{Tiffany Rebecca Photography} Ryder’s 1 Year Photos

Ryder turns 1-Featured-0002Ryder turns 1-Featured-0003Ryder turns 1-Featured-0004Ryder turns 1-Featured-0011Ryder turns 1-Featured-0006Ryder turns 1-Featured-0005Ryder turns 1-Featured-0008Ryder turns 1-Featured-0007Ryder turns 1-Featured-0010Ryder turns 1-Featured-0009Ryder turns 1-Featured-0012

Ryder is turning into a toddler!!! Okay he is a toddler. I can’t get over this kid. Look at him – looking less and less like a baby haha! He is 1 year old here and I guess, a couple of weeks. Tiffany from Tiffany Rebecca Photography took these photos for us & we love them. He was playing with the balloons since he just had a birthday and he LOVES balloons. Actually, he really likes anything round and circular, especially balls or his circular lanterns hanging above his crib, hehe. Basically we love these photos. If you need photos taken – there is always a reason too! – check out Tiffany over HERE! We have always loved our photos taken by her (this wasn’t our 1st session with her). Thanks Tiffany! AND Happy Belated Birthday Ryder!!!

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