Utah - September Trip Part 1/2


I’m back!!! I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever! Well, I had some computer & phone issues so let me explain. My iPhone had a virus so the “Other” part of the storage was taking over basically my whole phone. I only had a few apps & every hundred or so photos I would have to take off & put on my computer. I was continually trying to delete photos & apps to get more storage. To make it worse, sometimes my computer is REALLY SLOW, okay a lot of times it is. I probably should get a new one sometime soon. So, basically it would take all night & I wouldn’t get barely any photos off my phone. So Kevin actually had the same problem with his last iPhone & the guys at the Genius bar told him what he could do so luckily Kevin could help me. Basically I reset my phone & started all over. {Oh, & I had taken the photos off my phone & put them on Kevin’s computer since my computer is SO slow} Good news, resetting my phone did work! I now have lots of space & am using the new operating system on my phone which is cool. I just took off my photos from Kevin’s computer to my external hard drive & now they are on my computer…so basically I have photos so I can blog with photos again. That phone issue was really getting bad haha. Oh, & text/message/tweet/Instagram me your number since I probably don’t have it ;)


SO, I left off at our trip to Utah! This trip was SO fun! We flew out to Utah on Thursday, September 5th & came back on Sunday, the 8th. My family took care of Katinka while we were away which was great. This post includes what happened on the 5th & 6th.

Thursday – September 5th: We flew in early on Thursday & drove straight to The Gateway in Salt Lake City. Kevin got picked up by the Zephyr Sales Rep in the area & went to a bunch of meetings all day (thus why I got dropped off at the mall ;)). Ryder slept in the car for awhile so I just hung out. When he woke up, we went into Forever 21 & I used a gift card I had had for awhile. We actually don’t have a Forever 21 in Fort Collins so I was glad to use it up! We have several in the Denver region but I don’t get out there as much as I would like! Basically, I got a long-sleeved green top.  I was trying to figure out lunch plans & realized my friend Taylor Nielsen was in Salt Lake City AND VERY CLOSE so we met up! I was SO glad that we randomly were only a couple of miles away & it worked out! We met up at Sprouts & had fresh sandwiches there. It was the first time I saw her cute boy Christian! He is so handsome and has amazing hair! There was a little merry-go-round outside the store so I let Ryder have a ride. I held him on & got dizzy pretty quickly walking in circles lol. We hung out for a couple hours & then I had to go pick up Kevin at the Gateway. I picked Kevin up from The Gateway & we then met up with our friends Brandon & Breanne Relf & their little baby boy, Ryder (I think he was almost 6 months?) So it was the first time my Ryder met theirs! How fun! We met up with them at a golf store I think in Murray or Sandy…well, Kevin got a driver (early birthday present). He got a driver there because he was playing in the Jimmer Charity Golf Tournament the following day. Then we ate at Zupas with the Relfs! I cannot, not, get the ‘Nuts About Berries Salad’ when I go! I love that place. I wish they had one in Fort Collins. Come on Zupas!  Kevin & Brandon decided to go hit a few balls at the driving range so I took Ryder to Target to stock up on some diapers & baby food pouches for the trip. Then we headed down to Orem to the hotel. I forget what  hotel it was but it was across the highway from UVU. Funny thing- the BYU Football team was staying the night there. Apparently before every game they stay in a hotel so they can get to bed early, eat a good meal, yada yada…so we checked in & there were football players swarming all over.

Friday – September 6th: Kevin woke up early & played in Jimmer Fredette’s Jimmerosity Charity Golf Tournament. He was invited by JImmer’s father-in-law, Rich. He knows him since he is a Sales Rep for Zephyr & they work together. He invited Kevin to play in it. Kevin then invited Dane Nielsen to play in their group as well. Dane is Taylor’s husband (who I saw the day prior). Dane & Kevin played Baseball together at BYU. Such good times & memories :) While Kevin was golfing for the day, I hung out with my sister Kelsi since she didn’t have any classes that day (she is at BYU). I met her at her place at The Village (I think?). We had lunch at the ever so popular, The Awful Waffle, which is in the middle of her apartment complex. I had a pesto chicken waffle & it was delicious! Oh, & Ryder was in a Mickey Mouse outfit! Kelsi got it for him for his birthday. It is also his Halloween costume (crossing my fingers it still fits)! Kelsi then gave me a tour of her apartment complex which is pretty sweet. There are a ton of cool amenities butttt not enough parking so that is the downfall. We then hung out at Kelsi’s apartment. One of Kelsi’s roommates has a bunny so Ryder met the bunny haha (photo above). Then Kevin was done golfing so we picked him up! We then decided to go to Downeast Outffiters & I got a brown basic t-shirt. Then Kelsi needed to get back to her place to finish working on an application for Teach for America. Kevin & I had been wanting to go to the BYU Bookstore to get some gear for the BYU Football game the next day & definitely something for Ryder so we went. We got Ryder an awesome little jersey & cute BYU footed pjs! I got a Baseball style BYU 3/4 quarter sleeve shirt for the game which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Anyways, it was dinner time & time to see my friends Alexandra Sullivan & Shayla Forsey! They were some of my first friends at BYU! We lived in the dorms together & then in King Henry Sophomore year. We met at Terra Mia for some yummy Italian pizza. Kelsi wanted to introduce her friend to Kevin who is an entrepreneur so they met up with us as well. It was SOOOO good to see Shayla & Alexandra! I miss my BYU friends & old roomies. I wish we could all choose a place & live together haha. It is fun to see them with Ryder too! Then Kevin, Ryder, & I went back to the hotel & I put Ryder to bed & then went back out to meet up with Alexandra & Shayla again. I met them at the Rooftop Concert Series in downtown Provo. Honestly, I forget who was playing but it was the last night they were doing it. Basically, a musician plays on top of a parking garage & it is a free concert for all. There are lanterns hanging above, food vendors, & basically Fort Collins should hop on the bandwagon. Some of Shayla’s guy friends were there but I don’t remember their names. Then we had frozen yogurt at the fro-yo place across University Mall off University Parkway. There was an insane amount of college kids & moms having girls nights & it was just so Mormon. Haha. It was so funny & I can’t really explain it but it was fun. Then we called it a night around 11-ish pm.  It is funny, I would consider my 2nd home to be Provo. I lived there for 5 years & going back brings back so many good memories. BYU was so fun. I met Kevin there. We got engaged and married. GOOD TIMES.

It was a SOLID two days of Utah & I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. I want to go back!

Part 2 coming tomorrow! (Planning on it)

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  1. Looks like a great trip! :) SO MUCH FUN! and great pictures, even the kids look like they enjoyed it all. I want to go to Utah sometime, all those mountains and countryside! ooh la la.... I'm a PNW girl at heart!~