Ryder is 1 Year Old!


Ryder at 1 year old // Photography by Tiffany Rebecca

Well, Ryder officially turned 1 year old a month ago to be exact. His birthday was on September 3rd, 2012! I cannot believe a year has gone by so quickly. He has grown & changed so much & it has been very fun taking care of him & watching him grow & turn into a little boy (toddler). He is starting to get a lot of personality & is so much fun to be around. We are so grateful to be his parents! Here is a little of what Ryder is like at 1 year old!

>>> Ryder weighed 21 lbs. 5 oz. at his 1 year checkup which puts him at the 35% percentile. He also was 30 or so inches tall (I don’t remember exactly, oops!) bringing him to be at the 70% percentile. So basically he is staying tall & skinny! His head was like in the 50% percentile so it is a normal size haha.

>>> At one year old he is now afraid of the doctors offices! He cried the minute I laid him down on the height measuring chart & when he got his ears checked. Basically anytime he wasn’t sitting on my lap he was crying. He cried when I sat him down to get his weight. Basically separation anxiety is in full force- at least at the doctors offices! It was so sad but a little cute. He kept eating snacks the whole time & that kept him semi-OK. Also- on a side note, I took him to an orthopedic knee doctor follow up for me & he bawled so loud when I sat down on the patient table & got my blood pressure checked & my ears checked. More on this later but he officially hates the doctors offices haha.

>>> He decided he would crawl normally & has been for a month or so. No more army crawling. His army crawl was the cutest but he dragged his clothes & snagged some which isn’t my favorite thing haha.

>>> He LOVES balls. He is obsessed. He plays with them all the time, at the gym’s daycare, & anywhere we go where he sees them he says “Ta! Ta!” & babbles & points. He is getting really frustrated when I don’t let him get a “ball.” He thinks watermelons, apples, pumpkins, & anything circular & round is a ball. He also loves to steal balls from other kids…sooo…sports player maybe? LOL. He calls balls, “Ta! ta!” & he has also thrown a few little temper tantrums since I didn’t buy him one. It happened at Michael’s twice & Old Navy once. But dang, every time I go to Old Navy they got balls galore! At first I thought it was cute but hopefully he won’t continue to do it ;) Oh, & he also points them out in books we read when I ask him where the ball is.

>>> He loves to smack his lips so I copy him & he continues to do it. He has the biggest smile when he does it. It is so cute.

>>> He loves when I sing him “Popcorn Popping On the Apricot Tree” & “The Sailor Went to See.” I sing to him when I change his diaper so that he is more focused on me & not rolling over. Sometimes he just doesn’t want his diaper changed! Also he thinks getting dressed is the worst! Oh toddlers.

>>> When you say “Clap your hands!” or “When you’re happy & you know it, clap your hands” he will clap his hands. It is so cute.

>>> He loves to eat berries (blue/rasp/black/straw), bananas, cheese, yogurt (from the kind you push up), graham/animal crackers, beans (black/pinto/green), pickles!!! (dill & sweet), tomatoes, sandwich meat, scrambled eggs, diced peaches/pineapple/pears, tastes of our ice-cream, yogurt melts, & more.

>>> I love to tuck him in when he naps because he is so cute. I lay him down, put a blanket on him, give him his Billy the Goat blabla, put in his binky, & he just goes to sleep! Speaking of sleep, he takes 1-2 naps a day, 2 if we are lucky, & they last anywhere from 1-4 hours. Recently I’ve been bad at laying him down for 2 naps because we are always running errands or out & about doing other things. I probably should do less & stay home more…so I would say that is kind of my fault… :/ So it is my fault he is only getting 1 nap…but I do know that over time they will go to 1 nap, so I may have jumped the gun here. He goes to bed at 6:30/7 pm & wakes up around 7:30 am.

>>> He is nursing 3x a day- morning, afternoon (before nap), & bed time. I could easily go down to 2x a day but it is just so convenient to nurse him before he naps. He now drinks cows milk in addition but isn’t a huge fan so we are working on it.

