Ryder’s Birthday, Estes Park Aerial Tramway, + Greg & Kathy in town


This post consists of the rest of Greg & Kathy’s stay in Fort Collins. We celebrated Ryder’s 1st birthday party HERE & hung out when Greg & Kathy got into Fort Collins a little bit HERE. So, Sunday September 1st, 2013 is where we left off :) Kevin went to Ward Council before church (he is in the Sunday School Presidency) & I had a Relief Society meeting as well after church (kind of in the Relief Society Presidency? I’m a Secretary). After all of our church meetings & church was done, we ate leftovers from Ryder’s birthday party food (still delicious). Kevin & I had been wanting to show Kathy & Greg flowers down by Colorado State’s campus since they love flowers & plants & gardening in general. The first time we had been down to there was when we got our maternity photos done HERE. We wanted to show them when they came out a year ago before Ryder was born but ran out of time before delivering him. So, we finally went! We first went to the Annual Trial Garden at Colorado State University. They had amazing flowers & plants. I decided I really want to get some Lantana luscious berry blend flowers in my yard someday…whenever I decide I want to water plants haha. It would be nice to have the water system set up though so you didn’t have to go out & water plants every day. I would like that out on my front porch ;) Then we went to another location which I cannot figure out what the name of it is called. We walked around & looked at plants, bushes, a little water fall place, basically where the maternity photo-shoot was at!

Then on Monday the 2nd, we went to Estes Park! Oh, but before, I am pretty sure Kevin took Greg & Kathy to Something From The Farm which is a local farm where we get produce from every once in awhile. We love that farm! Then we went to Estes Park… We first walked around & found a place to eat. We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant…I think it was called La Grande? Well, sad, all of Estes Park downtown was completely ruined by the flooding so I’m sure this restaurant is not open & is severely damaged. I ate a yummy mango Mexican salad. Then we walked around & there happened to be a little festival with a bunch of tents with little shops. We sat on some cool hammock-like chairs & Ryder pet a stuffed dog & played with an orange cone, haha. We went & got ice-cream at a little ice-cream shop & Ryder definitely approved. He loves ice-cream! We also stopped by a saltwater taffy shop & got a bunch of taffy. Then we made our way up to the the Estes Park Aerial Tramway which would take us to the top of Prospect Mountain. The tram was very steep & a little scary haha. Funny thing, I rode the aerial tram up to the top of Zugspitze mountain in southern Germany in Garmisch-Partenkirchen & that mountain was the tallest mountain in Germany! Now that was a scary ride. So we made it up there & walked around on the top of the mountain & took some pictures. Ryder tried to eat the top button off of Kevin’s hat ;) Afterwards, we then drove home & put Ryder to bed as he was exhausted. Greg, Kathy, & Kevin went out to Smashburger & brought some home to me & we all ate. We then watched an episode of The Pitch – an advertising show which I love.

On Tuesday the 3rd, RYDER’S REAL BIRTHDAY!, Kevin went to work as he had some business meetings. Greg & Kathy went up the Big Thompson river & went fishing with a guide which you cannot even drive where they went. The highway completely collapsed in numerous areas from the recent & horrible Colorado flood & will take around 18 months to rebuild. So they were some of the last fishers on that river! Meanwhile, Ryder & I went to the gym, ran into some friends & decided to eat lunch with them (Anna, Emery, Drew & Gwen, Valencia & Danny), & then shopped at Old Navy. Then Ryder took a nap while I got ready for the day. We swung by Baby Gap to exchange sizes for Ryder in some birthday things & then ate at Mimi’s Café for dinner. My parents, Zach, & Hunter met us for dinner as well. They brought out a brownie on ice-cream with a lit candle for Ryder & he was mesmerized. He loved looking at the flame haha. It was adorable. Then it was time to call it a night. He had a fun birthday but a funner party the weekend before!

Wednesday the 4th, Greg & Kathy flew home & I went to physical therapy at a new place. I will blog about this day later…but overall, it was a lot of fun to have them in town & to do a bunch of fun things & hello, celebrate Ryder’s 1st Birthday! I cannot believe my baby is 1…I guess he is a toddler! I need to post his 1 year update which I will do next :D xoxo

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