Scenes from September 9 - 15, 2013 + the Colorado Flood


This week was pretty good – September 9-15, 2013 - except for at the end of the week there was a horrible flood in Colorado. You may have seen some coverage of the flood on the news. Several people died & thousands & thousands of homes were damaged & a lot of them completely destroyed. Roads, highways, bridges were collapsing & there was destruction everywhere. Lots of people were evacuated by helicopter in isolated mountain towns. Basically, it was very bad. Boulder, Estes Park, any city along the big rivers coming out of the mountains were hit hard. My brother Patrick is currently living in Boulder while attending CU & his apartment building was evacuated. He actually didn’t evacuated as he said the people on the 2nd floor didn’t have to…haha…his car was safe thank goodness. He had to wade through water from his apartment complex to the closest gas stations to get food because he was running out. CU’s campus was damaged by the flood. The highway – I-25 – was closed at multiple points so you couldn’t really get far from your city. It will take millions of dollars to repair roads, etc. Basically, just google it to learn more haha. I can’t explain how bad it was!!! So I will tell you about my week & then get back to the flood & it should make sense. A little of what went down:

+ My mom watched Ryder a couple of times while I went to physical therapy during the week, thus the photos of Ryder & my mom. I am so grateful she is able to watch him when I need her to for appointments & such.

+ Ryder & I met up with my friend Gabby & her two boys at the mall’s play place. We were going to go to Cool Beans which is an indoor play place for little kids but it closed so we had to hit up the ghetto mall (which will be remodeled!!!) Ryder really liked playing at the play place! I think I need to bring him to those types of places more often since they are so fun & he gets energy out.

+ Kevin & I started getting into The Pitch which is an advertising TV show. Often times, lets be real, we watch TV shows & relax in the evening…how do you relax?

+ We had the Sister Missionaries from our ward over to our house for dinner. One of the Sisters is Vegetarian so I was like “Oh crap what do I feed her?” but I made pasta & had two different sauces (one without meat) so it worked out fine. Gosh I love meat. I could never be vegetarian or try vegan or anything like that haha. Also, I love gluten okay.

+ Kevin worked more on the baseboards of our main level. All we have to do is touch them up with paint & such. We do have 1 spot where we need a special saw to put in the last toe kick for our kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen is basically done though! Kevin also organized the garage. I love an organized house…which is something I am continually working on.

+ Kevin & I took Ryder to a park, Rolland Moore Park, I remember going to occasionally when I was younger. It is definitely not as cool as I remember. I guess it is much older now & yeah, just old haha. We brought dinner & Ryder went down slides & swung in the swings.

+ This weekend Toms was having a huge Warehouse Sale in Aurora which is basically Denver. Unfortunately it started on the day that the Colorado flooding got real bad & was supposed to end on Sunday. The flooding was still going strong when that Sunday came around. I was thinking about going on Friday or Saturday but the highway was closed so there was absolutely no way. What made me really want to go was that their baby Toms were $10! That is cheaper than baby shoes at Target! My friend Emily Vail went & picked up Ryder some Toms which I was really appreciative. I actually kept commenting on the Toms Facebook page asking them to extend the sale haha. And they did!

+ On Sunday, Kevin went to Ward Council since he is in the Sunday School Presidency & got a little heads up we were only having Sacrament meeting that day. The reason was something to do with the flooding in the area. There was major flooding in some parts of Loveland & nearby towns so people in our Stake & area were definitely affected. So I brought Ryder to church & met Kevin & we find out after 1st hour that we all are going to help out with the flood relief instead of stay for 2nd & 3rd hour because there is such great need in our area. Our church started at 11 am & so we got out at 12. Our Bishop told us the plan. We were to round up donations (stuff in our house or if we needed to, to buy stuff at stores, yes on a Sunday) & bring it to the church in a couple of hours. The youth were going to take donations from members at their cars & bring them in the gym. Some people in the presidencies were going to organize all of the donations into boxes. Home Depot had donated a ton of boxes for us. Then some men were going to drive the donations to Loveland to a Disaster Relief Center. Volunteers there would sort the donations & put them out on tables for flood victims to go shop & pick up items they needed for free. It was an awesome experience. Everyone was pumped up. As soon as we got home I looked at the list they told us (baby items/clothing/formula/etc., non perishable food items, clothing, toiletries, etc.) & went through our house. I went through Ryder’s baby clothes & donated some clothes, blankets, a book, a bottle, formula, etc. I grabbed some items out of our pantry. I took all of the shampoo/conditioner/soap that Kevin had rounded up from every hotel he stayed at for work.(hoarder!!! LOL) & boxed it up. Meanwhile, Kevin drove to our neighbors with the list & a ton of neighbors gave us stuff which was awesome. Some neighbors even gave us cash to go purchase items at Wal-Mart. One couple gave us items & $40. Then Kevin went to Wal-Mart & got tons of stuff & also used the money neighbors gave us. He then put in the car what I had rounded up at our home & drove it to the church & actually to the Disaster Relief Center. He was asked to go help. He said the people working the Disaster Relief Center said our church’s donations were 90% of what they had. They were all, “Who are you?!?!”  It was an amazing day & I loved it. Anyways, it has been over a month & there are still tons of service opportunities for people affected by the flood in our area so we are still trying to serve!

All in all, it was an interesting week!!!

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