Utah - September Trip Part 2/2 - BYU Football Game, a Flash Flood, & More


This basically concludes our last 2 days in Utah – September 7th & 8th, 2013. OH & Part 1 of this trip is HERE. :)

Saturday – September 7th: The day before, Kevin was at the Jimmer Charity Golf Tournament. For some golf shot he made, he won me a 30 minute massage at the Remedez Aveda Salon in the University Mall. SO, I got a massage at 9 am while he watched Ryder. It was awesome but went too quickly! Oh & he could got an amazing watch & belt & I got some NuSkin face cream, etc. The last charity golf tournament Kevin went to, he won us a Kindle Fire…so I think he should go to more charity golf tournaments haha.

Then I came back to the hotel to get Ryder & Kevin. We then ate lunch at Rubio's. We had some yummy tacos! Whenever Kevin visits Provo he stops by the BYU Baseball field/stadium & catches up with the coaches. There is a new set of coaches now so we met with them & they are really nice! We are hoping Ryder will play BYU Baseball just like his daddy! ;) Then we had a little time to kill so we drove by the Provo Tabernacle where the new temple in Provo will be! I was totally living in Provo when it caught on fire! So crazy, but awesome it will be a temple someday in the near future. Then we decided we had to get some ice cream from the BYU Creamery on 9th. Of course I got cookie dough…it was SO good! Gosh, I love ice cream!

My friend Chantell Parry had a cancellation last minute at work (she is a hair dresser) so she was able to meet up real quick for a lunch break! We met up with her at Costa Vida & caught up before we had to head out. It was so good to see her! I miss her! I was worried I wouldn’t get to see her because our schedules weren’t working out too well. I met her while in my Sophomore year at BYU while living at King Henry. She was in the same ward as me & had awesome style haha. That is what I remembered when I first saw her, lol. We also worked out a lot at Gold’s Gym together. GOOD TIMES. Then she got a text on her phone saying there was a flash flood warning. We were like “Hmmm interesting. Doesn’t even look like it is going to rain!”

WELL…about that. It was about time for us to leave to go to the BYU Football game (vs. Texas) so we left & then it started storming like crazy! We were parked in the IPF (Indoor Practice Facility- can’t believe I remember that) parking lot & decided to wait the storm out. It was insane. Some people were tailgating & all of a sudden their napkins & food & everything started flying like crazy because of the intense wind & rain starting to come down. Everybody got back into their cars. Ryder had fun steering the steering wheel (while parked) & we changed his clothes into his new BYU jersey. Love it. Finally, it calms down a little & we decide we are going to walk really quickly even though it was still raining so we could get to the stadium. We started walking as fast as we could & I put a blanket around Ryder in the Ergobaby Carrier since we didn’t have an umbrella. As you can see people were standing in knee height deep water at stop lights & a guy was even swimming in the water outside of the LaVell Edwards Stadium, HAHA! We were dying. Such a BYU Freshman haha. Dane & Taylor got us box seat tickets because Dane’s dad has a box himself (he was a star quarterback for BYU back in the day & is now a General Authority in the 70, Gifford Nielsen – He actually just spoke in the last session of General Conference – look his talk up)! If you are in the boxes (& on the press level) you get free catered Tucano’s so we were trying to hurry! We finally are getting close & then run into my cousin Kirra & her husband Brandon Branch (photo above). We also ran into some of my brothers’ friends from his Freshman year at BYU. So, Kelsi had found out a month or so ago that she would be working some of the BYU Sporting Events. She originally thought she would take tickets or something like that but she got chosen to work in the box seating area with the athletes, athletic directors, general authorities/apostles, big time people, etc. SO, it was cool because it was my first time & Ryder’s (not Kevin’s) to watch a BYU Football game in a box (or loge as they call them). Annnd Kelsi got assigned to work up there! How fun! Kelsi is not afraid & will ask anyone to take photos with her so she asked Brandon Davies (BYU Basketball player who just signed on some big NBA team? LOL. Clearly, I don’t follow him well) to get a photo with her too (photo above).  It was so fun to sit in the boxes & eat whatever food you wanted & hang out & not be cold. You don’t have to worry about standing forever or annoying fans. We were in the box with Gifford Nielsen & one of the athletic directors & his family (forget his name but it wasn’t Holmoe). Kevin knows him since he played BYU Baseball. Obviously, I can’t emphasize it was a lot of fun, so I won’t say that anymore! Taylor & I walked around the boxes looking for food & saying hi to people & it was a good night.

Kevin & I escaped the boxes for a bit to say hi to our friends, Aaron, Karina, & baby Ryan Powell. Kevin & Aaron were roommates in the dorms & Sophomore year too so basically they are really good friends. It was our first time seeing Ryan! He is such a cute boy!!! Our boys are only a couple of weeks apart. Too bad we don’t live closer. Maybe they will be roommates at BYU like their daddies! Then we called it a night after the game ended. The game was delayed a couple of hours since the flash flood & it was way past Ryder’s bedtime.

Sunday – September 8th: Kevin & I tried to go to church at our last ward where he was in the bishopric. He found the address of our last Ward & it said our old Bishop Phillips was still the Bishop so we were all excited to see him & introduce Ryder. Then we got to the ward & it was not a married student ward but was a family ward & definitely not our old Bishop. Bummer! We talked to some guys in the clerks office & he hadn’t been their Bishop for about a year. Dang old website! After church, we went to Kelsi’s apartment & had lunch there. She made us egg salad sandwiches & caprese salad. We showed Kevin around her apartment complex & he loved it as well.  Then we left to head back to the airport & Kevin checked out some stores at some new outlets along the way. We had lunch at Costa Vida & caught our flight home.

Gosh, this trip was so fun & I can’t wait to visit again! I have no clue when we are coming back but hopefully soon!

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