ryder to the library to play on their play structures. I showed him some books & we looked out the window at the dogs at the nearby dog park. Ryder barked insanely loud & LOVED that part. After we left the library I decided to stroll him over to the dog park but the dogs were just leaving. He is so funny with dogs. If he ever sees one he barks & a lot of the times he barks & then I am like “Oh where is a dog?” then look around & see someone walking one down the street. It was a fun afternoon.

+ I got my REMICADE INFUSION! I always love getting my infusions because it helps me feel more normal again (with my arthritis). My mom watched Ryder since Kevin was out of town.

+ After my infusion, my mom met me with Ryder at Café Athens for lunch. It was fun. We hadn’t been there for awhile. The food was still good :)

+ Ryder & I met my friend Lesley Thalman & her son Jackson at Fossil Creek Park. Lesley was in town for the week so it was fun to catch up for a bit. We pushed them in the swings, let them go down slides, & they played with a rope & ball thing. Oh, they both brought balls to the park so they are already going to be sports guys. You could tell they both loved the balls. Of course, Ryder always tries to steal other peoples’ balls too! It was fun!

+ We had a girls night at Corner Bakery Café & then hung out at my place afterwards. Elissa Wery, Jocelyne Heinzen, & I had dinner together & then came to my house after. My friend Lauren Moore & her newborn, Harrison met up with us & brought the movie, Jack Reacher. It was a good movie! We stayed up real late watching it & talked for awhile too.

+ My mom, Zach, Hunter, Ryder, & I had a late lunch at Silver Grill Café & then hung out downtown afterwards since the boys didn’t have school that day. I don’t even know why they didn’t but they didn’t so it was cool. We then met Kevin & my dad for dinner at Café Rio since they had just got back from their trip & we hadn’t seen them for awhile. It was a fun day!

+ Ryder got his FIRST HAIRCUT! More on that HERE.

+ After Ryder’s haircut we finally decided to get an ottoman & got it at Target. We decided the ottoman didn’t have to match our couch exactly. We had actually brought in a couch cushion to the store a couple of months before to see if it would look good together & decided it didn’t so we left without it lol. It was the perfect size for our L-shaped couch, soft (leather & no hard edges), & opened up so you could store things inside. It is just hard to find something match a couch that is old because the leather has changed over time. We have a Crate & Barrel couch that used to be in my parents basement before they moved so it is an awesome one but hard to match. I looked around online a bunch & in stores a little & the Target one was perfect & the cheapest. Score! We love it. I actually thinks it looks good!

+ We went to church & then I went to a Presidency Meeting in the afternoon. After that, the Sister missionaries came over & I think Kevin then went home teaching after haha. It was a long day of church stuff, but it was good.

That’s about it! Hope your Wednesday is going well!

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  1. Hey, Sorry about the lame doctor LOL I hate that! You'll have to tell me sometime what the injections are and how they work :)