An Awesome Day Date in Denver


On Saturday, October 26th, 2013, we had an awesome day. I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I woke up early & got my haircut by Amy Beth at Europa in downtown Fort Collins. Every fall I get the urge to cut bangs & Kevin or someone talks me out of it. I think he prefers me without them lol. I arrived at Europa, saw an Aveda ad with a girl & bangs, randomly texted Kevin “Can I get bangs?” & he said “Whatever you want sweetie” or something like that. So on a whim, I totally did it haha. I wasn’t planning on it at all. I think they are so fun for fall/winter – my favorite season. Then I came back, we got Ryder all ready, & drove down to Denver. We went to the temple. Kevin watched Ryder while I went into the temple & then I watched Ryder while he went in. The whole time Ryder kicked, threw, chased around a soccer ball we brought. I am so glad I threw it in the car last minute! We just hung out outside & followed Ryder & the ball. Then we ate a quick lunch at Chick-fil-a & Ryder made a friend with another kid in a high chair. We headed over to Ikea to do some returns & get a few things (Expedit bookshelf, Ribba shelves, frames, Mulig drying rack thing, etc.). I was super excited because I had been planning what I needed for awhile & we used up a gift-card. Afterwards, I did a return at Nordstrom. We were planning on going into Park Meadows to shop and look around but Ryder had fallen asleep in the car so I decided we would have to come back another time. He needed to sleep. It was a long day. OH, & we later found out he had an ear infection so he wasn’t feeling too well this day/weekend. Poor guy! On the way home to Fort Collins, we stopped at a Redbox & rented Oblivion. I put Ryder to bed & Kevin & I watched it. It was a pretty cool movie actually. Overall, it was a VERY busy, packed, fun day! So much fun.

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  1. LOVE your hair! I'm getting my hair cut this weekend and I'm highly considering bangs! They look so great on you!