>>> A personal & weird goal & very quite lucky goal that was achieved his 1st year was, he never got sick!!! He did get a runny nose a few times but other than that he has been healthy! He didn’t even throw up once! I really hate to say that so knock on wood…he will get the flu this weekend haha. But I am pumped. Also, he goes to the gym’s daycare almost every day during the week (4/6x a week) & didn’t get sick from other kiddos!

>>> He loves to chase Katinka & follow her around. He is getting a little grabby. Sometimes he grabs onto her really hard so I go & save Katinka by taking his clenched hands off of her. So far so good. She just avoids him because sometimes he is annoying haha. I don’t blame her. He does play fetch with her sometimes & giggles really hard. I will be in the kitchen doing dishes or something then hear him laughing & he is throwing her toys or playing tug o war with her & a long squirrel stuffed dog toy. He also hysterically laughs when she runs laughs.

>>> Oh, he is walking! He doesn’t walk all the time but he is walking. If you stand him up & show him something or tell him to come to you, he most often will. Sometimes I lean him up against something & he will walk to me. He is starting to walk more & more! It is the cutest! You can tell he is proud when he walks too so we try to cheer for him when he sits down or falls. If you are holding a remote control or a cell phone he will definitely walk to you lol. He still loves to use the walker as well! I love looking over to the other room from the kitchen & seeing him walk on his own (we have a rug there & all his toys are over there).

>>> He still loves his binky but I don’t let him have it all the time. He gets it during nap time & sleep time & if we are in church & I need him to be quiet…other than that, he doesn’t use it much.

>>> He loves to clap his feet together when he is excited. So funny.

>>> He is interested in his shoes & sometimes says “Shoo shoo.” Also, recently he has been babbling words that sound just like “Cray cray!”

>>> He LOVES to sit on peoples’ shoulders & hit his hands on your head! He will pump his legs in excitement as well.

>>> He is a little weirded out by nature but getting better at it. He knows what “trees” are & we touch them along with plants whenever we are outside. At first he was kind of grossed out/scared of the branches & leaves but now he is wanting to touch them more. He doesn’t really like grass too much.

>>> Every once in awhile he is getting hard to buckle into his car seat…like he doesn’t want me to be strapped in. Such a toddler move.

>>> When he sees dogs, he barks. It is a little bark like “woo woo woo.” He also barks when he sees animals in general. It’s funny. When you say, “What sound does a dog make?” he will bark.

>>> He is getting way into reading! He always points to his books (on the book shelf) & I walk him over & let him pick one out (or several) & read them to him. I try to read them to him before he goes to sleep as well to establish a bed time routine. Anyone know where to get good quality used books for kids? I have a bunch but dang, I need new reading material & don’t want to pay full price but don’t want them to be icky as well.

>>> You can tell the separation anxiety (common with kids his age) is getting a little stronger. A few times he cried at the gym’s daycare which was shocking since he had been going there since he was 6 months? He only cried for a few minutes so that is good. When I take him in the employees know to distract him & help him find cool toys & balls haha. He also cried before when I dropped him off to hang out with my mom while I went to physical therapy. I feel like he is getting better though.

>>> He is getting better at wearing hats which I am pumped about. I have a bunch of baby hats I want him to wear! He is leaving them on for longer & longer…yay!

>>> You can tell Ryder is always focusing on other things. He is more interested in everything around him & doesn’t want to miss out. He is constantly watching & learning about the world around him. It is hard for him to sit still especially in church…getting him through church is endurance for us ;)

>>> It is very easy to make him laugh. All you got to do is throw him in the air, tickle him (anywhere really), or surprise him.

>>> He loves to scream & hear his voice & I love it.

I will end on that note & hopefully catch up on blogging so I can work on his 13 month post which is today :D We sure LOVE our Ryder!!! Best son ever.


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