An Ear Infection to End our October


This post concludes our October & welcomes November. It consists of: October 28th to November 3rd, 2013.

Here are some of the highlights of our week!

+ My friend Lori came over with her cute kiddos, Katie & Tyler, to visit teach me. Good times were had.

+ I decided to take Ryder into the pediatrician to see if he had an ear infection. Well, he did! I felt pretty silly making the appointment because I felt like it was either going to be like “He seems fine! He just has a little virus!” OR “Yes, actually he does have an ear infection!” I thought the chance of the ear infection may be slim but I felt like I should take him in anyway. I hate not knowing. BUT, he had a fever the prior Friday of 101 or so? I gave him Children’s Tylenol routinely & it slowly went down. He also became INSANELY CRAZY about his binky. He has always loved his binky but he literally would bawl so hard if I tried to take it away. It was like “WOAH this kid is an addict.” He had definitely stepped it up a big big notch. I was like “Crap, I need to take this away ASAP orrrr he is sick.” So he had a fever & became a binky addict to the extreme.  He also was a stage 5 clinger & cried so hard whenever I didn’t hold him or be right next to him. I was like “Gosh he is never like this. I hope he doesn’t turn into a big time clinger. He needs to be more independent!” It was overwhelming. Also, he woke up in the middle of the night crying a few times which is unusual for him.  But yeah, poor baby. I feel bad thinking about how sad he was! So I made an appointment & got in the same day…it was like she looked in the 1st ear “No…don’t see anything" & 2nd ear…”Ah yes, he does have an ear infection. This is why he has been acting sad and such. We should treat this!” So off we went to Super Target to get his antibiotic. It definitely kicked in within a few days after & he is golden now! We actually have a follow up in a couple of weeks for it. I am glad I trusted my mom intuition & took him in even though I felt kind of crazy. The sad thing was that we were supposed to go to the Pumpkin Patch this evening with Kevin & also my family for FHE. We decided not to go because he wasn’t feeling good & the weather was getting cold. I am so bummed we didn’t take him to the pumpkin patch because he would have loved it. He loves balls & he thought pumpkins were balls… I wish we went earlier in the month but we couldn’t find a time that worked for everyone. Next year :’(

+  My mom, Ryder, & I went to brunch with my friend Laura Neibaur & her mom, Jan Hagler & their friend, who I forget her name & son. We went to the amazing French crepe place downtown, Francais Restaurant La Creperie Fort Collins! We had an amazing brunch but then Ryder wanted out of the high chair so we went outside & let him run around ;)

+ Kevin & I went to my knee orthopedic appointment with Dr. Trumper who is supposed to be “the best knee doctor around” & I am so glad I switched to seeing him. Kevin came with me to my appointment because let’s be real sometimes doctors don’t know the answers and give you general answers or keep trying to walk out on you while you have questions to ask…& sometimes it is good to have a male in there! SO. This doctor is awesome though. He read through everything, I explained what has been going on, he looked at my X-Rays & told me like it is. He said honestly take 1 person, send them to PT, & take another & don’t have them do PT (oh sorry, physical therapy), give them a year, & they will end up in the same place. I told them all of the exercises I was told to do & he said he knew what they were all trying to have me do & understood things obviously more than I did with that. He basically said over time it will most likely go away. It is very frustrating. Even though it is painful to be active he said to continue to be active & take pain medicine when needed or even before you go to the gym. He said he even thinks it is hormonal sometimes because it is so common with women. He said he will most likely see 6 other females that day with the same condition & have to explain the same thing. If I hadn’t tried physical therapy he said I could always try but I had tried 2 physical therapists & didn’t see any results with them. I had started keeping track with my iPhone what days my knees hurt & it would be like 1 week hurting, 1 week not, continue that pattern. He said to give it time & hang in there. If something crazy happens come see him again. I am glad he told me the truth. Also, I told him my last orthopedic knee guy mentioned surgery & he was kind of surprised. He said honestly, surgery isn’t going to do much if anything. He absolutely doesn’t think I should do that. Every person who has knee problems, I ask who they see, & 95% of the time they see him. He was super nice, understanding, & I am so glad I saw him. Overall, I would say the pattern of on & off pain is becoming a little better. Knock on wood!!! Oh & a couple of positives: 1. They had a fish tank. Ryder loved to look at the fish. 2. There was a cute boy my brother Hunter’s age waiting to get his cast off. He started telling me EVERYTHING about the fish. He was like an expert. 3. They had free soft cookies which Kevin approved of!

+ Halloween fun & all our festivities HERE!!! The best. It was Ryder’s 2nd Halloween!

+ I had a fun Friday. I did the bike at the gym (becoming a usual thing for me), went to Ulta with my mom & stocked up on tons of Bare Minerals makeup since they were having a 20% off sale on everything, & met Kevin at Centerra. We found him some good jeans at Gap & scored them actually earlier this week on sale. We then watched Breaking Bad. Kevin & I are getting addicted to that show!

+  We spent a lovely Saturday in Denver at the Denver Zoo! More on that HERE. So much fun!

+ Sunday usual: Fast Sunday, Church, Relief Society Presidency Meeting, & I had Kevin put up some Ikea (Ribba) shelves we had gotten the week prior. OH, & he also built our bookshelf (Expedit!)!!! I am working on styling both of those things. It is coming slowly but surely! I will post pictures when it is “done”!

Solid week!


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